Katherine Jackson PRISONER of WAR!!!!


 “Mrs Jackson was crying most of the day yesterday as she was not able to see family she wished to see, she is afraid and would not leave the house either”






By To MJ Respect is due

Most of his information is taken from a leaked email from the Estate to Jaxn family

When Mrs. Jackson returned home, instead of the courts giving her custody back of the children they took illegally; a shared custody agreement was arranged between Katherine Jackson and her Grandson TJ Jackson.  John Branca & John McClain had a letter drafted and emailed by their attorney Howard Weitzman to Mrs. Jackson TJ Jackson their lawyers, house staff and security at Mother’s Calabasas estate.


The letter states that Mama Jackson’s kids and grandkids are not allowed at the home, this is exclusive to her baby Janet, her eldest child and confidant Rebbie and Rebbie’s kids Austin Stacee and Yashi, a son she is extremely close to Jermaine his wife Halima and his kids Jermaine Jr. Autumn Dawn Jeremy Jaimy Jourdynn Jafaar and Jermajesty. Mrs. Jackson’s baby boy Randy is also barred from the home as well as his kids Stevanna Genevieve Donte and Randy Jr.; along with Mrs. Jackson’s assistant Janice Smith and business partner Howard Mann that the estate is in currently in litigation with.


Mrs. Jackson has always been close to her Kids and in particular her Grandkids while their famous parents were on the road giving the world good music, Grandma was at home with the babies, of her babies keeping a mindful eye. Who doesn’t Love grandma? Mine departed 22 years ago and the other several months ago, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about and long for either of them. Grandmas are like Mothers to another power. John Branca and John McClain and Howard Weitzman are punishing the Jackson Queen by placing her in exile for having the courage to leave an abusive situation, in the process they are punishing her Grandchildren and her Children for trying to save her.  Once again, I have to ask the world, why is this Ok for everyone else on the planet to fend for their family except for the Jacksons. We must take accountability for what is happening in Calabasas. If we weren’t so quick to believe lies and stories of dysfunction and greed, the estate nor the media or anyone else would be able to come in and abuse this family while we all witnessed. They do this because they know the world will turn a blind, will accept the spin and like drones… watch the murder of another Jackson.


We’ve known the Jacksons for over 4 decades; you’d think we would have a sense of who this family is by now. You’d think that we wouldn’t be so gullible and would know bullshit when see hear and read it. You’d think by now after realizing that everything Michael said was true before he was murdered, you would detect the signs when they take place in the life of his mother. Instead we think the worst and attack the victims. Is it because so many harbor these things feelings in their own hearts, is it because so many exhibit such behavior in their own lives. Is it really human nature to accept the negative first and experience positivity as a surprising after affect?


 How did we as a nation as a globe become a brainwashed flock of sheep, so blind to the truths that we see them as lies. Katherine Jackson has been placed on house arrest imprisoned in her home because she went away with her children.  Katherine Jackson has been denied the right to allow the children that she gave birth to and their kids to come into her home. Her husband Joe Jackson that she created this family with is not allowed to step foot on the property. Mrs. Jackson did not file an order of protection against her children grandchildren and husband.  Mrs. Jackson did not say that she was fearful of her family nor did she say she wanted them to stay away. She was with her kids during a press conference where she said rumors of being kidnapped were ridiculous; she said that her kids would never do a thing like that to her. This Mother wanted the security that attacked her children GONE; she wanted her Nephew that has been her warden and controller GONE. Everything that this Mother wanted including staying at Hayvenhurst was DENIED, everything she spoke up for was IGNORED. Will the public, the fans and supporters, continuously look the other way?


John Branca who believes he is Michael Jackson and John McClain the former honorary son of the Jacksons have decided that what this Mother wants is of no concern to them. Katherine Jackson is now isolated in her Calabasas home where she has none of her relatives roaming around as in any large family. The vitality laughter and happiness her kids and grandkids bring along with their musings is what has kept her alive and strong. People die of loneliness and broken hearts all the time, are Branca and McClain using this as a new style of murder. Certainly this is psychological warfare.


Paris and Genevieve are very close; she refers to her as the best cousin. Paris has posted pics of her and Genevieve together many times on twitter. Will Paris ever see her again? Or what about Jafaar and Jermajesty; are they never to see and play with their cousin blanket? Part of the healing process for Prince Paris and Blanket was being surrounded by their family, being surrounded by all their cousins. The estate is not only reprimanding Mama Jackson for leaving, they are also instilling fear into the children, so that if they ever now or in the future attempt to go against the estate and the powers they will think twice and back to these traumatic events. This metal conditioning through trauma based programming is what the powers have always used.  Do you think it’s all just a crazy conspiracy now?

Are you now briefed on just how dirty and corrupt our society is? There were no legal grounds for the grandkids to be taken away. There was no hearing or CPS case; there were no signs of abuse or charges filed against Katherine Jackson for neglect. Nor did the authorities get in touch with her to cooberate TJs story or to hear her side of these accusations. How was is this at all possible that TJ can walk into a courtroom and granted custody on hearsay. It is possible because thanks to Michael’s money the estate can buy any office and/or agency in California, it because the estate friends AEG own California, it’s because AEG’s owner is a media mogul and can tell any tale that he likes.


Right out of the Phil Anschutz playbook, Mrs. Jackson was lured out of Hayvenhurst into Calabasas, Michael was lured out of Vegas into LA. Mrs. Jackson and the kids live in a home leased by staffed by and monitored by the estate and placed on an allowance that is from an inheritance that her son left her. Michael lived in a home with kids that were leased by staffed by and monitored by and placed on an allowance by AEG to be repaid by his work in a show that was never to be. Mrs. Jackson is crying in her home alone afraid her life as they have taken everything from her. Michael was crying in his home alone afraid for his life as they had taken everything from him.  The phones are more than likely bugged in the home, Mama Jackson won’t be able to take calls without them being screened, if you are not approved you won’t get through. Michael was unable to make calls, his calls were screened as well and unapproved callers didn’t get through.  These events were the lead up to Michael’s murder; are we now going to allow them to take the life of his Mother.


Will you still blame Michael’s family for his death, will you still say that they could have done more. They stormed the gates of Neverland; they climbed the walls to gain entry to his home. They tried to get in at Carolwood; the Jackson family never wanted Michael to be alone. Those that isolated abused and tortured Michael did. The powers knew the tenacity and diligence of the Jacksons so the estate was ready and changed a few plays.


The Jacksons freed their mother from the clutches of her abusers and Michael’s children were taken away. The Jackson went to Calabasas to speak with the kids to let them know that Grandma was ok and that they could go to her and that were attacked military style by security while the controlled media accused them of assaulting a child and ambushing the compound. They stood up for their brother and his legacy by demanding John Branca and John McClain to step down and they were called greedy and barred access to their Mother Niece and Nephews. Do you now get what Michael was up against, do you now see what the Jacksons have faced all these years.  Why has a family that has given the world so much joy received so much pain from it?



When you go to sleep tonight know that an 82 year old woman is crying somewhere in California, that children are frightened for their Mother and want to see her face. In slavery they used to take the Mother’s babies to break her spirits into compliance. Separate her from her husband to instill fear as Massa was now her man. This woman can’t have her husband to console her and hold her and tell her it’s going to be ok and Joe is being emasculated in front his family by stripped of his self and need to protect them by three ruthless murderous motherf**kers. They think they are men pounding on their chests telling another man he can’t be a man by denying him access to his family. How do you think this makes Joe feel, he is strong and proud and has always provided for his family. They took his son and now they took his wife….The ways in which the powers have come after that Jackson is very personal, they are constantly doing things to make examples of out of them or to break their spirits their pride and their dignity. Sounds like somebody else who use these very tactics. Katherine, Prince Paris and Blanket are prisoners of war, a war in which laws don’t apply, prisoners have no rights and all means of torture are sanctioned.


How can you Branca supporters, support this latest attack? Is what little pennies you’re receiving worth selling your souls? Surely he is tossing you chicken scratch, this is a    multi-billion dollar estate and I know you soulless devils aren’t even getting a minuscule of a percent. So why are you doing it? Jealousy hatred what, what do you have against Michael and his family? I need to know. What have they done to you that you treat them this way; you disrespect his family with scurrilous insults while you steal from their fans in Michael’s name. You hold such disdain and prejudice for Michael and his family while you take money from his estate to do you evil and cause misinformation and dissention. Know that we are on to you and you will see the same fate as the estate you support.


I ask that we all take a moment and send positive loving thoughts to Mother to help ease her fear and bring her calm. Send Love and Light to Joe Janet Jermaine Randy and Rebbie. In your minds embrace Michael’s kids and all his nieces and nephews. Surround this entire family with Love. Give them your support lend them your heart, they are our family too and we must take care of them.


Stop spreading rumors and lies for as cliché as it may be, if you aren’t helping to solve the problem you are a part of the problem.










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