Meet the Jurors

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Juror 1. White Male. Is a Civil Engineer, has prior jury experience in civil and criminal trials. One of the cases he sat on was when an elderly lady who slipped then hit a bus. Other was traffic collision, juror stated he was very frustrated as the diagram/Maps of the collision was not very good, he felt like drawing it himself being a civil engineer is perfectionist in that field, felt there was lots of confusion caused by the data provided by LAPD, he has no problem awarding large amount of damages, though no sum can replace a lost one, said if someone close to him died he would sue too. Had no opinion of MJ as he was not his generation, don’t watch news on TV or magazines, but did say he felt Michael needed to work on his ethics, then said “We all need to work on our ethics” People in the public eye need to set a standard because they are role models, felt Michael did not do anything good with his life, humanitarian, Public figure looked up to, could have put to good use(side note, he obviously doesn’t know about the MILLIONS MJ donated, and his children around the world) his daughter works as an independent film maker, wife is retired lawyer worked in general law. Jackson attorney did try to have his excused without success


Juror 2. Chinese Female. Is a pharmacy technician for past ten years, her duties involve stocking, cash till, answering phone, used to be a nurse. Her husband is a Chinese herbalist, she doesn’t know about the herbals he used, Doctors prescribe to patients who come to her husband to fill those prescription. She was going to school and working in a clinic. Was a RN. The clinic she worked in was general clinic had cardiologist, dentist entomology. First place she worked was another large hospital. Asked if she heard read, or watched anything relating to this case, replied yes but can put it aside, says she needs facts before she can base her opinion, will be fair and impartial.


Juror 3. White Male. Has his own business as silk screening, has small shop with one person working in the shop. Has regular clients. If lawsuit is justified then its fair thing to do. Not for or against AEG or Michael. Felt Michael had hard upbringing, faced many turmoil’s. No opinions on Katherine Jackson, but felt carelessness on Michael’s part. No negative feelings about 2005 trial. Some prescription drugs are very addictive, his mother was addicted to same, had very hard time getting off them, without success, not been in touch with Mother for long time, Siblings live in other states, not seen them in a long time, but would like to more often.


Juror 4. Hispanic Female. Works for AT&T Customer service/Sales from call center. Likes all sorts of concerts, last concert was U2 cant remember where she saw them. Husband works for Bank Of Scotland, is not fan of MJ, if his music comes on she may switch radio off if she does not like it. Did not hear about MJ in media but her friend called to tell her about MJ. Says she can be for both sides doesn’t like to generalize, likes to base her decisions on facts not hearsay. Stated on her questionnaire harassed at work, when questioned stated she told to “sell, sell, sell.”  Customers call in with problems or questions to the call center, she addresses those then has to sell them something. Feels pressured by her manager who always asks her “did you sell” Manager has a quantity he wants sold, been working there 13years.


Juror 5. White Female. Single works as software engineer  for JPL. Knows MJ from the Jackson Five era. No experience with drug addiction.


Juror 6. White Male. Teacher at Velmont High School, as Head coach, had previously played football professionally, 2 yrs in Europe(“Start-up” league before NFL was formed), High School, and Collage. Asked if any lawsuits were filed against any football teams when he was a footballer, replied NO. is ok with lawsuits, has never been involved in any lawsuits himself. If evidence shows he is ok with lawsuits. Practices football at nights since he has been on jury service. Would consider Wrongful Death Lawsuit if some close to him died, if he had evidence. Can apply law in assessing a case, as a teacher had learned children often blame others for their guilt, but does not think so in this case. Had a friend who was addicted to prescription drugs after he left professional football scene. Feels it’s not easy to come of addiction to prescription meds, need help. Still in touch with friend. Heard bits and pieces about 2005 trial has no negative feeling about it. Was himself in Immigrations court for over 10 years. Feels the system works.


Juror 7 Black Female. has 4 children, one deceased. is clinical research study coordinator at UCLA. Her daughter school teacher. Her son is in the military.


Juror 8. Male. works at Baxter, would not hesitate to award multimillion dollar verdict. Conservative thinks strong will can stop addiction


Juror 9. White Male. Served on Jury previously. Which was when a shop owner used vegetables in a meat grinder, grinder would not work so he put his hand in the grinder, lost his fingers. One juror in that case went way beyond what judge instructed and bought a dictionary in to the deliberation room confusing all the rest. He learned a good lesson not to go beyond jury instructions. Would never do that again, that trial was ruled a mistrial. Is very reserved with his spending, drives a car but his parents always tell him to buy a new one, says he has a working car, and does not need to buy new one. Says he is very conservative. Has no thought about capping damages awarded, but says there must be a balance between loss and damages. Not really into MJ because bought Thriller album but stopped listening to it after few months. Felt Michaels image was because Michael did it for attention, felt the same about all celebrities, but not the ones from the golden oldies. But said he would listen to the case impartially. Wanted to discuss some matters in private.


Juror 10 Black Male. On first questioning said he would rather be in church. Is a retired for past 17 years, retired when he was 44 is now 61. His work used to be different from plating metal, its more dying metal. He hangs around the house or works on cars, used to work for his uncles salvage company but that is closed down now. Feel people blame others, because he experienced that in his work as fixing cars, so has to explain to them what the real problems is. loves music, Blues, no time to go to concerts.



Juror 11 White Female. Pathologist. Knew Dr Warren from witness list. Majored with him at UCLA. Both wife and husband Majored in Bio Chemist and basic research cancer, have published papers, Juror was at UCLA 15 years. Husband was Pathologist, Deputy Coroner at UCLA. But did not practice it, didn’t work for the coroners, did not perform autopsies. Now husband works in Nevada as chairman of pathology. Juror enjoys hobbies now selling on Ebay, has had 3 jury services if asked about medical opinion by jurors in jury room will not insert her “Professional opinions” to confuse the jurors as they need to relay on evidence presented in court. Has treated patients for addiction of pain meds at UCLA, feels it’s not easy for addicts to be drug free. Had Demerol once but had an allergic reaction. Ok with awarding high damages, once she witnessed a patient craving for Demerol it was difficult to say NO to. Served once as juror in traffic court. Served once on a case whereas a Dr was suing a bank for breach of contract.. Felt it was within the Drs rights to bring the case.  No thoughts on 2005 trial.


Juror 12. Hispanic Male. Works for DWP. Married, works for DWP, has three children. His wife is a librarian.

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