John Branca: the greedy backstabber!



This is John Branca, the lawyer that filed an UCC Financing Statement against #MichaelJackson and the MJ Trusts in 2005 !

Below you can read the injunction papers filed by John Branca


John Branca  asserted that he had “membership interests” in Sony/ATV and in MIJAC Catalog when he filed the injunctions against Michael Jackson,  blocking the procedure for the new refinance that Michael Jackson was putting in place.

Branca put Michael Jackson into risk of foreclosing and hence bankruptcy.

The screen caps below are excerpts of the memorandum written by Michael Jackson ‘s lawyers, describing the Branca UCCs and how the injunctions against Michael Jackson was causing serious risk of defaulting the BOA (Bank of America) loans.


FULL ARTICLEL HERE… /john-branca-the-greedy-backstabber/

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