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Dear family,

I am due for my second surgery on November 17, on my spine again, this time in my back,

I still have not recovered from the surgery on my neck(spine)

I will be away indefinitely but an Admin will be running the twitter account and keeping you all up to date….

Meanwhile i have a request of you, I need you to do something for me…
You all know my passion over the fake tracks on the “Michael” album.
Finally there is a solid campaign by those that i trust 1000% percent.


Here is the campaign> Links to post and share:-

Please support them, tweet, post links to those posted above on facebook…… and there is MUCH MORE then that you CAN do…

If people argue with you over the validity of the tracks, please do not waste your time and energy, post and move on… cover as  much ground as possible. And you can direct them towards further links provided below

Daily there are Michael Jackson related news articles, if you look to the comment section, you can  post the link there too, the campaign will gain the attention it needs, and bring further awareness to the fraud that was perpetuated on the world and onto Michaels beautiful solid gorgeous legacy!!!!!!!!!!

Now, there will be some who do not agree with this campaign, it happens, there are always going to be difference of opinions.. To those, i request please live and let live, Please do not try to hurt those that are not interfering with YOUR way of supporting Michael.

We all love Michael, you have your ways, we have our way.. In the end showing harmony in the community is positive and productive..

Lets face it, we all have to co-exist…. Its much better to do it in the same light as Michael….

I wish you all well, and hope to see you in a couple months.. (I keep saying I should be resting but my hunger for justice brings me back on line.. Lols.)


Some evidence regarding the fake tracks previously uncovered, you can come back and read these once you have posted the links in as many places as you can:-

International Fraud Day

My OPINION on the Cascio tracks, and how I reached it: By:- Charles Thomson

Unedited Quotes (3T)

Unedited Quotes (Jackson Family)

Unedited Quotes (Miscellaneous)

Unedited Quotes (Producers)

Dave Grohl reveals he doesn’t actually appear on Michael Jackson’s LP ‘Michael’


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