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This is a new page, will be updated throughout the next couple of weeks, So much to add. Please check back periodically. Thank you.

We have been involved along with other fans in many campaigns, some listed below

June 2013 Jackson V AEG Live LA Times

LA Weekly Jackson V AEG July 2013

Dr Drew http://youtu.be/zemsjPtemtA

Air Banners https://www.teammichaeljackson.com/air-banners


08/06/09   The Truth behind Michael Jackson allegations

Informing the World of the lies about the allegations


01/03/10   Campaign to AG Jerry Brown to change charged to Murder


31/03/10   Campaigned to Med Board to revoke Murray’s med license


03/04/10 Campaigned/Door to door petition fo uncover Michael Jacksons name, Gardener Street School


07/04/10  Texas, Nevada, CA Revoke CM License


19/04/10 Campaigned to have Juliens Auction STOP selling Michaels personal belongings <<read comments here for further updates


19/04/10 Campaigned to State Bar of California to have John Branca investigated




08/05/10  Protested to “Stop it now” remove defamatory headlines about MJ!


16/05/10 Protested  to shut down bogus tribute to Michael Jackson,


16/05/10 The fraud behind the Rome Tribute, Samantha Zolla


09/06/10 Victory Speech Jerry Brown, Personally handed him file asking for charges to be changed to Murder


06/26/10   Staple Center March! Change charges to Murder

Fans marched for 3hrs delivered in excess of 13,000 signatures courtesy of TINI


02/10/10   Victim Impact Statement

We collected in excess of 10,000 letters to present to Judge!

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