Autopsy Reports


All of these reports are public record, made public by the coroner’s offices.  The Estate has no valid claim stating they can’t be share here.  If they have a problem with it, they need to take it up with the coroners office.   For the record, we’d rather not have his autopsy up either!!!!  We wish he was still here and alive!


Michael Jackson’s Autopsy Report and Death Certificate


Peter Lopez Autopsy Report Here  

This is suspect for murder.   There were leaves and debris on his legs, but he had pants on? Also of question is the route of bullet was it possible if self inflicted?! Peter was Michael Jackson’s last known attorney before John Branca was hired by AEG.




Bruce Ayers Autopsy Report Here:

Bruce Ayers was an assistant of Dr Klein.   He was found dead under what many MJ fans think are suspicious circumstances!!

This case is very strange, Victim had full bottle of alcohol, yet died of alcohol intoxication?? No empty bottle found on the scene??   Found in the alley of Dr Klein’s office???? Suspicious death , 6 months after Michael.


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