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After some confusion as to when she is going to testify or who was to testify next and a brief recess, the court meets with Mr. Walgren, Ms. Brazil, Mr. Chernoff, Mr. Low and Mr. Flanagan in chambers to discuss a Limine motion filed concerning Ms. Morgan testifying (this is on record).    


There is discussion as to what Ms. Morgan will be testifying to.   Both sides concede that Ms. Morgan made a phone call to Conrad Murray lasting 7 seconds the morning of June 25th 2009, at 11:16 a.m, during a timeframe in which would be relevant to the case.


The People state they are trying to establish a timeline of phone calls and the nature of the calls – whether personal or professional, and if they had any other contact that day.   The People argue that this testimony is relevant, and do not understand the objection that was filed to halt her testifying;   that this will show a pattern by Dr. Murray carrying on personal phone calls vs attending to his patient Michael Jackson.   The People state the testimony will be brief.  They are not even sure if she was able to reach Dr. Murray, that also needs to be clarified.


The defense states they filed the motion because of several factors.   They were concerned that the State would be delving into her employment as an exotic dancer in various night clubs in Vegas and that she had met Conrad Murray during her employment at a topless nightclub.    They wished to have that excluded because it was six yrs prior to 2009, and that it would be prejudicial.    They are also concerned that she had agreed to give a police officer her testimony and in turn the officer stated that if she told the truth, they would leave this information out because she is now studying to be a nurse.   They are upset that she had been lied to.


The people agree to leave the nature of her profession at the time out, and the exact type of club out of questioning.     They will simply ask if their relationship was social and the nature of the call.


The defense then argues that the People know that the phone call was not completed, that it was 7 seconds, and they know she never talked to him.   That they have a statement with those facts.   They do not see the relevance to her testimony.  


The State again states that they know she does not want to be a part of this and is not necessarily cooperative, but they want to get her testimony under oath to whether she completed the call, or even left a voicemail.   She did not state this in her police testimony.   They also want to preserve her testimony as to whether she had a social relationship with Dr. Murray at this time.


The Court states the testimony is relevant under evidence code sections 350 and 352.   And states the testimony is to be limited and not delve into the issues the Defense has brought up about her employment and the type of club they met at.


Proceedings are moved into open court:


 Dr. Murray present with counsel, the People are represented by their counsel.  

 Ms. Morgan is called to the stand and sworn in.




Ms. Brazil (the People) asks Ms. Bridgette Morgan if Dr. Murray is in the courtroom and she verifies this by pointing him out.

She states she met Dr. Murray at a Club in 2003 and had a social relationship with him.  

She verifies her phone number which is Peoples Exhibit #20, and verifies she called Conrad Murray on June 25th 2009.  

She states she was following up on a conversation they had had.  

She states she did not actually speak with Dr. Murray and does not remember if she left a voice message.


Ms. Brazil concludes her questions.  




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