Re: The Estate Executors destroying the good name of Heal the World Foundation?

On August 11th, 2009, the Jackson Estate Executors made the first of what would come to be many false statements to the press, (CBS below) and in court filings thus began their worldwide launch of an all out legal ambush and public smear campaign against HTWF and its President, Melissa Johnson.

The Charity was immediately hit with over a dozen federal litigation opposition proceedings and a civil litigation that goes to trial on April 19th 2011.


Despite these attempts to financially and publicly ruin the good name of the charity, HTWF has not backed down. HTWF has supplied the estate attorneys with over 30,000 pieces of evidence to support their claims of association with Mr. Jackson and his representatives and despite this, the estate continues its attacks on the charity. Even after a declaration from Mr. Brian Oxman stating that Mr. Jackson was completely ok with Ms Johnson running HTWF, enough to hand it over to her completely, the Estate still tries to convince the public there was no connection?

HTWF has remained silent for nearly two years, for two reasons; one, is to make sure the safety of the assets the charity protected from non Jackson people is not jeopardized, and two, to give the Estate executors sufficient time to rectify the wrongs they had done to HTWF, its volunteer staff and the Jackson family, both legally and publicly.


In the aftermath of the Estate Executors most recent false public statements on Good Morning America, it has become clear that dishonesty to the public, the fans, the courts and the press, is a permanent fixture with these individuals and HTWF past attempts to work together as allies have been futile.

HTWF will not remain reticent, against bullies, thieves and liars.


According to the California Secretary of State, the above estate statement on GMA is patently false. The estate and their attorneys are fully aware of this fact but continue to act as if HTWF’s registration doesn’t exist? Click here


The Judge did not find any such thing about HTWF’s connection to Michael Jackson. What they are referring to, is a ‘temporary injunction’ that says HTWF cannot currently use Michael Jackson’s name and image, until the case is heard and when HTWF is successful in proving its case, the injunction will be lifted. What really happened is that after a judge was shown a collection of similar false claims the Estate so freely made to the court, coupled with HTWF having no money to wage a proper defense at the time, the judge made a ruling, granting their motion for a temporary injunction.


To publically accuse Mrs. Jackson and her supported Charity, of exploiting her own grandchildren, in the middle of their very first attempt to bring some media exposure to a worthy children’s charity and such an important cause, is inexcusable. Then to make another false statement, by misquoting a federal judge to do it, shows the shallowness of their character. They are telling lies that will not remain hidden for long in an effort to serve their agenda of complete control.


The estate even has the audacity to attack Katherine Jackson for writing a book in tribute to her son when she is a major beneficiary of the estate? They are not acting in the interests of her son as that is the duty of an estate executor, but instead filling their pockets, with frivolous lawsuits.

In time the lies, tactics and antics of the estate and their team of attorneys will be exposed and proven.

The case has not yet been heard and when it is, I am confident, the Temporary injunction will be lifted and justice will prevail.

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