“Do NOT trust JOHN BRANCA” Michael Jackson hand note

The "Beat It" star began keeping the diary in the 1990s, according to longtime pal Michael Jacobshagen, who was just 11 years old when he met the singer in 1995.

Michael Personal diary Jacobshagen, now a marketing manager, last saw the music legend in April 2009 in Las Vegas, where he found many of the pages from the diary. "Michael had them on the bedroom door, the side of the bed, the bathroom door, living room," said Jacobshagen, 35, who now lives in Munich, Germany, and Los Angeles. "He was so alone, he had nobody anymore — no friends, only his children."

"Do not trust John Branca and Sony … ATV is my catalogue. I'm not selling it."




The petrified "Thriller" singer feared he was being targeted for his $750 million catalogue — ATV Music Publishing — and blamed his longtime entertainment lawyer, John Branca, for the murder plot. Jackson wrote in his diary: "Do not trust John Branca and Sony … ATV is my catalogue. I'm not selling it."


The superstar also referenced former Sony Music chief Tommy Mottola, scribbling: "Evil people, everywhere … They want to destroy me and take my publishing company. The system wants to kill me for my catalogue."


"I'm afraid someone is trying to kill me," Michael wrote in a 2009 note



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