Transcripts: Tohme Tohme. MJ Estate V IRS


Tohme Tohme's testimony is under fire by Branca fans.

Which is to be expected so lets look to Michael Jackson’s 'testimony.

John Branca denies Cirque du Soleil shows were in the making prior to June 25 2009.

Denies sponsors or deals.

Denies any projects that were credible.

Denies much EVERYTHING!

This image speaks for itself, by Michael.

Those of us that know Michael’s handwriting can comfirm without a shadow off doubt, that this is 100% authentic.






Please bookmark this page as Tohme Tohme's transcripts will be posted in couple of days. These will not be official court transcripts as they can NOT be published online.




Tohme Tohme by TeamMichael on Scribd


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