STOP FILTHY PRESS! Mrs Jackson IS/was always SAFE.

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By:- To MJ Respect is Due


I wasn’t going to speak on this as you know I can’t take stupidity slander attacks etc. I got so many calls today about Mama being missing. Those in my personal life know how I feel about Michael and the Jacksons and that is rather passionately and nothing but Love. Anytime there is Michael and/or Jackson news I get calls, did you hear, did you know… yada yada. This last call I got made me look around the net, turn the TV on and oh how I wished I had just stayed in the safety of myself induced media blackout. Now I have to speak to it, the circus created by the media is so out of control and misleading.

People please open your eyes…this is all foolery to keep the attention away from the fact that John Branca and John McClain has just been exposed to the world by the people that would KNOW what’s really going on from the inside. There has been speculation since Michael’s murder. We all saw (the true supporters) we all know… things just wasn’t right with how he died when he died with the Will with Branca with the estate with the lawyers with the debt. We all had a hunch strong inklings and EVIDENCE that Michael was robbed and murdered. Sadly many couldn’t fathom nor accept the truth, accept that we live in a world that has become so corrupt that something like this could happen to Michael Jackson. Couple that with pay days from the estate and plants all over the net and media and in the home of Mrs. Jackson. The war between truth and lies is on.

Mrs. Jackson is fine, she is with her daughter being taken care of finally. All this stress has compromised her health. She did have a mini stroke and she is recovering nicely as per the doctors orders. She does not need to be aggravated, she has high blood pressure and that can trigger another more massive stroke if not addressed. Is that what you all want? No one from the media has spoken with her, she will not speak with anyone until she is better. Why should she, whats so out of the order about that? She has to remain calm, all these attacks on her kids aren’t good for her spirits.

She isn’t MISSING, this is such a JOKE. She is finally out of the clutches of staff bought and paid for by John Branca and John McClain including her Nephew who made the false report. Just think about it… Trent is the one that was hired to care for her and make sure the house ran smoothly and his Aunt was healthy and the kids were Ok. Whenever you need to get to Mrs. Jackson you must go through Trent, sound familiar? Whenever you want to deal with Michael before he was killed you must go through managers like Tohme, after he was killed its Branca & McClain you must address. Branca said he is now Michael Jackson. Mama K has not been well on Trent’s watch; every snake in the grass that wanted and eventually got access to Mama was by way of Trent. Of course he would want to put out a missing person’s report on his money errr Aunti. Trent has lost all control of the situation and the deals that he has been making behind the Jacksons’ back with the estate and others are now on the line. Doesn’t it sound like the ramblings of a desperate man? Don’t you think if Mrs. Jackson was missing her kids the ones she gave birth to would be the first ones on the scene, the first ones on high alert, to find their missing Mother.

The media would have you now believe that her kids her own kids don’t Love her, just like they had you believe Michael didn’t Love or provide for his family. Its all smoke and mirrors…this is what poor Mrs. Jackson has been dealing with for the past three years, people trying to manipulate and use her like they did Michael. Mrs. Jackson has taken her son’s place as the cash cow to these thieves. Due to her age and her pain over Michael they are exploiting a mother who is every vulnerable. She has no access to anyone and no one has had access to her, she is surrounded by business men all the time and asked to sign and approve things that she may or may not have knowledge of. Why is that? She is retired she never handled the business anyway, so why would these legal minds want her input on matters out of her realm. Why do they want these meetings with her in silence and secrecy without her children. All of the Jackson kids are in the business, they are in fact successful businessmen and women, why are they not brought into these meetings?


Why is Joe not allowed or involved with such decisions; Henry which claims to be a manager for Mrs. Jackson also claims to be a manager for Joe Jackson, yet these meetings are without him or his knowledge. Why does Michael’s parents need a manager? Mrs. Jackson was a stay at home wife (hardest job in the world) why are all these complicated deals being placed before her, just think about it. The estate claims that she is just a beneficiary, has no real power, just collects an allowance cause Branca is Michael Jackson. Yet…. Branca and McClain needed her to approve their pay raise and the judge has allowed her to contest the will without penalty of forfeiture of her share of the estate. It appears Mrs. Jackson, Mount Katherine has a lot more power than the estate executors would have us believe. Therefore they have done everything in their power to keep her under their thumb. Her advice and directives come from lawyers that are sent in by and working for the estate.

The media is controlled by those that run the world and their agenda. The news will say whatever its told to say. Branca is very powerful with powerful friends, did you forget that AEG’s owner is Phil Anschutz a MEDIA mogul with newspapers networks and ins all over the place. They are using their connections to spin this story so that the facts that have revealed go unrecognized. The Jacksons have publicly put their reputation signature and voice behind saying that Branca and McClain are frauds and the Will used to defraud Michael and his family is a fake. Of course the Jackson’s words hold weight, of course people will have to listen and take notice. The Jacksons have Love from all over the world, they have been poised composed and silent until now. If they are speaking now, they mean business and you better pay attention to what they are saying. The powers know this and this is why we have their media lying and attacking them.

Have we not learned anything from Michael and what he said about these tabloids and all the lies they tell and how they helped to destroy him. Its happening with his mother and so that we don’t have a repeat of what tragically happened on June 25th 2009 all precautions are being made to insure the safety of Katherine Jackson.

Those of you that believe the tweets of Michael’s daughter Paris, again I ask that you open your eyes. These greedy sons of bitches are using a child, Michael’s child to lure Mrs. Jackson back home before she is well. Look at Paris’ tweets, she was just talking about Batman and having fun tweeting her normal teen musings and all of the sudden she cuts into tweets about Grandma. Really? Why when she was supposedly defending her beloved family member (goodness this is a joke) did she not say oh yea by the way Grandma is missing I haven’t heard from her in week. Really, you all really believe this is Paris? If you do, I have a few bridges I can sell yall.

This is to mess with Mrs. Jackson’s head and have her forgo her health and run home, where she is surrounded by demons manger Henry and lawyer Sanders and gatekeeper Nephew Trent Jackson. What type of men are they… I can’t even call they men they are leeching off a woman and placing her in harms way.

Let this go, Mrs. Jackson is not missing, Paris did not tweet anything to her Uncle or about her Grandma.

The Jackson have stood strong to take down the fraudulent John Branca and John McClain this is all that is real, this is all that is true. Michael was murdered and robbed of his estate and legacy and these men are at the head. We want them removed now and for them to answer to their crimes. Stand with Michael’s siblings and fight for Justice4Michael. Don’t let your minds turn to mush by believing this dribble. Stop adding to Mrs. Jackson’s stress by attacking her kids, they are her kids they came out of her womb and she Loves them. Stop tweeting Paris she is a child, and now we see her account has been compromised. Paris is not tweeting.

You have to look at yourselves in the mirror as you keep supporting and believing men that will kill Mrs. Jackson with their pressure, that will use Michael kids to do so and that will use the media to attack and get away with murder again. REMEMBER MICHAEL?!!!

You are no better then the men you support and you too have killed Michael and now you are trying to kill his mother, I am appalled at so many of you. You have revealed yourself and the fact that you never wanted truth and justice for Michael.


The Jackson family is a family, make no mistake about it. No matter how hard the outside influences try, they will never break this family up. Mama Jackson is resting comfortably with her daughter in Arizona. The family released a picture of Mrs. Jackson having a leisurely time. She looks good is smiling and happy. Such a long ways from the looks we have seen on Mama’s face in the past 3 years. I smiled when I saw her, as I know the tides are changing. The demons that took our beloved Michael won’t get her; Amen!


Mrs. Jackson let her Grandkids know that she was going away. Prince helped his Grandma to the car with her bags and Mama was on her way with Rebbie to Arizona. The Grandkids have always known how to contact Grandma. It was the adults that have controlled her life for the past three years, the adults and caregivers that has exasperated her stress level and shown no sensitivity to the loss of her son and the life without him she has ahead of her, that rightfully had no way to contact her. As per the doctors’ orders Mrs. Jackson is to refrain from any matters that will bring her stress.


Michael’s mother on June 25th 2009 after her son was pronounced dead at UCLA moved in swiftly to secure Michael’s kids her Grandkids. They came home with Grandma that day and have never been without her. Mrs. Jackson would never walk away from Prince Paris and Blanket, Mrs. Jackson has never walked away from any of her Grandkids….Remember it was John Branca & John McClain that wanted her Grandkids that were already living with her at Hayvenhurst before MJ3 arrived , removed from the home. It was John Branca and John McClain that didn’t want MJ3 to be supported and consoled by cousins in their peer group, little beings like them that would help them along with Grandma Aunts and Uncles, get through this most difficult time. Mrs. Jackson’s Grandkids have always lived with her and she has always cared for them. This is a very self-less woman to do what she has done and its perfectly ok that she takes a break to insure that her health is in order. If she isn’t healthy, how can she care for the family? Maybe this is just what some want….


She needs this time away to recover from all the stress and pressure that she has been placed under. The stress caused by the men that surround her such as AEG’s deposing lawyers, Howard Mann – Lowell Henry – Trent Jackson – Brett Livingstone – John Branca & John McClain has weakened Mrs. Jackson resulting in a mini-stroke. Strokes are directly linked to stress, stress which causes high blood pressure and high blood pressure which cause the vessels to tighten and burst.  At 82 years old she is the Matriarch and the head of this family and every measure will be taken to secure the safety and good health of the Queen.


Paris Jackson is a child, she is a beautiful young girl that is being used by the powers to mind manipulate the world. Paris has been the most vocal of Michael’s children as well as the most visible. Paris has been the one that has been willing to talk with people like Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres. Paris’ dreams of becoming an actress are being exploited. They always intertwine your desires with their agenda. You know that she uses twitter, therefore when tweets, emerged on her timeline, you’d think that it was from her. Why wouldn’t you? It’s her account, it has a verified check from Twitter and her Aunts Uncles and Cousins follow the timeline. There is no disputing that this is her twitter account. Yet what is in dispute is whether this young girl in fact made those tweets. The tweets stating, that she would defend her beloved family member even from family.


Well on that day when that tweet went out shortly after her Aunts and Uncles decided to take no more shit and stop the abuse of their family. “Paris” failed to mention that Grandma was missing and she hadn’t reached her in a week. It was after Mrs. Jackson with the Strength Love and Support of her kids did not respond nor rush home after her kid’s letter demanding that Branca and McClain step down, that she was now said to be missing. It was after failed attempts to use the Love of a Granddaughter for her Grandmother that the media now too reported her missing.  Trent had a mental meltdown he said I want her home now. He and his crew were speaking to and threatening the Jacksons through Paris’ twitter account. Bring her back or else is what the message was. Abusers do this when you first break away, they try so many scare tactics so that you return and the abuse and misuse continues. No Trent you are no longer in control. Paris didn’t tweet those words, that spoiled greedy nephew that had been using and living off his aunt was having a tantrum.


Paris needs not be harassed on twitter; she needs not be dragged in the middle of this. How much do you really think a child knows about the dynamics of adults? How much of the history do you think she knows about the thieves that have robbed her family forever and have eventually murdered her father? How much do you think a child understands about her desires being used against her; by businessmen handlers and opportunist? Don’t forget Mama K has power as a benefactor….However; MJ3 will control and run the estate. Me thinks the powers want to get an early start on controlling the kids. When MJ3 can takeover they can remove anyone and do as they will. If you have them under some control the raping of Michael and his family continues. Paris is 14 years old and in a position that any young girl would Love to be in. Many of you are women and were 14 yrs old once. Think about it, you are, all of the sudden famous beyond belief. Your face is everywhere, you are said to be one of the World’s Most Beautiful People. You have fans and followers and people wanting to talk with you and take your picture and know what you do and follow you on twitter and you are a Jackson. Yea she has always been a Jackson and her Father’s child yet With Daddy gone…. the world now knows her face. Why do you think Michael kept them covered, do you understand now? Why do you think Michael kept his children from the world, didn’t allow them to watch much TV and home schooled them. Do you get it? You claim to be Michael’s fans, you claim to support him and Love him….Now here you all are going in on his baby, you are harassing and disrespecting her and questioning her all over the web. Do you get now why Aunt Janet said she needs to be a child and go to college… if at 18 she still wants to act, then fine.


Paris be a child, you are not ready for this. They are using your beauty and your passion and your talent against you lil Mama. There is a time and place for everything. Leave Michael’s daughter ALONE!!! I AM VERY SERIOUS!!! Leave this child be and let her be a child. Paris did not tweet the things that you think. It’s so easy to get her cell, access her computer or Ipad and tweet under her name. You don’t see any tweets from Prince do you? They are using Paris’ visibility against her, against her family, against us all. Michael is rolling over and I AM HURT that he can’t rest. Leave his Mother Alone, Leave his Kids Alone Leave his Siblings Alone. All you should be doing is seeking justice for he was MURDERED.


Trent filed this most fraudulent report after Howard Mann made attempts to reach Mrs. Jackson. You think this is all just a mere coincidence…. This shady circle became scared that their golden cow had run free from the farm, so they started to make a lot of noise in the media. Do you think that Branca and McClain was not in talks with their house staff, do you think that Branca and McClain were not privy to the false missing persons report before it was filed. We know they have the media in their pockets, you think that there was no approval to spread this madness. You remember at first, the estate and Weitzman issued that nonsensical statement in its defense. The Jacksons would not and will not back down. They have spoken, they have validated and they have authenticated this letter. This letter has said to the world that executors of their brother’s estate are frauds, Branca & McClain have created a fake will, and they will pursue this to the furthest extent of the law. They will no longer take this sitting down. It was after that, when the news media began to pick up the story and some I admit…. some news anchors and bloggers had compassion used their hearts and open their minds and they too began to see well “Hey something just isn’t right here.”


Branca, McClain, Trent, Mann and Sanders they all realized at once that they have a huge problem on their hands. All the shady underhanded deals won’t save them now. All the paid for fan sites and plants won’t be able to quiet this down. The world, LOVES MICHAEL & ALL THE JACKSONS, LOVE CONQUERS ALL. They have stood up and we stand with them. These demons no longer hold the cards. A picture speaks a thousand words and its release today has put another point in the win column for the Jacksons.


Trent Jackson, surely need to take inventory and learn what family really is. He has been the gatekeeper to Mrs. Jackson and has been the one that has kept her in harm’s way. It was reported that Dr. Metzger saw Mrs. Jackson on July 14th at her Calabasas “home”. Trent is the one that approves Mrs. Jackson and MJ3’s visits. He is the one that makes the schedules and appointments and brings in business deals. Again if you want anything to do with Michael you must go through Branca and McClain. This gives validity to Trent’s involvement with the estate as he approves and maneuvers deals all the time. Why has John Branca & John McClain not come after Trent Jackson? It is because Trent is working for them. The deals and abuse he carries out in the house is under the sanction of the estate. The estate doesn’t hesitate about going after anyone that it feels is preventing it from cashing in on Michael. All those under the protection of the estate and lawsuit free are working for the estate. Trent Jackson is working for the estate. Bringing in Dr. Metzger was not done without the approval of Trent Jackson so if anyone is to blame why the doctor that testified on behalf of Murray was giving Mrs. Jackson a physical, it is Trent Jackson.


Can you imagine for a moment what Mrs. Jackson must have felt, while the doctor that said her son was dead because he was a drug addict and sided with the decisions of the doctor that is said to have killed her child, was looking at her body and giving it the once over. Would you trust the medication he prescribed you if any. How did this happen, how was he the one to come to the home instead of her regular primary care physician. This is psychological warfare plain and simple. This is a subliminal message to remind this mother that at any time they can get to her that at any time what happened to Michael can happen to her, if she doesn’t stay in line. I am so thankful that the Jackson kids came in and removed Mother from a very unsavory situation.


We are making progress and the world is waking up. We will not stand for no more of this abuse, we will not stand for no more of these lies, we will not stand any longer for Branca and McClain getting away with murder.

Mrs. Jackson is NOT missing, but her son’s Life IS. Seek the truth demand Justice4Michael. Demand that Branca and McClain are removed…..Demand that murder case of Michael Jackson be reopened. All else is lies and bullshit.



If you still don’t get it, read…..



By:- Jermain Jackson

Let me put to bed today’s nonsense: as I made clear some days ago, Mother is safe and well in Arizona with her daughter and our sister, Rebbie, resting up on doctor’s advice, so it is beyond me how she can be reported “missing”

This incredulous claim was made for reasons best known to the adult/s who filed it but it seems no accident that it comes after we, the sons and daughters, put in place care-taking for our own mother, taking her to Arizona in line with doctor’s advice following a check-up.

Furthermore, it dismays me that such an alarmist “missing person” report has caused unnecessary anxiety among Michael’s children who will understandably react to what they misunderstand, hear or are told.

No-one is being “blocked” from speaking with Mother. She is merely an
82-year-old woman following doctor’s orders to rest-up and de-stress, away from
phones and computers. Everyone has been well aware of this within the family,
but I would like to reiterate my reassurance to the outside world that Mother is
fine. In the meantime, thank you for all your thoughts and concerns.



Thank you Charles Thompson, wish more reporters were like Charles:


In one CNN story, KJ’s lawyer says she believes KJ is with Rebbie, but worries she’s not safe. Is she implying Rebbie would harm KJ? Absurd.

Did everyone’s brain melt? Are fans seriously suggesting that Janet Jackson kidnapped her mom & is holding her hostage? Get a grip, people.

Paris tweets. Last night she was laughing, joking and reviewing Batman. Today she suddenly claims Katherine’s been missing 7 days. Suspicious. She didn’t even know about Katherine’s mini stroke. Family clearly protecting kids from all this stuff.

When Michael spoke about conspiracy, he turned to his family for support. They walked into the courthouse with him every day.



Trent Jackson, self appointed Guardian of  Mrs Jackson. Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson’s!! This man must be STOPPED!! Trent Jackson was one of the recipients of “The Letter” He filed the False police report,  manipulating Paris, who really is not aware of what is happening, of course if a child is told “Your grandma is missing” she will react, This is a all time low what Trent Jackson, Lowell Henry ++ are doing, This leaves no doubts in our minds that what was happening to Mrs Jackson is now happening to the children!

prince trent

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