Be CAREFUL WHO you trust. The 1995 videotape lie of D.Dimond and V.Gutierrez


Peretti’s film about Michael Jackson misnamed by its author What really happened is relying heavily on the commentaries from our two grand investigative journalists – DIANE DIMOND and  VICTOR GUTIERREZ whom she always called her best source. Both are considered experts on Michael Jackson and both pride themselves on revealing ‘the whole truth’ about the man.

The legacy of these writers is gigantic and this makes it hard to analyze the results of their creative activity in a single post. This is why today’s piece will be solely about the so-called VIDEOTAPE STORY which took place at the beginning of 1995.

It will be a simple collection of various pieces of information about that case and I suggest that you read it as a kind of Dimond’s and Gutierrez’ professional dossier and decide for himself once and for all whether you want to sustain any relationship with these characters any further or whether you have already had enough of it.


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