Dan Reed Busted using fake Twitter a/c


Dan Reed the award wining Director of Leaving Neverland caught using fake account on Twitter. This is how…

Reed opened a fake account on Twitter under the username @TheRealMJ He uploaded a profile photo of Michael with some of his young friends taken during a time they were out swimming. Dan obviously wished to imply something sinister by using this image as the main profile photo. He began posting derogatory post on Michael Jackson. BUT he accidently loaded the same profile picture to his own account @DanReed1000 He was oblivious as  to the fact then quickly deleted  the image of his own a/c.

Another user caught a snapshot of this and posted the proof.


EggHeads loads picture to his own known account.


"10 hours ago" his profile picture is on the left. 9 hours ago he changed it to the one on the right.



"9 hours ago" he uploads it to the fake account.


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