Heal the World Foundation have been successful in their APPEAL to APPEAL, originally the appeal against the fraud settlement was not successful, as HTWF were not able to hire appropriate attorneys. All the documents since the fraudulent settlement were Sealed, meaning we do not see what is filed, the sealing of filing was originally initiated by John Branca. hmmmm

We have posted brief summary of what has been filed in the Appellate. Some court,documents are posted in the tab case Estate V HTWF

Court of Appeals Docket #: 11-57048 Docketed: 11/22/2011
Nature of Suit: 3840 Trademark
John Branca, et al v. Heal The World Foundation, et al
Appeal From: U.S. District Court for Central California, Los Angeles
Fee Status: Paid
Case Type Information:
     1) civil
     2) private
     3) null
Originating Court Information:
     District: 0973-2 : 2:09-cv-07084-DMG-PLA
     Court Reporter: Blanca Aguilar, Official Court Reporter
     Trial Judge: Dolly M. Gee, District Judge
     Date Filed: 09/29/2009
     Date Order/Judgment:      Date Order/Judgment EOD:      Date NOA Filed:      Date Rec’d COA:
     10/27/2011      10/27/2011      11/22/2011      11/22/2011

11/29/2011  4 Filed (ECF) Appellees John G. Branca, John McClain and Triumph International, Inc. Mediation Questionnaire. Date of service: 11/29/2011. [7981589] (VHC)
11/29/2011  5 Filed clerk order (Deputy Clerk: SL): The court sua sponte consolidates appeal Nos. 11-56926 and 11-57048. The briefing schedule established previously in appeal No. 11-57048 shall remain in effect and govern these consolidated appeals. [7982320] [11-56926, 11-57048] (BJB)
01/13/2012  6 Filed (ECF) Appellants Heal The World Foundation and United Fleet in 11-56926 Motion to withdraw as counsel. Date of service: 01/13/2012. [8030979] [11-56926, 11-57048] (SCS)
01/20/2012  7 Filed clerk order (Deputy Clerk: LKK): Appellants’ counsel motion to withdraw as counsel for appellant is granted. Court records shall be amended to reflect that Steven C. Smith is no longer counsel of record for appellant. Appellants are informed that a corporation cannot represent itself. See In re Highley, 459 F.2d, 554 (9th Cir. 2004). Within 21 days after the date of this order, appellants shall enter an appearance of new counsel. Failure to enter an appearance of new counsel may result in the automatic dismissal of this appeal. 9th Cir. R. 42-1. The current briefing schedule shall remain in effect. A copy of this order shall be provided to appellants Heal The World Foundation , et al. c/o Mellissa Johnson, 1538 North 2040 West, Provo, Utah. [8039725] [11-56926, 11-57048] (BJB)
01/20/2012  8 Terminated Steven C. Smith for United Fleet and Heal The World Foundation in 11-56926 and United Fleet and Heal The World Foundation in 11-57048 [8039733] [11-56926, 11-57048] (BJB)
02/08/2012  9 Filed (ECF) notice of appearance of Jeremy Eveland, Bar No. 231552 for Appellants Heal The World Foundation and United Fleet in 11-56926. Date of service: 02/08/2012. [8061959] [11-56926, 11-57048] (JDE)
03/07/2012  10 Filed order MEDIATION (VLS): The Mediation Program of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals facilitates settlement while appeals are pending. See Fed. R. App. P. 33 and Ninth Cir. R. 33-1. The court has scheduled a telephone settlement assessment conference, with counsel only, on April 5, 2012, at 1:00 p.m. PACIFIC (San Francisco) Time to discuss whether this case is appropriate for participation in the Mediation Program. The Circuit Mediator will initiate the conference call by contacting each person on the attached list of participants at the telephone number listed. Please be available for the call at least five minutes before the scheduled time. Counsel should review the attached list and inform the Mediation Assistant by email ( or telefax letter (415/355-8566) at least 72 hours in advance of the scheduled call of any of the following: (1) any attorneys on the list of counsel who will not be participating in the conference; (2) the direct dial phone number of any participant if it is not listed; and (3) any other corrections to the list. Please notify the Circuit Mediator immediately by email or telefax letter if the dispute is settled, the appeal is dismissed or if counsel has an unavoidable scheduling conflict. Please copy all counsel on any such communications. All discussions that take place in the context of the assessment conference are strictly confidential. For more detailed information about the assessment conference, confidentiality, the Mediation Program and its procedures generally, please see the attachment to this order and the Mediation Program web site: The briefing schedule previously set by the court is vacated. [8093947] [11-56926, 11-57048] (BJB)
04/05/2012  11 Filed order MEDIATION (CLR): The court has determined that these appeals will not be selected at this time for inclusion in the Mediation Program. The following briefing schedule shall control these appeals: appellants shall file the opening brief on or before June 1, 2012; appellees shall file the answering brief on or before July 30, 2012; appellants may file their optional reply brief within fourteen (14) days from the service date of the answering brief. Counsel are advised that the Clerk’s office may consider the granting of this briefing schedule to be appellants’ and appellees’ first extension of time, which may preclude the granting of oral requests for extensions of time on the opening and answering briefs. Cf., Ninth Circuit Rule 31-2.2. All further inquiries regarding these appeals, including requests for extensions of time, should be directed to the Clerk’s office. Counsel are requested to contact the Circuit Mediator should circumstances develop that might warrant further settlement discussions while the appeal is pending. [8129230] [11-56926, 11-57048] (BJB)
05/23/2012  12 Filed (ECF) Appellants Heal The World Foundation and United Fleet in 11-56926 Motion to extend time to file Opening brief until 09/04/2012 at 11:59 pm. Date of service: 05/23/2012. [8188534] [11-56926, 11-57048] (JDE)
06/04/2012  13 Filed (ECF) Appellees John G. Branca, John McClain and Triumph International, Inc. in 11-56926 response non-opposing motion (,motion to extend time to file brief). Date of service: 06/04/2012. [8201318] [11-56926, 11-57048] (NDB)




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