October 3rd 2011


**Live Coverage:   We did not record these videos, and take no credit for it.   We thank youtube user “JUSTMESTKK” for doing such a great job with this and giving us permission to post the videos.


Day 5: Dr Cooper continues her testimony


Edward Dixon (AT & T Senior Networks Sales Support Engineer) Harry Doliwal (ATT Area Retail Sales Manager: Presents phone records) Testimony from Prlim here<


Jeff Strohm (Sprint Nextel Custodian of Records) Testimony from Prelim here<  

Dr. Thao Nguyen (UCLA Cardiologist Fellow) Testimony from Prelim here<


Dr. Joanne Prashad(Physician Houston)


Antoinette Gill (Ex Patient of CM)

Consuelo   Ng (relative of Patient and volunteered work for CM)


Bridgette Morgan (CM lady friend) Testimony from Prelim here<

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