Team Michael Jackson

A fan site dedicated to seeking justice for Michael!


First and foremost, this website is dedicated to the precious memory of our beloved Michael Joseph Jackson, the PUREST of souls who was viciously snatched away from his family and the world.   All across the world people have formed groups, created blogs/websites, and banded together in various efforts to help fight for JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL. ALL OF US sincerely hope to see TRUE JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL become a reality one day and we want to be a part of it.   This website is just one of many ways that we are seeking to contribute to what may well be a lifelong fight for Michael- we are ready and we are here for the long-haul.   Through this website, we plan to share the daily/weekly/monthly progress of court proceedings as they unfold regarding anything Michael!   We will be attending the court proceedings, taking diligent notes, and posting summaries of those court hearing notes,  and official court transcripts here on this website.   Relevant videos, blogs, and other information pertaining to Michael will also be posted.   Additionally, we will continue to research any and all avenues that we can pursue in our efforts to be a part of fighting for JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL.  Thank you for visiting this website- we hope that you will continue to follow us, pray for us, and give ALL of your support to Michael and his family.   GOD BLESS YOU. {BMH}


Dearest MJ Family……

We here at Team Michael Jackson have dedicated our lives to seeking justice for Michael. We bring this site to you to inspire inform and educate. We are equipping all of Michael’s fans and supporters with the knowledge necessary to educate so that you too can make your fellow man aware. This research has taken hours and hours of man power and sleepless nights since June 25th 2009 to unravel the conspiracy that has taken away our beloved Angel.

We appreciate deeply from the bottom of our hearts all the thousands of retweets and traffic that we receive here at, Twitter and Facebook… yet what we would love most is for you to not just retweet but to read and study the material. Understand in your hearts why we fight for Michael, what he represents to the world and why his murder is such an atrocious act against love and humanity.  There are very complex sequences of events that have been many years in the making, to strip Michael of his character, his reputation, his finances, his legacy and ultimately his life.

We always back our exposes with facts and the truth. We get a lot of hate from the fake MJ fans. the Branca supporters and they in turn harass our supporters and Michael’s fans. When they come at you with reasons why you should defect camps and why Branca is Michael’s savior….we want you to be armed with information that they cannot refute in essence you will not only quiet their noise but teach them in the process. The more you understand the more you all empower our family which is Michael’s family.

If there is anything that you don’t understand please ask and we will explain. We can tell when you just retweet and not read or just skim through the material and we smile and can tell when our family read and retweet and really get it. We also welcome and encourage you to do your own research and come back and share. This is a collaborative effort we cannot do this alone. This is all for Michael, he has done so much to inform the world and he cares so much about hearts and our well-being. Let’s really Love him back by learning about what happened to him, so that we can together bring Justice To Michael. {ToMJRespectIsDue}

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