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Sep 02 2009 7:29am EDT

Philip Anschutz Cannot Be Stopped




Philip Anschutz strikes again! The reclusive, politically conservative Denver-based billionaire has bought another media property,, according to Paid Content’s David Kaplan. NowPublic is a Canadian-based citizen journalism site that launched in 2005. The Associated Press, Fox News, and others reportedly checked out the site before Anschutz won out.


According to Paid Content, Anschutz’s Clarity Media Group (owners of the Examiner newspapers and websites), paid $25 million for it. As a point of comparison, Anschutz paid a measly $1 million for News Corporation’s Weekly Standard in early August. (Ouch.) CEO Rick Blair told Denver Business Journal‘s Ed Sealover, “I think it’s going to take what we’ve seen—this hyper-local growth—and raise our performance,”




Anschutz adds NowPublic to a wildly diverse portfolio that includes newspapers, magazines, and websites, event promotion, concert arenas, sports-team ownership, movie production, movie theaters, telecom, and, of course, the ongoing monetization of the late Michael Jackson. With so much going on, it’s no wonder Anschutz hasn’t found time to talk to a journalist on the record since 1974.

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