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Closing Arguments Day 1


(transcripts will be available later)

If you want to see the depositions of the Sony Executives perjuring themselves(Randy Phillips 43 Times) They really do exist, here is the entire list of them
Sadly this judge took it upon herself to excuse them from the case, which was NOT he right as this case was already decided, BY HER, to go to “Jury Trial.”
 Please Read VindicateMJ blog for full explanation

These two videos were on an account that was targeted with copyrights claims by Web Sheriff on behalf of John Branca/Sony/Epic records. As you can appreciate they do NOT own the copyright as this is a public court case they had nothing to do with,  the court allowed it to be taped so NUMEROUS others could use!!  We have kept them here as a reminder of how we have been continuously been bullied!!  We are attempting to upload them to another server will post them here as soon as we do. Sorry for the inconvenience


Transcripts September 24th 2013 JACKSON VS AEG – CLOSING ARGUMENTS DAY 1 – ***Brian Panish

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