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Akino @akino141
@ChuckyKlapow Chucky!! Did you listen to Breaking News?
1:06 AM – 8 Nov 10 via web

Chucky Klapow @ChuckyKlapow
@akino141 haha listening to Breaking News is like watching This Is It.
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2:48 AM – 8 Nov 10 via Twitter for BlackBerry ®

Chucky Klapow @ChuckyKlapow
Is anyone else tripping out as much as I am over the new “Michael Jackson song”?? Why does it sound NOTHING like him?!
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3:35 PM – 8 Nov 10 via Twitter for BlackBerry

Maggie @lovemj41042
@ChuckyKlapow I feel the same way. It not only doesn’t sound like him, It doesn’t feel like him
6:35 PM – 8 Nov 10 via web

Chucky Klapow @ChuckyKlapow
@lovemj41042 definitely doesn’t feel like him.
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6:54 PM – 8 Nov 10 via Twitter for BlackBerry ®


Chucky Klapow @ChuckyKlapow
I just listened to “Breaking News” once more… WOW! What a sad disaster… When did Michael become merely a back up vocalist?
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7:46 PM – 8 Nov 10 via web

Damien Shields @damienshields
@ChuckyKlapow Thank god some people can tell that this track is not MJ’s vocals, but merely an impersonator with shreds of MJ mixed in.
9:45 PM – 8 Nov 10 via web

Chucky Klapow @ChuckyKlapow
@damienshields what is Sony thinking?? This has to be some kind of joke right?
10:01 PM – 8 Nov 10 via Twitter for BlackBerry ®

Chucky Klapow @ChuckyKlapow
Hahahaha I just played “Breaking News” for my sister and she goes, “who is this?” Hahaha you should see her face right now. Classic.
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10:06 PM – 8 Nov 10 via Twitter for BlackBerry ®

Damien Shields @damienshields
@ChuckyKlapow Sony has been tricked. Fans picked it up immediately. Now its on Sony to fix it. I believe they will. Just spoke to them…
10:08 PM – 8 Nov 10 via web

Chucky Klapow @ChuckyKlapow
@damienshields interesting
10:51 PM – 8 Nov 10 via Twitter for BlackBerry ®


Brett Miller @TwinsFan_2
@ChuckyKlapow how is listening to BN like watching TII? It’s all fake like TII? TII was never meant to be a concert!?!?
11:35 PM – 9 Nov 10 via Mobile Web

Chucky Klapow @ChuckyKlapow
@Big_3_LBJ please don’t put words in my mouth. Of course it was meant to be a concert! Come on now.
12:12 AM – 10 Nov 10 via Twitter for BlackBerry ®


Chucky Klapow @ChuckyKlapow
For those who are still confused.. Michael never intended to release This Is It as a film. He never gave the green light for BN. That’s all
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5:41 PM – 10 Nov 10 via Twitter for BlackBerry ®

Tom Kinlough @MrTomKinlough
@ChuckyKlapow BN?
5:42 PM – 10 Nov 10 via web

Chucky Klapow @ChuckyKlapow
@MrTomKinlough Breaking News
6:31 PM – 10 Nov 10 via Twitter for BlackBerry ®

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Darren Hayes @darrenhayes
I’m no forensic audiologist but as a lifelong M.J fan the vocals on the ‘new’ song don’t sound a thing like the King of Pop to me.
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10:57 AM – 8 Nov 10 via TweetDeck

Darren Hayes @darrenhayes
Regardless, I think it’s disgusting the material, authentic or not, is being released posthumously. Clearly M.J never intended this.
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11:04 AM – 8 Nov 10 via TweetDeck


007spacemonkey @007spacemonkey
@darrenhayes You may want to hear this Sir lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCAa4lhKmCk&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL
11:12 PM – 12 Nov 10 via web

Darren Hayes @darrenhayes
@ashwinkhanna STILL sounds dodgy to me.
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11:15 PM – 12 Nov 10 via TweetDeck


Darren Hayes @darrenhayes
I agree with what Will.i.am says about all the ‘new’ M.J releases. It’s disrespectful http://bit.ly/970A9c
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8:25 PM – 15 Nov 10 via TweetDeck

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Karen Faye @wingheart
Sony and estate hires forensic specialists for MJ’s voice….but not for his murder.
8 Nov 10 via TweetList! (2 hours ago)

Karen Faye @wingheart
There are things that don’t sound right to me. There is a heaviness, where Michael’s voice was pure and light.
8 Nov 10 via TweetList! (2 hours ago)

Karen Faye @wingheart
There is a “holding back” quality to the voice in BREAKING NEWS…that is not like Michael.
8 Nov 10 via TweetList! (2 hours ago)

Karen Faye @wingheart
MJ always rehearsed his voice doing scales, while with me getting ready for performance. This part in the song really sounds wrong to me.
8 Nov 10 via TweetList! (2 hours ago)

Karen Faye @wingheart
I am not an expert…it makes me so sad. The charade continues…
8 Nov 10 via TweetList! (2 hours ago)

Karen Faye @wingheart
And I think the cover art really sucks. Michael’s eyes are so tweaked!
8 Nov 10 via TweetList! (2 hours ago)

Karen Faye @wingheart
Everything is so wrong…..
8 Nov 10 via TweetList! (35 minutes ago)

Karen Faye @wingheart
Music is supposed to make me feel good.this just makes me sick and nauseous in my stomach, when I hear it.
8 Nov 10 via TweetList!

Karen Faye @wingheart
Michael always controlled his artistic expression 100%.he was a perfectionist! Anything created by others will never be ok with me.

Agendas become clearer @ times like these. Please stay the path of truth for MIchael.please. I think more and more of you are beginning to understand what I have been trying to say since June 2009.

Maybe the fans can stop fighting with each other and UNITE and stand together now for Michael. Please!!! See the injustice, see the greed! On THIS we have a voice, we have a choice!!!! Don’t buy (into) it!!!!

I KNOW Michael did not authorize the release of any unfinished work.and someone else FINISHED it.

I always recommend everyone to follow their own heart. My heart can’t justify it in any way.
11 Nov 10

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Omer M. Bhatti ‏ @lilmoonboi
There are many things I could comment on..but I do not wish to cause controversy. Even though Im quiet, it don’t mean I’m always in support
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5:42 PM – 9 Nov 10 via web

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Hey, have you heard the new ‘Michael Jackson’ song? @mondocongo Btw hope your ankle gets better soon : )
12:45 PM – 11 Nov 10 via Twitter for iPhone

Jennifer Batten @mondocongo
@NiallHughes Yes I heard a bit of the new MJ song. Doesn’t sound anything like him. Very wierd.
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11:53 AM – 12 Nov 10 via web

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Damien Shields @damienshields
@JoeVogel1 Hear Burn Tonight leaked today? Thoughts?
1:49 AM – 2 Aug 11 via Twitter for Mac

Joe Vogel @JoeVogel1
@damienshields “Take Me Away” was pretty cool.
1:53 AM – 2 Aug 11 via web


Col @mootangfruit
@JoeVogel1 What you said in your Michael review is absolute horse shit. The Cascio tracks are not Michael. Have you changed your opinion?
3:55 PM – 13 Sep 11 via web

Joe Vogel @JoeVogel1
@mootangfruit I’ve learned a lot since then. My view now is that they def sound strange and more transparency is needed.
4:08 PM – 13 Sep 11 via web


Col @mootangfruit
@JoeVogel1 why the change of heart?
4:14 PM – 13 Sep 11 via Twitter for iPhone

Joe Vogel @JoeVogel1
@mootangfruit As an author, I have to rely on sources and decide which sources are credible. It’s not always easy
4:17 PM – 13 Sep 11 via web


SCReuter @SCReuter
@JoeVogel1 Did Michael Jackson record all his vocals for “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ 2008” at the Cascio home in the second half of 2007?
8:34 PM – 14 Sep 11 via Mobile Web

Joe Vogel @JoeVogel1
@SCReuter Yes, that’s my understanding
10:07 PM – 14 Sep 11 via web


Col @mootangfruit
@JoeVogel1 av u heard anythin about motolla being involved in cascio tracks?
1:51 PM – 16 Sep 11 via Twitter for iPhone

Joe Vogel @JoeVogel1
@mootangfruit No
1:32 AM – 17 Sep 11 via web

punkrockhair @punkrockhair
@JoeVogel1 You no longer think the Cascio tracks are really him? So who do you think they are?
7:27 AM – 16 Sep 11 via web

Joe Vogel @JoeVogel1
@punkrockhair I think it would be helpful to learn more about the origins
1:33 AM – 17 Sep 11 via web


maryjackson @maryjackson2908
@JoeVogel1 Joe what do you think about the album “Michael”? do you doubt some songs that’s NOT Michael singing? how about Keep your head up?
3:41 AM – 18 Sep 11 via web

Joe Vogel @JoeVogel1
@maryjackson2908 Mixed feelings. Need more information about origins
7:11 PM – 18 Sep 11 via web

Michael Jackson @onir_mj Onir
@JoeVogel1 The Immortal World Tour is using Cascio songs Monster & Breaking News! What do you think about that?
5:36 PM – 18 Sep 11 via web

Joe Vogel @JoeVogel1
@onir_mj Personally, there are about 200 others I would use before
7:12 PM – 18 Sep 11 via web

Michael Jackson @onir_mj Onir
@JoeVogel1 Thanks! I agree.. I would use Threatened & Tabloid Junkie instead.
18 Sep 11


maryjackson @maryjackson777
@JoeVogel1 you’re confused.Your opinion is important to me.It’s really sad to hear you said that.No way for us to check origins
2:35 PM – 19 Sep 11 via web

Joe Vogel @JoeVogel1
@maryjackson777 I meant mixed feelings about the album as a whole.
4:15 PM – 20 Sep 11 via web


His Best Of Joy @His_Best_Of_Joy
@JoeVogel1 What are your thoughts on the Cascio tracks that were featured on the “Michael” album?
20 Sep 11

Joe Vogel @JoeVogel1
@His_Best_Of_Joy They sound strange to me
9:04 PM – 20 Sep 11 via web


Col @mootangfruit
@JoeVogel1 joe, would you be able to find anything out about the 1998 track monster? Or the bryan loren version of stay?
4:59 PM – 10 Oct 11 via Twitter for iPhone

Joe Vogel @JoeVogel1
@mootangfruit The Monster track is completely different than the one on the album and isn’t finished. Not sure about Stay
6:45 PM – 10 Oct 11 via web


Col @mootangfruit
@JoeVogel1 cud u use ur contacts with engineers/producers to find out anymore? Do u think mj wud write different songs with the same titles?
2:43 AM – 11 Oct 11 via Twitter for iPhone

Joe Vogel @JoeVogel1
@mootangfruit It’s possible.
12:44 AM – 12 Oct 11 via web


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