A tangled web weaved by the Estate and AEG





By:- To MJ Respect is due

The litigation between AEG and Lloyds of London is a waste of Michael’s money; this money could be placed into the Michael Jackson Family Trust for Michael’s Mom and Children. AEG on July 1st 2009 laid a death claim against Lloyds to recoup monies from Michael’s death. Before we even get into this, the fact that concert promoters feel they are deserving of being the beneficiaries is just absurd. In order to receive money on any claim proof of loss must be submitted. This is the standard practice for all insurance claims. Shawn Trell lawyer for AEG laid the claim first citing that AEG should be covered under clause 2.1 perils:

PG 25 http://www.scribd.com/doc/104751542/Declaration-of-Paul-K-Schrieffer-in-Support-of-Cetain-Underwriters-Summary-Adjudication-of-Issue




Lloyds of London would fully insure Michael under the conditions that he did 30 shows, passed a medical exam in London by Lloyds’ doctors and Lloyds’ brass had an opportunity to see a full show run-through at the O2 arena. In the meantime, while rehearsing in LA Michael would only be covered for accident and injury. As we know Michael never made it to London and Lloyds’ doctors never got to examine him and a full show was nowhere near ready.

Shortly after Shawn Trell’s first contact, Howard Weitzman attorney for the estate on November 20th 2009 sends a letter to Lloyds of London reiterating financial loss and reasons why the death claim put forth by AEG is valid and introducing himself as AEG’s representative.

PG 83 http://www.scribd.com/doc/104751542/Declaration-of-Paul-K-Schrieffer-in-Support-of-Cetain-Underwriters-Summary-Adjudication-of-Issues




In the letter Weitzman says that he and his firm have replaced AEG’s former attorney Mr. Abelson. He attaches a copy of the death certificate and stated that AEG is covered under full indemnity under the policy and request that Lloyds of London admit liability within 30 days.

After the death claim was made, Lloyds asked for the following: Death Certificate,  LA Coroner autopsy report, 2nd autopsy report obtained by the Jackson family,  medical records dating back 5yrs, Conrad Murray’s contract with AEG, financial and production records pertaining to ticket sales-show production-advances made to Michael etc…This is Lloyds complaint procedure included  in the insurance policy PG 136 http://www.scribd.com/doc/104751542/Declaration-of-Paul-K-Schrieffer-in-Support-of-Cetain-Underwriters-Summary-Adjudication-of-Issues and here is the Claims procedure also included in the insurance policy PG 137 http://www.scribd.com/doc/104751542/Declaration-of-Paul-K-Schrieffer-in-Support-of-Cetain-Underwriters-Summary-Adjudication-of-Issues If AEG truly felt they had a valid claim it would have been of no consequence to provide all the necessary documents again this is standard procedure in the filing of an insurance claim of any nature.





87-88-89 http://www.scribd.com/doc/104751542/Declaration-of-Paul-K-Schrieffer-in-Support-of-Cetain-Underwriters-Summary-Adjudication-of-Issues

On February 2nd 2010 Weitzman sends a letter to Lloyds regarding the request for information from AEG surrounding Michael’s death. According to the letter from Weitzman, Lloyds’ letters soliciting documents were dated December 3rd and December 29th 2010 which could be a typo or something else (Knowing these slippery crooks) as Weitzman’s letter is dated February of 2010 at the time of writing the December dates wouldn’t have occurred yet.

“Please be advised that we are not at this time responding on a point by point basis to the reservation of rights contained in your letter dated December 3rd.”

Weitzman goes on to say that they dispute any claim that they are not entitled to full indemnity (fancy name for payment from the insurer to the assured or insured) or suffered a considerable loss under the policy. Weitzman then addresses Lloyds question about whether or not Weitzman and his firm or any other now represents the estate. Weitzman responds:

Our office does represent the Estate with respect to various matters and, to our knowledge, no other law firm has been retained in connection with any claim under the policy. As we believe you know, the Estate affairs are directed by John Branca and John McClain, the Special Administrators appointed by the court.”

“With respect to the purported assignment referenced in your December 3rd letter, your understanding is not correct. AEG has not assigned its rights under the policy to the Estate. In the interest of full disclosure, AEG and the Estate have entered into an agreement with respect to how the proceeds received under the Policy are to be allocated, but this agreement does not include in assignment of AEG rights”

Weitzman the Estate and AEG are in total conflicts of interest as he represents the Estate as well as AEG in the same matter. The Estate has laid a death claim against Lloyds of London on behalf of the Michael Jackson Company which is the co-assured (fancy name for an insured corporation) of AEG under the policy. Weitzman admits this act of laying claim is under the direction of John Branca and John McClain. The estate has also gone into an agreement with AEG to split the proceeds from monies received under the policy. Again it makes absolutely no sense for both AEG and the Estate under the guise of the Michael Jackson Company to receive a death benefit from Lloyds. As corporations, both AEG and the Michael Jackson Company, were assured for financial loss this would be contingent with events like show cancellation. However, both the Estate and AEG are laying claim as benefactors of Michael’s death, when the true benefactors of the death insurance should be Michael’s Parents and Children. Mrs. Jackson has laid claim against AEG for wrongful death and rightfully so… Howard Weitzman as the attorney for the Estate along with AEG will have access and knowledge to all records and emails within AEG as well as Lloyds…and these things will have a grave impact on Mrs. Jackson’s case against AEG. Don’t be confused AEG and the Estate are working side by side in an attempt to topple everyone in their path including Mrs. Jackson Prince Paris and Blanket. This has just been proven with that ridiculous sanction AEG tried to get against Mom and grandkids in wake of the leaked emails by Howard Mann.




Page 2 of the letter says that AEG does not have the coroner’s report and that the Estate requested a copy several months back but LA had not released it yet. Once again Weitzman is comingling the Estate and AEG. He goes on to address the documents and records that Lloyds are requesting in connection with the claim. Here is the game Weitzman AEG and the Estate run:

With respect to the other documents and information requested in your letters, please be advised to the following –

  1. To our knowledge neither the Estate nor AEG currently possesses any of Mr. Jackson’s medical records other than those pertaining to the examination conducted by Dr. Slavit.
  2. As discussed above the Estate (I thought this letter were addressing matters between AEG and Lloyds more proof the estate and AEG are one and the same) does not have a copy of the Los Angeles County Coroner’s report.  Nor does the Estate have records pertaining to the results of any other autopsy that may have been performed. (They are playing coy as its been highly publicized the Jacksons had their own autopsy done)
  3. We are in the process of gathering documents pertaining to Dr. Murray’s employment with connection to the shows at the O2 arena and will forward them when received. (More BS) Given the reported criminal investigation (This implies maybe Murray’s being investigated maybe not) we expect that our production of records will be limited to those which AEG and/or the Estate already have and that Dr. Murray will not voluntarily turn over any additional record. (Which is it? Are they gathering documents or waiting to receive them? Then they say look the documents we’ll give you is what we got and what we feel like producing, Murray already knows not to give anything up. Lloyds asked for the Murray contract as well surely they have that already. In the law verbiage is very literal and precise. Read between the lines and pay close attention)
  4. AEG does not control many of the individuals whom you requested be made available for interviews/examination under oath, including specifically Dr. Conrad Murray (how you figure you hired him) Dr. Slavit (You also hired him for the prelim exam to get the initial insurance quote and terms) and employees of Westcliff Medical Laboratories.  We will of course make AEG’s officers and executives, specifically Randy Phillips and Brandon Phillips, available at mutually convenient time. We will also endeavor to coordinate interviews with Dr. Tohme and the representatives of RTI listed in your letter. Please let me know when you would like to interview/examine Messrs. Phillips and representatives of RTI so that we can coordinate schedules. (Ok so they don’t have control of  “Murray” or “Slavit” or the “Med Lab” singling the aforementioned parties out citing no control means they in fact have control. Also a slick way of distancing themselves from the parties in writing. They will “coordinate” the blatant operatives Phillips and Tohme and RTI)
  5. With all due respect, your request for sworn proof of loss appears disingenuous given the vast media coverage of relevant events.  Mr. Jackson’s death and resulting cancellation of the O2 concerts were widely reported and covered in the media and there cannot be any question that the events actually happened. With respect to the total quantum of loss suffered, we can represent to you that AEG spent far more than 17.5 million in preparation for the O2 shows.  These expenses included substantial production costs incurred building the set, as was all salaries for back up performers and an advance for Mr. Jackson. We are compiling documentary evidence supporting evidence supporting AEG’s investment and will forward it under separate cover, again subject to your agreement to maintain confidentiality of all such information.




Don’t you Love when people tell on themselves? Never just hear what a person says, listen to what they say and cross reference that communication with their actions. No one can lie to us we actually lie to ourselves when we just accept. Now Lloyds asked for sworn proof of loss, Weitzman says uh…the media covered the events and therefor there shouldn’t be any question of our loss. I died laughing when I read this, is he a damn fool or what. You mean to tell me Lloyds of London the insurance titan that insure freaking battleships should just take the word of the Anschutz controlled media reports that AEG lost X amount of dollars on the production of This Is It and Michael died in the manner that was stated… Based on the news puppets um sorry pundits’ script; Lloyds is expected to fork over millions of dollars…Ok fine. Then Weitzman says “we are compiling “documentary” evidence supporting AEG’s investment.” People I just can’t…the man just wrote that they are compiling a documentary; you realize he is talking about TII the film right. Weitzman just admitted last images of the demise and poisoning and mistreatment of Michael was put together so that they could show evidence of AEG’s investment i.e. staging, rehearsals…dancers… Michael under contract… so that media reports seemed accurate enough to cooberate their story, which was one of the purposes of the film; TII is a visual alibi…

Lloyds is addition to asking for sworn proof of loss and documents regarding Michael’s homicide; sent a list of questions called interrogatories. (Don’t you just Love that word, interrogatories)




Page 4 paragraph 10 http://www.scribd.com/doc/104751542/Declaration-of-Paul-K-Schrieffer-in-Support-of-Cetain-Underwriters-Summary-Adjudication-of-Issues

AEG delayed their responses, asking Lloyds for extensions and this request was denied by Lloyds on November 7 2011. After which AEG filed a motion to stay discovery and trial pending the outcome of the case Mrs. Jackson has against them; in addition they asked for a protective order. The court denied the motion to stay on January 5 2012 and later took the motion to stay trial off calendar January 6 2012. AEG then filed a petition for writ of mandate with the 2nd appellate district over its loss on the motion to stay. The 2nd district denied the petition on February 21 2012(ALL THIS IS MICHAEL MONEY BEING USED/WASTED FOLKS)


Page 5 paragraph 11

AEG wanted to limit Lloyds’ underwriters to certain documents and to avoid answering the underwriters request through a motion for protective order as we know this was all to prevent from revealing vital information that in essence would win Mrs. Jackson’s case. On April 4 2012 Justice Zowbrowski ordered AEG to answer Lloyds’ discovery within 45 days. AEG waited 10 months after Lloyds’ initial request and court order before they responded. While Weitzman up until this point never answered the interrogatories he continued to send letters and had another lawyer in his office do the same.





Page 95 http://www.scribd.com/doc/104751542/Declaration-of-Paul-K-Schrieffer-in-Support-of-Cetain-Underwriters-Summary-Adjudication-of-Issues

Here’s an email of AEG bemoaning that Lloyds refuses to accept the death claim under peril 2.1 covered in the policy from Patricia Millett Esq. of Weitzman’s firm to Lloyds lawyer Schrieffer.


Re: Mark Jones LLC in response to a letter dated 3/24/11



“Instead it has been suggested among other things that Mr. Jackson’s death does not qualify as an accident under the policy because the amended death certificate lists the cause of death as homicide. See page 3 of your letter dated December 3 2009 and page 2 of your letter March 24 2011. As I’m sure you know under California law accident in the context of insurance is an unexpected, unforeseen or undesigned happening or consequence. Mr. Jackson’s death clearly qualifies as an accident under this definition”





Now pardon me…but uh I can’t see how something declared a homicide = “Life taken away by another” can be classified as an accident. AEG the premeditated murderers had an over dose clause put in the insurance policy,  a fired Tohme was covered under the policy, Murray  was strung along by many amendments of a contract that was never signed by Michael. AEG knew what they were doing from the onset. They had a memorial sorry show planned already when they approached the Jacksons. Randy Phillips leaked email between he and Anschutz and Gongaware and Leiweke proved they knew Michael was not in a good state yet they insisted the show must go on… and that show and the plan to take his assets is what gave way to his murder. Does any of that sound accidental or like AEG is not responsible for this loss Life. Is this not homicide which means life taken by another; is this not a conspiracy = “more than one participating in an act.” Everyone on the planet isn’t evil even if they do work for the beast, the lawyers that work for Lloyds of London smelt the sour milk and they pushed for answers. Even if it’s for their sole benefit of not wanting to be defrauded by Branca and AEG, their interrogatories brings the truth ever closer to the surface.





There most definitely is a reason why the death certificate took so long, the crime scene botch the LAPD’s erasing of the CCTV tapes from CarolWood. Everything had to appear certain way. Michael’s murder was in California and the laws there promote this type of scam. The Estate and AEG were expecting things to be easy sailing with Lloyds, they thought they could get this off as an “accident” in the eyes of Lloyds even after classification of what happened to Michael is a homicide… because it was “unexpected” they try to lay claim under this California insurance loop hole; such bullshit.





Page 96 email from Patricia Millet continued


“On April 30 2010 and May 14 2010 Lloyds continuously requested the 2nd autopsy…”


Weitzman kept reiterating neither the Estate nor AEG had it. Oh yes the Jacksons threw a snafu in there with that second private autopsy of which the contents remain so until this day. When the going got tough AEG got going…as they could no longer keep Lloyds at bay once the court order made them answer.





PG 52 Lloyds request for admission #5


Admit that policy#B0638C091985 stated under conditions additional


“12. In respect of insured Person Mark Jones, cover hereunder is restricted to losses resulting from accident only until such time as insurers have seen and agreed the medical report from medical taking place in London, and insurers representative has attended the rehearsals taking place in London.”


AEG’s response to request for admission #5


AEG Live objects to this request to the extent that it seeks information protected by the attorney-client privilege, the attorney work product doctrine and other privileges or protections. AEG Live incorporates each of its general objectives as though fully set forth in response to this request. Subject to and without waiving any of its objections as though fully set forth in response to this request.


Subject to and without any of its objections, AEG Live responds as follows: Admitted


AEG is fully aware of the terms of the insurance policy. Michael never made it to London so why did AEG keep this going as obviously there is no valid claim here. Michael’s death was no accident and while in LA he wasn’t fully insured and it clearly states that, in the policy that AEG agreed to and accepted… that such coverage would be active once Michael was in London and the above commenced. AEG starts a death claim yet constantly talks about the loss of production costs and never once talks about the Loss of Michael’s life and what a grave impact it has had on his Kids his Parents his Siblings and extended Family, the impact it has had on the World. In an email Randy Phillips again preoccupied with the money says


“Michael’s death is a terrible tragedy, but life must go on. AEG will make a fortune from merch sales, ticket retention, the touring exhibition and the film/dvd,”


Lloyds of London further pushed the issue by shedding an even brighter light on AEG during the interrogation phase of the claims process; AEG and Weitzman folded by responding with this.





Page 187 http://www.scribd.com/doc/104751542/Declaration-of-Paul-K-Schrieffer-in-Support-of-Cetain-Underwriters-Summary-Adjudication-of-Issues

“While AEG Live does contend that AEG Live is covered by the policy and that the policy is valid. AEG Live no longer contends that it has suffered a loss compensable by the policy. At the time AEG Live tended its claim under the policy, AEG Live had suffered losses in excess of the thirty million dollars in connection with cancellation of the This Is It tour. The majority of these losses were production costs advanced to Michael Jackson and to the Michael Jackson Company, AEG Live’s co-assured under the policy. These losses now lie solely with the Michael Jackson Company AEG Live’s co-assured and no longer with AEG Live”



With this response AEG is saying that it no longer is entitled to benefits under the policy. At the time it laid claim they had (past tense) incurred losses in excess of thirty million. The losses now lie solely on the Michael Jackson Company. Um…isn’t 40 million in excess of 30 million, so we now know why John Branca paid AEG 40 million dollars. This 40 million dollar payout was reported by Team Michael Jackson’s founder @TeamMichael777 back in May https://www.teammichaeljackson.com/archives/5768






Page 5 paragraph 13 http://www.scribd.com/doc/104751542/Declaration-of-Paul-K-Schrieffer-in-Support-of-Cetain-Underwriters-Summary-Adjudication-of-Issues


On June 12 2012 after reviewing AEG’s responses, Lloyds sent to Mr. Putnam a letter demanding that AEG withdraw its claim under the policy no later than June 19 2012. AEG acknowledged that it received the letter but has yet to withdraw the claim.

When Lloyds’ underwriters didn’t get the info they requested from Weitzman they initiated an instant action of declaratory relief and rescission. Lloyds in the declaration state that AEG confirmed they understood why Lloyds wanted a rescission. Proof of this they feel occurred when AEG spoke of the Lloyds rescission in documents filed for a Writ of Mandate with the Court of Appeals. AEG Live in that writ request also stated in the alternative a declaration that AEG Live is not entitled to proceeds. Lloyds says by this time it appears undisputed that AEG had no entitlement.





Lloyds goes on to state in court document on Page 189 http://www.scribd.com/doc/104751542/Declaration-of-Paul-K-Schrieffer-in-Support-of-Cetain-Underwriters-Summary-Adjudication-of-Issues


“We are therefore astonished that AEG has continued to maintain the charade that it has been entitled to $17.5 million in proceeds under the policy over the past year or more of litigation. This has forced underwriters to incur substantial attorneys’ fees and cost in litigating a feigned dispute with AEG where no dispute in fact exists.”(You can bet your lives, More of Michaels money will be paying this off, HOW MANY MILLIONS do you think that will be, that could be in the trust for PPB)

Lloyds I second this emotion! Lloyds also wants the conduct of AEG’s litigation process to be investigated, I second this one too…Here’s what they also stated.

“AEG’s conduct, including filing a motion to stay the case in the trial court and a petition for writ of mandate in the court of appeal, continued to postpone its obligation to respond to discovery for as long as possible. This ended with Judge Mackey’s order requiring AEG to respond to discovery and to turn over documents. That order compelled AEG to disclose, for the first time, what AEG and perhaps the Estate and Michael Jackson Company LLC – controlled by the Estate knew that AEG had no entitlement to coverage because it had no compensable loss under the policy.”





Thank you so much Lloyds for differentiating between the goodness of the being Michael Jackson who’d never attempt such an act and the use of his name and murder by the estate and AEG to defraud.

AEG in its motion to stay told on themselves and admitted to being responsible for Michael’s death with this argument.

AEG would be forced to fight a “two front war….” “It must either give up this claim now and lose $17.5 million to which it is potentially entitled – or risk making judicial assertions inconsistent with its defense in the Katherine Jackson action – and lose potentially far more.



AEG has just told us either they give up the death claim against Lloyds of London a claim that they knew they were not entitled to. Or they lie during the action Mrs. Jackson has taken against them; all so that they are protected against a greater financial loss. Howard Weitzman knowingly has used and abused the courts and Mother Jackson- Prince- Paris and Blanket’s money; AEG and the Estate has used and abused the courts as well as Mother Jackson- Prince -Paris and Blanket’s money….by prolonging discovery and trial so that the truth would not come to light and reveal their responsibility in the murder of Michael Jackson.

More analysis of the important document is underway and another blog installment on such in a few days. There are so many crucial points to address. I thank @teammichael777 as well as @truth4michael for this vital information. Together we stand divided we fall.

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