Goldman Sachs

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 $70M Loan


1. Jackson’s $70-Mil Loan… Trustee Malnik, BofA Note and Sony


Goldman’s Secret Rescue Plan( This document has been wiped of the internet understandably so as it shows exactly how they were going to take Michael Sony/ATV away from him. We managed to get somewhat of a copy from wayback machine, some characters are out of place and bits translated but you can still get a good understanding of it. diagram is attached to summarize the document)



2. secret rescue plan.TextMark


The Term Sheet

3.7. Goldman Sachs TermSheet



Michael Jackson = Bill Gates

4. Michael-Jackson-Bill-Gates.TextMark


Goldman Loan

5. Jackson’s Goldman Loan


Goldman Gets Michael’s Beatles, If …

6. Goldman Gets Michael’s Beatles, If….


You’re Fired!



Branca’s Secret Letter

9. Branca Secret Letter RE Goldman Sachs



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