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We received a letter from an anonymous sender, we waited until there was confirmation as to its authenticity, numerous fans tweeted/called/emailed the family members, once we it was confirmed it was published.






The letter below was sent to us via the contact button from an anonymous sender.

Letter From MJ Family to John Branca & John McClain to STEP DOWN!!



It seems Perry Sanders is NOT liked by the people in his office, They leaked the docs, The receipt below is what his office signed for from Fed Ex. noticed its stamped “RECEIVED” Staff at Perry Sanders office obviously noticed Perry Sanders is NOT NICE MAN!!!


Fed Ex receipt from



Branca and McClain’s statement in response to the Jackson siblings’ letter was somewhat misleading. The Will was not in court of appeals or Supreme court.. Forbes more..



Some fan tweets:- @LRush4MJ

If Janet is signing something that exposes Mcclain, you better bet your ass it holds water! She was his most notable protege!

Katherine Jackson has been slapped around for 3 years. I’ve seen Basketball Wives gain access to their fair share much easier!!

If this were the Estate of Elvis or Lennon, this story would dominate morning news. Producers would be up now working. ?#Justice4TheJacksons


I lashed out at a couple of fake fans, and it felt good. Especially to see one get so irate, I hope thats how Branca feels now

Since when do “internet conspiracy theories” make it to court? Branca, your crimes are no magic bullet and you will answer!

So the missing pages, misspellings and falsities are “Internet Conspiracy Theories” that were debunked in court.

i can already tell the media will suppress this tomorrow? But TMZ will spin the hell out of it for sure

do you think elvis fans know the names of his estate attorneys? The Beatles? Beyonce, even? Nope, thats bizarre. Your Paid Brana supporters!

Branca will fail because his tactics are sloppy. Hiring your firm, for instance. What legit “fan” is obsessed with attorney

Randy has gone thru great lengths to fight behind the scenes and out of spotlight

He thought he was being given an IV to replace lost fluids, which was common for him after being on stage. At some point the IV was SPIKED






UPDATE:- We have added the parts in bold, John Branca and McClain is running on out LAST NERVE!!


Recently, a letter was posted online from some of Michael Jackson’s siblings, (Not true, was leaked from Perry Sanders office see fedex receipt, stamped “RECEIVED”) whom Michael chose not to name in his will, questioning the document’s validity and the naming of John Branca and John McClain as his Executors. Here is a statement from attorneys for the Estate in response to the online posting:

Any doubts about the validity of Michael’s will and his selection of Executors were thoroughly and completely debunked two years ago when a challenge was rejected by the Los Angeles County Superior Court, the California Court of Appeals and, finally, the California Supreme Court. (NOT TRUE MRS JACKSON NEVER CONTESTED THE WILL, SHE HAS OPTION TO)

Under the supervision of Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff, Co-Executors John Branca and John McClain have diligently carried out their fiduciary duties as well as their obligation to Michael to make sure that his Estate benefits the only family members he named in his will – his mother and his three children

We are saddened that false and defamatory accusations grounded in stale Internet conspiracy theories are now being made by certain members of Michael’s family, (conspiracies, Branca you spelled Michael childrens names WRONG) whom he chose to leave out of his will.  MJ Left you out for EMBEZZLEMENT, DID YOU COMPLY? YOU WERE ORDERED TO RESIGN AND HAND OVER ALL DOCS, WHEY DID YOU CONCEAL THE WILL, IF IT IS INDEED REAL!)  We are especially disheartened that they come at a time when remarkable progress has been made to secure the financial future of his children by turning around the Estate’s finances as well as during a time when so many of Michael’s fans, old and new, are enjoying his artistry through exciting new projects.

By the way, Barry who was also an estate executor did the right thing by resigning





Notice Branca does not deny saying to Mrs Jackson “I am Michael Jackson Now!”
He attacks the family for posting the docs, when you can clearly see it was leaked from Perry Sanders office(Perry who works for Branca, hired to “control” Mrs Jackson), see fed ex receipt posted with the docs, stamped “RECEIVED”



 FYI!! Michael Jackson’s last known attorney, who possiblely DID have the latest Will, was found shot through the head, Suicide or Murder, WELL WE ALREADY KNOW THATS WHY WE DEMAND A FEDERAL INVESTIGATION, CONRAD MURRAY WAS JUST THE FALL GUY




We thought you may want to see what EVIL looks like!

“Then watch the ones With the biggest smiles
The idle jabbers…Cuz they’re the backstabbers” MJ

Perry Sanders. John Branca. Trent Jackson!



They certainly do have reason$$ to smile, notice Mrs Jackson is NOT smiling!!

And whats Mrs Jackson’s attorney doing at a show with her and Michael babies!!! They certainly are keeping a TIGHT grip on her









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Dear Mr. Branca and Mr. McClain,
With all due respect, and after meaningful thought and consideration, we address
this letter direitly to you.
WE insist that you resign effective immediately as executors from the estate of
our brother, Michael Joe Jackson. for good oause we make this appeal to you,
as will be represented thereon in this letter, and further revealed in the coming
Since the passing of Michael, our beloved brother, you have failed to perform
your duties as executors of his estate, but what you have not failed at is taking
advantage of a grieving moth€r, fathei and a grieving family. Your egregious
behavior first became obyious only days after his death. John Branca, when we
called you regarding the will you didn’t want to interrupt your vacation. You said
you wouldn’t teturn for foun days, at which time you presented to our family an
incomplete Will. The Will that you presented did not have our brother’s signature
on it, nor did it have a signature page attached to it. When asked about the
missing signature page, Jshn Branca replied, “it was on its way, and you were
having jUst a little problem finding it.’
The shock of Michael’s sudden unexpected passing was overwhelming to our
family, to say the least. At that time we couldn’t possibly fathom what is so
obvious to us now: that the Will, without question, it’s Fake, Flawed and
Amongst many other inconsistencies in the Will, there is also a conflict around
Michael’s location on the day he supposedly signed the Will, July 7,
2002. According to what is witnessed in the document, it is impossible and
illogical that he could have been in two places at one time. We have evidence
that undoubtedly supports and proves that Michael was absolutely not in Los
Ang6tes, California, on the date of his signature reflected in the Will at-hand.
Our brother told us, in no uncertain terms and without hesitation in the months
prior to his death, that he despised both of you and that he did not want either of
you to have anything to do with his tife or estate for that matter. We know thit
and you knew that. We believe you relied on the presumption that no one would
ne so bold as to suggest that you would perpetrate such unconscionable deceit;
but you were wrong.
Tragically your deceitful actions abrogate our brother’s hopes and dreanns for the
livei of hischildren, family and legacy. Even worse still is have done
and continue to do right now to our mother since you fraudulently assumed the
position as the executors of
estate of her son’.You keep lying to her, you
manipulate her, and you rnake promises that you know will never happen. ln the
midsiof such promises, on two occasicins, you’ve managed to get her to agree to
increase your percentage of the gross income from our brother’s estate.
She is an eighty-two year old woman. Your actions.are affecting her health, and
on top of thJt, we’ve iust found out the recently had a mini- stroke. Ptease
undefstand, shels not equipped to handle the stress load you a;e putting on her-‘
She feels, as she has s,aid, “t’m Stuck in the middlei’. She’too knows and
acknowledges the Will was forged. She wants:to do the right thingt allmove in
the directiolr of justice for her son and family, yet she fears the POWERS TFIAT
However, for some strange reason her advisors Lowell..f,enry-, l”tly.,9″nders and
Trent, although in agreement with her regarding the validity of the Will, are telling
her to disregird what she knows as facJ. lnstead, her so called advisors are
convincing her to let them negotiate “deals” with Branca and McClain on her
behalf, orls it on the behalf of all of you. Her advisors’ loyalty seems to be
skewed by the percentage you offer them, preventing them fro_m advising
her pioperly. She has been deceived and led to believe that like AEG, you the
executors, Branca and McClain, are fJust too powerful.”
Sheis being hit from all sides. AEG is now evoking fear into our mother in an
attempt to cinvince her to call otf the wrongfuldeath lawsuit agginst AEG- AEG
has been very vocal about how they are going to destioy her and her family
publiely and blame her for Michael’s death. Siry9 then, theylve w.asted no time
iiar”ging each and every family member, including Michael’s children in a
barrage of Oepositions,’where they are asking personal, inappropriatq gnd
O[reJpecttutquestions that, to say the least, have nothing to do with his passing.
This is something children should never have to experience; neither should an
eighty-two year otd woman. There has been no objection from you, the executors
of Michael’s estate, regarding AEGs heinous and heartless threats toward our
mother, our family or his children. Why?
However, you did not hesitate writing a letter to Judge Palazuelos presiding over
the AEG’wrongful death case, wherein, you asked the judge to keep ALL
documents handed over by AEG for,discovery under court seal, clearly protecting
AEG, but not protecting our mother nor our niece and nephews Paris, piince and
Blanket. Who are you working for? What is it that you don’t want to be known?
We know there is most certainly a conspiracy surrounding our brother’s death
and now coarse manipulation and fear are being used to cover it up. Your
heartless pursuit of wealth, fame and power is at the expense of our family,
whose ddepest desire is to the world a gift of hope, love and unity through
our music. Though we have lost our brother, we live and will continue to fight in
THIS HAS TO STOP NOW; NO MORE!! You will not succeed. John Branca,
after our brother passed, you said to our mother, .l AM MICHAEL JACKSON
NOW.’ How dare you. Make no mistake, Mr. Branca, before we hit the stage, we
were a family and still to this day we are afamily. We’re not going to let anyone
abuse our mother, nor willwe tolerate any further attempts to divide us.
You’ve dishonored everything that our brother Michael stood for. Your greed and
preservation of his legacy, nor the quality of work that he exemplified. You have
disrespected our parents and family too many times. We do not respect you as
executors, and we don’t respect the projects and choices you’ve made, nor do We
appreciate the public perception that the Jackson family is behind all of this,
exploiting Michael our brother for financial gain, when clearly it’s the two of you
and your affiliates who do so.
We are gging to take every appropriate action to seek justice and to see to it that
the truth be known. Be informed, we are considering retaining the law firm,
Baker Hostetler, who have advised us on the potential criminil misconduct in
your actions. We will hand this over to the proper authorities.
Tariano Jackson
Cc: Randy Phillips; Pau.l Gongaware; Tim Leiweke; Trent Jackson; Laurel Henry; Perry Sanders;
Howard Weitzman; Martin Bandier; Philip Anschutz;Tom Barrack

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