Going back to the Root of Michael Jackson Financial problems.


Going back to the Root of Michael

  • It became unbearable observing too many fans accepting as fact that MJ created a huge hole in his finances by lack of discernment in spending money, megalomania and other bad habits.
  • It became unbearable reading “selected and selective” information in such subliminal disguised way aiming to disparage Michael Jackson before the eyes of his own fans and the world.

So we went back to the root of the misinformation and we have decided that we will present to fellow fans the documents that has been kept away by whom had and have interests in bury the truth and rewrite MJ HIStory.

Detailed and documented facts regarding Michael Jackson’s financial tale/problems will be presented to fight against MEDIA, journalists, writers, his own Estate and unfortunately also by some people who call themselves Michael Jackson’s fans. All of them  have mastered the art of telling you the best lies covered with half-truths.

Going through the documents of the countless lawsuits that persecuted, bittered and haunted the last years of Michael Jackson’s life, we have got to see that these papers tell us a different story from what of little and distorted we’d gotten used to hear, particularly from a business/financial standpoint.

In this blog entry, we will show Michael Jackson’s strong belief in a conspiracy against himself, perpetrated for many years by various shadow individuals and the entertainment industry. We will use the official depositions, video of people been aware of MJ thought and the MAN himself. And you will notice how vocal he was in this regard. You will be able to read and judge yourself.

In the next blog entries, through this year, we will offer detailed facts and numbers about Michael Jackson’s finances giving back to the fans the HONORABLE MAN they love, erasing a fake narrative meant to point the finger against MJ for his financial problems, purposely ignoring  what “THEY” did  to take him into the brink.

For this blog post, we are going to start talking about the Prescient Acquisition lawsuit and Michael Jackson:

As soon as Michael Jackson was acquitted on child molestation charges, a lending intermediary company called Prescient Capital of Englewood Cliffs  sued him  for breach of contract, asserting that he owed $48 million in fees for work the company did to secure financing to cover the debts at Bank of America (BOA).

At the conclusion of the case in 2007, few tabloids and magazines revealed a conspiracy against Michael by reporting MJ’s words in his deposition.

Some captures taken from MJ’s deposition: CONTINUE READING >> going-back-to-the-root-of-michael-jackson-financial-problems/

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