John Branca Attempts to Rewrite History Regarding Michael Jackson and $ony. Not So Fast There, Bucko.

“Mutually Beneficial History”? We think not, Mr. Branca

BY: Seven  

Enough is enough of this garbage! We know the truth!

Michael told it numerous times before he was murdered.

And it not the same story that John Branca is telling now that Michael is no longer here to speak up for himself about what $ony did to him over the years.

Michael is no longer here to tell the truth about it.

And since Michael is no longer here to tell the truth about it, John Branca is trying to rewrite history regarding $ony’s contentious and abusive treatment of Michael Jackson during his career.

But it’s not going to work. Because Michael’s fans remember very well what Michael himself had to say about that relationship over the years when he was alive.

And frankly, if we’re given a choice between believing what Michael himself said about how $ony treated him, and what John Branca is saying now that Michael is no longer here to speak the truth, we’ll take Michael’s word, thankyouverymuch.

See, recently, John Branca made the following statement:

Michael & Sony enjoyed a mutually beneficial history.

Really, Mr. Branca? Just how ignorant do you think Michael’s fans are? This is a boldfaced lie and a blatant attempt to rewrite history where $ony and Michael Jackson are concerned.

Please stop trying to rewrite history just because Michael is no longer here to recount it accurately. And, because you want your friend $ony to profit wildly from Michael’s music and legacy and you want Michael’s fans to think they’re oh-so-wonderful and give them lots of money. Well they haven’t been so wonderful, have they?

$ony treated Michael Jackson like crap whilst endeavoring to profit from his immense talent and body of work. And they’re still doing it now – with your help, Mr. Branca.

No. This is not a ‘good thing‘.

The entity which had a ‘mutually beneficial history‘ with $ony, Mr. Branca, was YOU, not Michael Jackson. Read more

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