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In tribute to Michael Jackson's vision in Healing The World. Team Michael Jackson introduces…


My new website, contact point  http://www.michaelsarmy.org/members/michaelsarmy/adminpages/TeamMichaelJackson

Ignore rest of this post, its all repeated on the above link.




Update November 30th:

Video diary will be posted here ONLY >>>> http://www.michaelsarmy.org/members/michaelsarmy/comm/READ/00000171/TeamMichaelJackson-WorldTour-ACTIONPOINT.html

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New Recruits membership $1.95pm with dozens of downland charcter building materials free. http://www.michaelsarmy.org/members/michaelsarmy/adminpages/Member-Benefits2.html


4 #New #Realty video "Live to surpass the limits you have imposed on yourself,

… ." #StAndrewsDay #MichaelJackson #WorldTour #SaveTheChildren #HelpOneChildToday

I have loaded four videos.
Follow me round London. visiting A class places meeting few celebrities. Fine dining and 5* + living
4 video http://www.michaelsarmy.org/members/michaelsarmy/comm/READ/00000171/TeamMichaelJackson-WorldTour-ACTIONPOINT.html

I am enjoying whilst i can before i hit the far east…. YIKES..
HOPE I FIND A LOO thats not a "hole in the ground."

bookmark the link above as i will post daily video diary there only.

Thank you for reading.
Smile. Hug someone today and tell them they are very special!





Update November 27th:

We are proud, honored and humbled to announce we now have sponsors. MichaelsArmy.org.



I am now UK/USA/Pakistan/India ambassador for MichaelArmy.org as well as the founder president of TeamMichaelJackson.com

I have taken on this position to help the charity. I am no way, nor have i ever been compensated for my dedication and efforts tributes to MichaelJackson.

My world tour is funded from my own personal savings. I hope you enjoy following me around the world. And if you feel you would like to "Help," then all i ask is that you post wonderful stories on here


I would like you, to go out and do ONE act of kindness. Then tell us about it on MichaelsArmy.org

We want MichaelArmy.org BURSTING with wonderful stories of good deeds, in hopes to inspire others, to MakeThatChange


MICHAEL'S ARMY is an alliance of like minded individuals committed to Social improvement through Self Improvement and Change through service to others.

Michael's Army is a tribute to Saint Michael and those who subscribe to the virtues he teaches. (Enoch 20:5) 

(Enoch 20:5)  says "Michael, one of the holy angels, who, presiding over human virtue, commands the nations"

Join MICHAEL'S ARMY, our members get the rescourses, the support and the alliances they need to improve their CHARACTER and Heal the World."

Below are some of my post, i will be posting ONLY on MichaelsArmy.org from this point.



#UK #China #Pakistan #Japan #Dubai #Europe #USA:


TeamMichaelJackson World tour. 2016/2017





Due to health problems i was no longer able to update this site, thus reduction in traffic. This site was not meant to be for a year or few.  This is our life long mission. This website will remain up for years to come, as i have seen to that .

I have always wanted to meet MJ friends from around the world that have supported us for so many years. Fans that paid thousands of dollars to fly airplanes and buy transcripts/docs. Fans that made thousands in donations to charities because we asked. #MJAdvocate #MJSoulSisters These are people we became very close to, worked together for hours, months YEARS… 2009 to …. Justice4mj was an everyday event here, 18 hours per day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year, for FOUR YEARS….

TeamMichaelJackson would like to introduce you to some of the faces behind #Justice4MJ, that behind these chain off events are real everyday people. If permitted i will post their images, if not, you just get to laugh at me making a fool of myself! 😉

Not all will be about MJ< but my personal life. The mission is to take TeamMichaelJackson.com to the streets as i have done many times in Los Angeles. To promote this life long mission to the rest of the world…

Don't know when or where ill land next, wherever the #MJ mood takes me..(And health)

The UK, PAK, Dubai, China, HK part of the tour is scheduled to take place over next four months or so, depending on health. Rest a little then europe, 2018 road trip round MOST States in USA.

Videos, photos will be posted here. MJ freebies WILL be offered along the way too.

Come on a ride with me… Its time to have some fun, an invitation to know me for yourself rather than reading it from ….

Its time to leave the fighting behind, and LIVE, LOVE and LAUGH again.

Bookmark and visit regularly.

Thank you.


All photos. Videos subject to copyrights so plz, no re=posting without source.



Friends contact me via normal channels. LETS MEET! #


Bye Bye LA. Ill miss that heat… I'm taking #MichaelJackson with me 😉




I met with a special friend. he visited a very long distance to comfort and very sick old lady. My Mother. Its selfless acts of kindness with no conditions that have really pushed me in the direction i have taken, Randy is no way endorsing my movements, has NOTHING whatsoever to do with my world tour, or Michales army.





November 16th 2016

Getting ready to meet……

#Mj world tour 16th Nov 16


#GrandCentral #Bhx UK #WestMidlands

Today i met with the legendary Phonchrist Ongouya ~ Full Respects to THE Man, what an honor to finally meet. A wonderful, gentle kind person. A professional, intelligent and successful individual.

@Phonchrist Our very dear friend. Great to finally meet. Huge respects. #OneLove


img-20161116-wa0002 img-20161116-wa0000img-20161116-wa0001




November 18th 19. 20. 21.

Videos on MichaelsArmy


plz catch up with me on twitter or instagram, hard to upload videos directly to site




Thank you Randy for being so kind and gracious as to visit with my Mom who is extreamly ill.






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