These are NOT the official transcripts – it is a summary from them



(Conrad Murray’s Girlfriend)


Under direct examination by Ms. Brazil:


Sade Anding testifies that she was employed at Sullivan’s Steakhouse in Feb of 2009 as a cocktail waitress in Houston Tx, and had been working there for approx 6-8 months.


That she had met Conrad Murray after Valentines Day at Sullivans, and he was a patron.


She verified Conrad Murray was in the courtroom by pointing him out.


Ms. Brazil asks if something stood out in her mind the first time she met Conrad Murray.


The Defense objects.




Ms. Brazil wants to establish that the course of their relationship was financial from the very first meeting. That she testified in a statement that she remembered that he tipped very well.


The Court states they do not follow.


The People intend on showing the nature of their relationship, type, length of phone calls etc prior to June 25th 2009.


The Court states they disagree and that the relationship is irrelevant.


Mr. Walgren asks to also be heard and is allowed, and states it is relevant because it shows where Dr. Murray’s focus was that morning when he called her at 11:51 overriding his concern for Michael, so the nature of the relationship to a limited degree is very relevant.


The court says do not use the term Cocktail Waitress in a demeaning way.


The State agrees.


The Court says they can explore the social relationship with someone who is on the phone, but he does not want to know about financial arrangements for the pre-lim hearing, it may be relevant later but not now.


Mr. Flanagan states the nature of their relationship is not relevant, and that the line of questioning is designed to prejudice people against Conrad Murray that he other relationships with women. If the State wants to explore what they were talking about that day, it’s relevant but as far as anything outside of June 25th they disagree.


Mr Chernoff states it is not a coincidence that the prosecution is putting all the alleged girlfriends, acquaintances and cocktail waitresses together. It is frankly to be prejudicial. He states if they want to show he wasn’t paying attention it should not be about a woman or man or some other physician. The issue is addressed by showing the call itself without delving into the relationship.


The Court states the line of questioning is relevant but asks it remain within the limits of 352. He does not want to know the personal details of the relationships, but that it is fair game to show if Conrad Murray was distracted by personal or professional contacts while he was caring for Michael Jackson.




Ms. Brazil continues her direct:


Sade Anding admits Conrad gave her his phone number and she gave him hers when they first met.


She is not allowed to answer whether she saw him regularly after that first meeting.


She states she did see him on other occasions.


She states Conrad Murray did refer to her as his girlfriend.


She states he bought her gifts but that answer is stricken due to an objection as to relevance.


She confirms her phone number on June 25, 2009 as indicated by the Prosecution.


She admits she received a phone call from Conrad Murray on June 25th and it was 12:30 in the afternoon on her cell phone.


She states she did recognize him on the phone because of previous conversations, and he greeted her and asked her how she was doing.


She stated she told him about her day, talked about how he was doing and what she was going to do. She then stated she realized he wasn’t on the phone anymore.


She stated the last time she had seen him was on May 23rd to go out to eat in Houston.


The questions return to the phone conversation and she states she did not hear him on the phone anymore, she only heard a commotion as if the phone was in his pocket, and mumbling voices.


She stayed on the phone for approx 5-6 minutes, then hung up and tried calling him and texting him back but she did not hear from him.


She is asked how long they were on the phone up to this point. She thinks 5 minutes but is not sure since he was not talking.   She does not know how long he had actually been listening.


She states it is unusual for him to not contact her back.


She is asked after June 25th when she spoke to Conrad next, and she answers when LAPD comes to her house.


She calls Conrad to tell them they are at her house, and he apologizes for putting her in this position and gives her his lawyer’s phone number.


He tells her not to answer any questions without his lawyer present.


She told him ok and called the lawyer.


Ms. Brazil finishes her line of questioning.


Cross Examination:


Mr. Chernoff asks her when she arrived, and who paid for her airfare, she states the LAPD.


He asks if they are putting her up tonight, she states no, but was put up last night and is leaving today.


He asks if she had given all the information she gave today to Dan Meyers previously, she states yes, and that she did not add anything new.


Mr. Chernoff ends his questioning.



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