Organized Corruption Against the Heal the World Foundation

Well it’s taken a lot of questioning, navigating a number of pretty hefty websites, and, many, many hours (and then some) in the last several weeks to amass the evidence I needed to convince myself. At first, I had been kind of surprised when several friends were not towing the party line and instead came out in support of HTWF. But now I definately get it. I confess, I have not been a fan of the Estate executors for some time, but now I can see why others are starting to have their doubts.At the time I wondered if it their claims could be supported by solid evidence, since rumors often grow into truth regarding anything Michael, as we all know too well. Receiving further motivation from KJ’s and PPB’s interview with Robin Roberts on GMA, I decided to to start to put together the bits and peices I’d become acquainted with, sourcing the HTWF story from documents at the USPTO.gov and other official sites (ample links supplied below).

Both thankfully and most surprisingly, there are a lot of online documents that supported various conversations I had with friends. So I have decided to simply share them with anyone who wants to see another side of the Estate executors.

Quite frankly, the more I looked, the angrier I got. Not livid, just a gnawing feeling that maybe Heal the World Foundation really had been worked over by the Estate executors. There were just too many connecting elements for the Estate to assert their “no connection whatsoever” assertion. Why other fans haven’t caught on, especially people like Leslie MJ Hu, is beyond me. Perhaps Leslie’s opinions have been simply been captured by the the Estate now. Such a shame.

I mean, it really looks as if the Estate turned their shared lawyer against HTWF? I believe that this is illegal in our country, but maybe things are different in California. I just don’t get this.

Perhaps some lawyer can inform me whether turning on your own client is cause for disbarment. And if the Estate executors pushed their lawyer to turn on his other client HTWF to the executor’s advantage (who else’s advantage can I point the finger at, a junior executive?), does that mean they have committed a federal crime?

Anyhow, read the timeline below and see if you come to the same conclusion I did. Pay special attention to the clustering of dates. Also, and this is for those who don’t generally trust others, I suggest that you PDF the docs associated with the below links, just in case. Fancy lawyers may have the power to make public docs less public, especially when their credentials are well known.

The Dastardly Timeline

Mark Harrison who had previously helped Heal the World Foundation’s (HTWF’s) President Melissa Johnson to unstop the progress of her MJ 009 trademark by opposing a third-party’s MJ 041 trademark 12/10/08 for Michael Jackson, turns around while still HTWF’s counsel, and OPPOSES Johnson’s MJ 009 trademark on behalf of the Jackson Estate executors. For those in the fan communities who are still saying that Harrison never worked with HTWF/Johnson, why then is he withdrawing from representing HTWF October 2009? Also, USPTO record’s show that he started do work for HTWF/Johnson no later than December 2008, ten months before his withdrawal!
USPTO Source-Click Here

Harrison, a now turn-coat attorney still retained by HTWF and Estate simultaneously, grants a non-Jackson charity, Heal the World Inc., an extension of time to file a counter claim against his own client HTWF.
USPTO Source-Click Here

Jackson executor’s go public right away, and, in a statement to CBS, deliberately lie and attempt to COVER UP HTWF’s connection with Jackson’s camp. “The Michael Jackson estate has no connection whatsoever to the “Heal the World Foundation” run by Melissa Johnson…” But clearly in the oppositions mentioned above they shared the same lawyer?!
(indulge this doubletake–Estate Executors’ lawyer / HTWF-Johnson’s lawyer)
Estate/CBS Source-Click Here

The Jackson Estate again issues a press statement, claiming no connection whatsoever between Jackson’s camp and HTWF.
Estate Source-Click Here

The Jackson Estate executors file a federal lawsuit against HTWF.
Estate Source-Pacer Court Database. I’ve included only the front page of the lawsuit here.

After filing their complaint in a federal court, the executors say to the Attorney General’s office “hop to it” who then use public money to conduct an audit against HTWF a few days later. Perhaps the executors don’t have enough money to do all the dirty work themselves. So the Estate executors enlist public funds to fight their battles and marshal a multiprong effort to break HTWF’s back by applying massive pressure in a coordinated pile on.
Beginning of October 2009?
Fan Source-I need paperwork showing that HTWF was actually audited, my source seems honest enough. Perhaps someone actually from HTWF or the Estate can confirm that such an audit took place.

Heal the World Inc., the charity that was granted an extension to file a counter claim against HTWF by HTWF’s own lawyer (see 8/10/09 entry), now files its counterclaim, subsequently taking content from the Estate’s own lawsuit filed on 9/29/09 to pad their claim to the heal the world brand. Again, the Estate executors enlist others to fight their battles and marshal a multiprong effort to break HTWF by applying massive pressure in a coordinated pile on.
USPTO Source-Click Here


The Estate executors also initiate a trademark opposition proceedings against HTWF/Johnson on this date, followed by five more HTWF proceedings three days later. By my reakoning, they currently have fourteen oppositions against HTWF and related parties. Again, to break HTWF, the Estate executors apply massive pressure in a coordinated pile on.
USPTO Source-Click Here

Unbelievably, Mark Harrison appears to wipe his hand’s clean of HTWF and formally withdraws from representing the charity on the very same day that he had already empowered the Estate executors’ lawyers and another charity to open trademark opposition proceedings and a counterclaim against HTWF (see above two entries). He cites a “conflict of interest” as a reason for his withdrawal. Hey, if you are going to work for the mob, at least take time to hide your tracks a little better!
USPTO Source-Click Here

Due to the pile on of eight months leading up to the temporary injunction, HTWF is near financial ruin. HTWF’s now unpaid lawyer is unwilling to expend any but a handful of hours (starting the night before his/her response to the executors’ proposed injunction is due) to create and submit a response. The response is woefully incomplete and feeble. Reading uncountered lies, a federal judge then grants the executors’ temporary injunction.
Fan Source-I need paperwork showing that these series of events happened to HTWF staff, again my source appears informed and seems honest enough. She believed that the unpaid lawyer was still legally obligated to represent HTWF. If there are any lawyers out there, is this true? Perhaps someone actually from HTWF can confirm this sequence of events.

Despite seven months to get their story straight, Jackson estate lawyers continue to deny Jackson camps connection to HTWF.
Estate Source-Click Here (see the last paragraph of this press release)

Mark Harrison’s (HTWF’s/The Jackson Estate’s shared lawyer) address swapped with another lawyer’s address at the USPTO
USPTO Source-Click Here

The Estate executors on Good Morning America, falsely cite a federal judge as having found “no connection” between HTWF and Mr. Jackson. Despite now seventeen months to get the truth out, Jackson estate executors continue to deny Jackson camps connection to HTWF.
Estate Source-Click Here (6:01 minutes into video clip)

I have other stuff I need to distill from my online research, but for now the above will do.

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