Dan Reed’s deceptive editing exposed.



There was an occasion when Michael Jackson was secretly filmed whilst on an aeroplane.. Michael Jacksons lawyer Mark Geragos took part in an press conference. This incident was not in relation to any child abuse allegations. You can read the full article here……http://edition.cnn.com/2003/LAW/11/25/jackson.case/index.html

Dan Reed the director of the mock documentary Leaving Neverland purposely edited that press conference to include it in the mockumentry to portray him negatively. To manipulate the viewers  into believing that genuine victims of sex abuse are under attack/threat if they speak out/up.

The entire mockumentry is shot in a way to gain sympathy, to pull at your heartstrings. Directed in a way to reach down deep inside of you to shake you to the core!

Here are the clips side by side with the omitted facts.. credit to @YoannBomal from twitter for creating this video



Mark Geragos has since been under attack for being a bully. He has stated the facts but Dan Reed the director refuses to accept the TRUE facts. Read https://www.nme.com/news/music/michael-jacksons-lawyer-claims-his-appearance-in-leaving-neverland-is-deliberately-misleading-2463377

Is it possible to believe anything presented by Dan Reed in light of mounting credibility issues!


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