Co-Demon of The Michael Jackson Estate Revealed: John McClain




By To MJ Respect Is Due



We have spent so much time on John Branca that it appears that we have forgotten that there are two fraudulent executors of the Michael Jackson estate; we here at assure you we have not.


The other is the childhood friend of the Jackson kids. John McClain met the Jacksons once they moved to Encino, California from Gary, Indiana. Because Michael had received death threats, the kids were removed from public and placed into private school. In 1971, Tito Marlon Jermaine and Michael went to the private school Walton in Panorama City.


Jermaine describes in his book, You Are Not Alone Michael: Through A Brother’s Eyes how the brothers met John McClain. They were chilling around the school gates talking and jiving like brothers do. When a hearse yes an actual funeral home hearse pulled up and a tall kid Jermaine describes with an afro almost as impressive as theirs gets out and bemoans with what appears to be his Mom.


He didn’t want to go to the school, it was too far from where he lived in Hancock Park and then he noticed the Jacksons. He says to Tito, “Wait…you all at this school?” Yea Tito says all except Jackie.  The kid quickly changed his attitude about attending Walton as he just found himself in the coolest school ever. Becoming a staple at Hayvenhurst (the family compound) and was regarded as Jermaine says “an adopted brother”.


This new edition to the family was a funeral director’s son. When I first read Jermaine’s book and this account I was floored. You mean to tell me, that a childhood friend someone that hung around the home during the most pure and innocent years of the Jackson kids’ life could do something like this. How could he betray the family in such a way by teaming up with John Branca to steal Michael’s estate and everything he had worked hard for.


I placed that thought somewhere in my mental rolodex and I read on. John was tight with Tito, being a guitarist songwriter and composer he and Tito often played together.  John Loved the Motown sound and its regal history he and Michael would bond on that. The two were of the same temperament, mischievous pranksters… it is said that when the two got together all better watch out. I smile always thinking about the playful Michael. Whatever Barry Gordy taught the guys about the business of music and the industry Jermaine taught to John McClain. John McClain’s musical origins came from his close relationship with the Jacksons. They took him under their wing and nurtured his passion and this is how they get repaid…. I’ll get to that in a moment.


John McClain would go on to be a music executive, he became Janet’s manager and producer launching her career at A&M records. In 1990 he would become one of the founding members of Interscope Records. Interscope later distributed the label Death Row Records through a distribution deal financed by Atlantic Records. This all at a time when, Interscope was practically bankrupt and going under…Death Row Records was the reason for Interscope’s huge financial success and survival.


John McClain having close relations with people like Suge Knight; Suge rumored to be involved in the slayings of Black Panther son Tupac Shakur and East Coast Rap King Notorious B.I.G aka Biggie. The picture becomes clearer about the dangerous men Michael had business dealings with. If you recall Michael had a fondness for Tupac and even allowed Tupac to sample his song Liberian Girl for Shakur’s Letters to My Unborn Child


His sister Janet acted alongside Tupac in the movie Poetic Justice. Biggie as we affectionately call him, Loved Michael and became like a soft bear in his presence, he later tied Michael and Janet’s highest-debuting single of all time record, for the song Scream with Big’s song One More Chance. Both Biggie and Michael broke the Beatles debut single record. The duo killed the track This Time Around


a hard hitting song (one of my favs) that Michael wrote letting folk know he was no longer having their shit. “This time around I’m taking no shit” his words…Go Michael!


The mob like environment of the music industry is much too aggressive for many artists, in order for their dreams to come true, many artists back down and submit to the demands and rituals of their labels execs and industry powerhouses. Michael the shrewd businessman knew that force against force equals more force. He understood the nature of the beast in terms of business and so he obtained more power in this ever changing climate by way of purchasing ATV, forming Mijac to hold his own personal catalog and by merging with Sony to hold the publishing of nearly all of music; and being a decisive member on the board of directors at Sony. Not one decision could be made without him; Michael was determined not to be a puppet as he often felt in his earlier years.


It is said that McClain has a Jekyll and Hyde personality; he would be brilliant good natured and engaging. When you and he would become on the outs he is described as jealous neurotic vindictive and someone to be reckoned. He said to be mean and straight shooting from the hit a real foe if you get on his wrong side. Where do you think that leaves his relationship with Michael after he was fired in 2003 along with John Branca and Barry Seigal?


John McClain was trustee for The Michael Jackson Family Trust as well as Michael’s personal publishing company Mijac. Such highly regarded positions handed to what Michael saw as a brother as did his whole family. Michael had to have found some painful things and scrupulous things about his childhood friend to let him go.


The people that worked with Michael had a lot of power and trust due to Michael’s generosity in delegating power within his kingdom. McClain must have been angered when he received the letter demanding his resignation, he like Branca did not respect Michael’s wishes and step down. McClain not as overt as Branca appeared to comply with the cease and desist letter, until he became executor by way of a fraudulent will in 2009.


John McClain childhood friend to the Jacksons and honorary brother mustn’t have a bit of loyalty in his body to do what he has done. He grew up with this family, lived and ate at their home. Shared dreams and ambition for the future, joked laughed and Loved. You have friends, some with you still from childhood. You know what they mean to you and your life; I have recently lost one as a result of her betrayal….


we all know what Michael felt. It’s like a death; you question your reality and history with this person.  Sometimes even turning in on yourselves with thoughts of, what did I do wrong or how could I be so stupid or why can’t they just love me the way I love them. This has happened too many times to Michael and his family, more times than we can count. Such Loving and giving individuals no judgment classism or higher than thou attitudes on their parts. They welcome you in and care for you like their own. How can you do this, how can you sleep at night or look in the mirror; have you no honor John. Don’t you remember rolling up to Walton down and seeing the Jackson brothers and feeling up.


Didn’t you like Mama K’s cooking or Papa Joe’s words of wisdom, you had the lovely sisters to admire, real brotherhood with the brothers. Yall picked ya afros together …cmon John, seriously! Like what is the deal man, I need to know. You would not be the successful music man that you are, if not for what you learned and had rub off on you from being in the fold.


A young man starting out with Janet Jackson on your roster is nothing to shrug your shoulders at; she left the caring arms of her Dad’s management to go with you. That’s Love and trust John. Michael gave you highly coveted positions within his world, did that not matter. Michael surrounded himself with those whom he Loved trusted admired and respected, you and Branca were among that group. Were you two playing him the whole time, was it real at some point ever….


You two must be from the depths of Hell to not be affected by Michael, to look in his face and spit in it and dance on his grave. He is dead and you both are part of the responsible parties. To allow greed to supersede true Love and Friendship is demonic. Michael was constantly betrayed from within, those closest to him destroyed him, such acts I cannot fathom and it pains me a great deal. This coward is more treacherous than John Branca, if that is even possible, as he was with Michael a decade or more earlier. He was John McClain Jackson an actual brother.


There isn’t much information on the web about John McClain; I have searched, so has many others…..and nothing turns up with the exception of little tidbits here and there. As discussed in a previous blog, the powerful have no public face…. there will be practically zilch if any public information regarding them.  McClain is a part of that illusive group and our aim is to give such groups much needed exposure so that their evil ways and wrongs doing are brought to light.  No pictures or personal information on John McClain has been known, as he has hidden in the shadows for decades. His alliance with the narcissistic ego driven John Branca has afforded him even more secrecy. That was until today…… Our calls for help have been answered. People out there know what happened to Michael on June 25th 2009 and are fully aware of the under handed business dealing of John Branca and John McClain as executors of MJ’s estate. We here at have been contacted by way of the CONTACT button on our site with a photo of John McClain… we can now look into the eyes of the other demon apart of the secret collective that brought about the demise and death of our beloved Michael. Together we are getting closer to truth and together our Love for Michael will prevail.


It does our hearts good to put a face to a killer and this is a victory for us all. You heard our pleas and you have answered and for that we are truly thankful. Please continue to do so, please continue to support Justice4Michael. You can contact us with information and we ensure the utmost privacy and anonymity.  Never has the identity of any of those that has contacted us been made public and it never will. You do not have to divulge who you are or how you know, you determine what of that information or evidence you want to share and at what time we can reveal it. Your safety and your trust are paramount to us and the integrity of our objective which is Justice4Michael we take very seriously. So long as the information you provide is concrete evidence as we double check facts, we appreciate and welcome your willingness in helping us solve this case and ultimately returning Michael’s estate to MJ3 and his family. We want the removal of John Branca and John McClain as the executors of the Michael Jackson Estate effective immediately and with your help we can do that.

Michael believes in all of you and sees you as his family, please do the right thing by him and speak out let the world know what has happened. Do not suffer in silence, you have nothing to fear. The more you speak the safer you are, as we become aware of the monsters who committed these crimes, they no longer have power. Silence keeps the tyranny going….





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