Branca up to his dirty old Tricks again



Do you all remember when Michael fired John Branca for embezzling funds out of his bank account along with Tommy Mottola! click here John Branca wrote to the justice dept to have Al Malnik investigated. Michael left Branca to go with Malnik. Click here:

As if the lawsuit against HTWF is not enough, Branca has gone further to play dirty to have AG investigate HTWF : So Branca who is buddies with Joseph N. Zimring Attorney Generals Office who by the way get 20% of Michael Estate!!! are trying to screw HTWF!! Soooo Branca knows he has no case against HTWF!! going through the back door is of course his specialty!!! Secretary of State already saw documented proof!! Already merged the two charities, AS ONE!! if documents were not shown the two charities would not have been merged!!!

So why has the Attorney General office now decided to investigate Melissa??? There is nothing to investigate this is just further harassment and revenge!!!

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