Inconsistencies caught on video ~ LeavingNeverland


Video clip credit to:- "@MJ7HSN
They didn’t prepare for this question james says NO! i assume he didn’t know if the script says yes or no and then wade delivered one of the worst acts. But I guess its a classic victim behavior. #MJinnocent #LeavingNerverland "

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After a little coaching…. He repeats exactly as Robson stated.

Video credits to @MJ7HSN


In Leaving Neverland documentary JamesChuck implies he knew he was allegedly an abuse victim April 2005. We understand the documentary was filmed over the last two years.  But then in a recent interview with Oprah he states he realised he was allegedly an abuse victim May 2013, when "Wade came out."

Small details can be excused since Safechuck never fails to remind us how traumatised he is, but this is huge.






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