AEG’s Latest Attempt To Derail The Inevitable



By:- To MJ Respect is due


The latest filing by AEG attorneys is yet another attempt to delay trial for the wrongful death suit Mrs. Jackson has brought against them. AEG have no defense; there case is extremely weak and ladened with lies.


AEG attorney Marvin Putnam submitted a redacted (fancy word an edit to an already submitted statement) declaration in support of defendants AEG Live LLC, AEG Live Productions LLC, Brandon Phillips and Paul Gongaware. AEG’s story keeps changing and with each filing they’re trying to bury Mrs. Jackson and her legal team in motions notices and discovery; these are typical stall tactics of those on a known losing side of a litigation.



Howard Weitzman estate attorney and attorney for AEG during their death insurance claim against Lloyds of London didn’t want to allow discovery during that case because what would come out during this process, would provide favorable evidence for Mrs. Jackson in her case against AEG. Then there are the emails that were leaked to the LA Times, which expose what was really going on behind the scenes at AEG, further providing evidence of AEG’s liability in Michael’s death. In Putnam’s redacted declaration, portions of the Jacksons’ depositions were included as exhibits.


Michael’s mother was deposed as was Prince Paris and Blanket. You heard right, they deposed Michael’s children, even the 10 year old Blanket. They were asked questions like: Admit that Michael Jackson was intelligent, Admit that Michael Jackson didn’t suffer from any mental deficiencies that would impair his competence to care for his children in 2009, Admit that defendants did not introduce Michael Jackson to Dr. Murray, Admit that Michael Jackson specifically requested that Dr. Murray accompany him on the This Is It tour, Admit that Dr. Murray treated Michael Jackson prior to January 1st 2007, Admit that Dr. Murray was not the only doctor who treated Michael Jackson in the last week of Michael Jackson’s life.


How can children possibly know the answers to these questions? Why have AEG behaved so insensitively by asking Michael’s kids about their father’s death and the man that has been jailed for his murder. Blanket was 7 years old when Michael was taken away and Prince and Paris must have some residual trauma by seeing their father lifeless while Murray worked on him. Where is the estate to assist these kids and Michael’s mother in this line of questioning? Weitzman, estate attorney along with John Branca and John McClain are supposed to act in the best interest of the estate’s beneficiaries. It’s apparent that they are only out for themselves. John Branca and John McClain became rather indignant over the summer when Mrs. Jackson went away with her children for some much needed rest and relaxation.


The children were removed from her care to force her back home, where the estate can keep tabs on Mrs. Jackson by leasing the Calabasas estate after being evicted from Hayvenhurst and employing her security and house staff. The children were later returned to her care, but not before changes were made to their guardianship, which is a veiled threat to remind Mrs. Jackson that she is never to leave again. Mrs. Jackson now shares custody of Michael’s kids with her grandson Tj Jackson; while Rebbie Randy and Janet along with Rebbie and Randy’s children have been barred from the Calabasas home by Branca and McClain.


The estate swiftly stepped in to exert their control, when the Jacksons stood up to them and demanded estate executors resign on grounds of a fraudulent takeover of Michael’s estate by way of a forged signature on the Will that gave Branca and McClain total control, a Will that is in conflicts of interest because John Branca created it. Yet when it comes to protecting the kids from potentially psychological damaging depositions they are nowhere in sight.


These kids don’t need to be protected from their family; they don’t need to be separated from their cousins, aunts and uncle that have been up till this point a permanent fixture in their lives. The Jackson Family have undoubtedly helped Blanket Paris and Prince during this life altering transition, which thankfully they have been adjusting well to, due to all the support from the entire family.


Estate attorney Weitzman represents the very entity that Mrs. Jackson is suing on behalf of herself and her grandchildren for the wrongful death of their father. It is beyond unethical that Weitzman represented AEG in a wrongful death suit so that AEG can attempt to obtain proceeds from the death of Michael while he represents his benefactors. When you read through the recently submitted declaration by AEG attorney Marvin Putnam, the sketchiness of the whole sordid affair becomes ever vivid.


AEG has continuously lied in their responses to interrogatories, lies that have been proven to be lies by way of emails between Murray and Tim Woolley, by emails between Murray and Kathy Jorrie, by emails between AEG brasses….by the slave contract Michael was forced to sign. There is such an amazing amount of evidence in this case, that corruption in the California judicial is becoming more and more transparent, no more can it be said to be rumor. This case is an easy win for Mrs. Jackson and her legal team, provided AEG quits stalling and let this trial get underway. AEG is fully aware of this and has been running scared, grasping for straws and far reaching in their request to the Superior Court of California.


AEG will have to face the music for their crimes and Mrs. Jackson Prince Paris and Blanket along with the rest of the Jackson Family, finally have the justice they so duly deserve. Hang in there family, we are with you.


AEG continues to try and elude the inevitable…which is being held liable for the death of Michael Jackson. AEG went into contracts with the Michael Jackson Company LLC for its artist Michael Jackson.


When the concert promoter AEG Live hired Michael, they became responsible for him in every sense of word…. as with any employer who must care for their employees. Make no mistake, “This Is It” is an AEG Live production, they have since tried to change the language and say the contract they had with the Michael Jackson Company LLC (which is now ran by Branca as its CEO) is a collaborative contract.


As the promoter, producer, designer and manager of This Is It…..featuring Michael as the head lining act…AEG must secure Michael’s safety and well-being, and the safety and well-being of the cast and crew of This Is It, along with third party beneficiaries which consist of but not limited to Michael’s personal staff as per the express contract agreement.


When an artist decides to tour, the artist releases their schedule through their booking agent like CAA or William Morris etc… promoters receive the schedule after expressing interest and then puts in a bid to get the artist to their city and/or venue.


The promoter advertises the artist dates once they have won the bid on their desired block of dates and submitted their deposit. The promoter can sell tickets firsthand, through a ticketing agent or through the venue exclusively. More times than not, it’s a culmination of all three.


Many times if the promoter is not the owner/manager of the venue, they make back end deals for merchandise sold at the venue and other types of profit sharing on top of fees received from bring the artist to the venues stage.


There can be more than one promoter for any leg of a tour, but in today’s one stop shopping, entities like Live Nation and AEG Live….the largest concert promoters and producers on the planet….all aspects of the tour production is handled in house.


This takes the role of show producer away from the artist and puts them in the role of hired act, in essence making them the employees of the promoter/producer. Much like an actor is an employee of the director and movie house.


The artist is the creative producer, which is quite different from the show’s producer. The creative producer handles the visuals, the music…it’s their intellectual property and expression. The show’s producer handles the dollars and cents, is responsible that such a show is taking place and most importantly gives the artist a contract determining when he/she must work just like any other employer in the world.


The reason why AEG has tried to change the language to “collaborative contract” is for the very reasons mentioned, they are trying to release themselves from being liable in Michael’s death. There is co-mingling of show producers and artist/creative producers, yet in regards to This Is It, this is not the case. Michael did not present a show to the world, he was approached and later hired to do a show. The Michael Jackson Company LLC was solicited by AEG for its artist Michael Jackson the man.


AEG took on the role of employer when they gave Michael monetary advances for everyday living expenses, when they leased Michael’s CarolWood mansion for $100, 000 a month, when they paid the salaries of his home staff.


Record labels do the same when they sign an act or artist; they give monetary advances so that the act or artist won’t work in the same capacity for another label and for pending work that they hire the act/artist to do.


AEG hired a doctor for Michael’s care for $150,000 a month, they allowed him to treat Michael and AEG consulted with Murray about Michael’s care and directed him to get Michael to attend rehearsals …..AEG is responsible for Murray too, they say that he was a 1099 worker (independent contractor) but no he wasn’t. An independent contractor provides his/her own insurance and accommodations equipment and whatever else is needed to do the job; these things would be factored in the bid that the independent contractor (self-employed person) would submit for services to be provided.


AEG offered a salary of 150,000 per month; said they would give Lifesaving equipment like a crash-cart, defibrillator and a medical assistant or nurse. AEG provided insurance for Dr. Murray under the TII policy, AEG was to lease a home for Murray in London and handle travel accommodations for Murray to London. The doctor would also receive a car and driver, cell service, have his utilities paid on his home….which are things that the giant employers provides to their employees under contract. This was all to ensure Michael Jackson, the artist they just hired, had all things necessary to give a top notch show, which AEG was producing to the world.
Motion for Summary Judgment/Parts of ALL Jackson Fam, depos

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