Open Letter-Jermine Jackson & The Jackson Family



The following was a request to TeamMichaelJackson by a “Fan” to publish.

They wished to remain anonymous.




I really don’t know how to start this letter or if I should even be writing it. Perhaps I am out of line, but I mean NO disrespect or judgment in my words to you, none whatsoever. I have sat on these thoughts and feelings for several days, bottling them up because I didn’t feel that I had any right to address you regarding your recent decision to rescind your support of THE LETTER that you and your siblings submitted to Branca and McClain. Even after I wrote this, and got everything out, I almost didn’t send it to you because I really didn’t want you to feel attacked in any way; that is not my intention at all. If you do decide to read this letter, I hope that you can read between the lines of frustration and see that it is basically me pleading with you to change your mind. Of course I am no one of any importance or influence in your life, but the things that impact your Family and the things that have a bearing on the fight for Justice for Michael do occupy places of importance and influence in MY life, so that is what compels me to write to you and to plead with you. I hope that is the spirit in which you receive this letter.

But wait, before I plunge ahead any further, first let me say from my heart that THE LETTER is so much more than mere words inked onto a piece of paper!! I was INSPIRED by the fiery spirit and unity behind it!! MANY OF US AROUND THE WORLD WERE!!

THE LETTER represents a resounding message spoken on behalf of Michael and your entire Family. But it also speaks for the world of fans who have been praying and waiting for THE WHOLE UNEDITED TRUTH to be brought to light by THE ONES who truly have the means, the resources, the standing, the clout, and especially the SPECIFIC GROUNDS to step directly into the faces of the POWERS THAT BE and scream: ENOUGH!!!!!!!

Even though there are thousands of fans across the world who have been fighting for Justice for Michael, not one of us has access to the proper legal forum to do what your Family did with that LETTER. (Although there are some things in the works that might be able to help make a dent and do damage…). But largely, we don’t have the actual ability to literally STEP DIRECTLY INTO THE FACES OF BRANCA, MCCLAIN, WEITZMAN, AND THEIR CROOKED COHORTS- to say what you and your siblings said!!

The fans are strong, no question or doubt about that, but without your Family, how can the ENTIRE CORRUPT MONSTROSITY be completely brought down?? You know that the fans are limited in any “stand” that can be taken against Branca and company… But in spite of the limitations, there are many fans who have always pressed forward and maintained their position, REGARDLESS of how bleak it looked, and regardless of how BIG the whole picture really is. They have not been deterred by how “impenetrable” and intimidating the BAD GUYS’ fortress appeared to be. 🙁 But at this point, over three years later… where are we?? Not far enough. YES, lots of things have been brought to light by some pretty aggressive, relentless, and determined soldiers, but in my own small opinion, nobody actually has the ability to do what you and your siblings have done and can continue to do with that ONE LETTER- and with any other action-plans that only your Family can set into motion, as one mind, TOGETHER!


When I read your statement a few days ago, I nearly fell over from shock and pain. Can I please please share some of my thoughts and observations with you? Ok, here goes. Oh, and I intend to share these things with you as gently as possible, and with as little negative judgment as I can muster, considering the fact that even days later, I am still sitting here in shock, anger, frustration, and disappointment over your decision. Sorry 🙁

Ok, so you highlighted some of your reasons for making that decision, one of which pertains to the heartbreak of your son’s query about not being able to visit his Grandmother at her home. You might have more reasons, ones that you feel the world is not entitled to know. I get that. But based upon the reasons that you DID give, many of us were left with the deeply unsettling feeling that you compromised your ethics and your Family, greatly. In effect, you caved in to the people who murdered your brother. Sorry if that’s a bit too harsh. I didn’t mean it to be, but it’s the truth. You know it more than I do.

And in doing what you did, think of THE MESSAGE YOU SENT TO YOUR SON. Trying to avert the “estate’s” decision to bar your children from going to the Calabasas home does not warrant the tuck tail and run behavior that you are exhibiting. Sorry. 🙁 You should never retreat from these people. For one thing, John Branca and John McClain are NOT the “Estate” that Michael had in mind when he created his TRUE WILL, you know that. BRANCA AND MCCLAIN ABSCONDED WITH MICHAEL’S ESTATE!!! THEY HAD TO MURDER HIM FIRST TO GET IT…. You know that too. So how in heaven’s name can you give in to these people, on any level?? Let me take a deep breath here and let it out!!! ok…

…Well, now back to the reason you cited regarding your children being barred from the Calabasas home, which of course is just a “housing structure,” not their Grandmother…. You could have made other arrangements for them to visit their Grandmother at OTHER locations. Ok so I’m guessing that there are some great amenities at the house, and the younger kids probably love going there for overnights and other family activities, but as the parent, the one who knows the TRUTH behind why certain family members were being barred, you had a responsibility, in my opinion, to take the higher ground and somehow explain to your son (and other children) WHY the restriction was even occurring, and how you plan to ensure that they WILL continue to see their Grandmother as much as they want, but at different locations. It was your responsibility to preserve your integrity and that of your Family, and to flat-out refuse to acquiesce to the demands of the devil. Sorry 🙁

You also mentioned wanting to move forward in peace, unity, & love… (I’m paraphrasing), but how on earth can there be peace, unity, & love in a decision that basically permits you and your Family to be controlled and dictated to by murderers? There is nothing I can think of that justifies sacrificing your soul and your children’s souls, so to speak, to the devil… Sorry, again, 🙁 I don’t mean to be harsh…

And you cited Michael’s stance on love versus war, but I don’t believe that this situation can be aligned with the essence of the message he was trying to model and teach in his life. I know he’s YOUR brother, not mine, but I just don’t see it as being the same thing AT ALL. And, to the best of his ability, with honorable purpose, GODLY motives, and selflessness, he DID fight for what was right and for what he believed in… CORRECT?? Ok fine, don’t call it a “war” then. Call it something else, anything else, if that’s what it will take to get you back onboard!!!

**Again, I ask you to consider the message you sent to your son by making this decision.

Essentially, you conveyed
A message of defeat, NOT peace;
A message of division, NOT unity;
A message of self-preservation, NOT love;
A message of weakness, NOT strength; You sent
A message that says
“THEY can do whatever they want to our Family,” NOT “we will stand together against this force of evil wrong-doers with all that we have.”
AND You sent
A message that says
“THEY can murder one of us and get away with it,” NOT “we are well within our rights to FIGHT this injustice until the end, to uncover the truth, and to stop them from harming one more Jackson in any way shape or form, ever again, period…”

What have you just taught your son and other children to stand for (or not)? 🙁

And as far as any other reasons you might have for making this disturbing decision, perhaps no one has the right to know or to pry those reasons out of you. But I will say this, I am hoping that there is NO TRUTH to the rumors that are flying around out there- some of which are implying that you are trying to preserve some sort of financial support that you and/or your adult children are receiving from Branca. It’s being said that Branca is paying for your adult children to reside in one of Michael’s condominiums… GOD help your conscience and may GOD forgive you if anything like that is even remotely true!! 🙁 I sincerely hope that no such nonsense is driving you to choose to live on the dark side.


OR, maybe you have chosen this path because you believe that your Mother is choosing to avoid a” war” too. But isn’t there a strong possibility that maybe your Mother is electing to try to keep the peace because if she chooses to do anything else, it could POSSIBLY lead to ANOTHER ONE OF CHILDREN BEING MURDERED!? I have wondered if your Mother feels that way— that ANY of her actions or choices could either directly or indirectly contribute to the loss of another one of her babies at the hands of those unscrupulous deviants who are surrounding her. It’s heart-wrenching to consider this as a possibility!! No mother could bear that burden. As the Mother, she is in the RIGHT to choose to protect her remaining babies, no matter what it takes. No one should fault her or misjudge her for that. And I don’t believe she is choosing to compromise with the devil at all. It seems impossible for such a thing to even be in her character or nature to do. I believe she is trying to ensure the safety and survival of her Family. But you, as the Son, should choose to stand in her place to fight FOR HER, for Michael and for the rest of your Family.

Draw strength from your Big Sister, your Baby Brother, and your Baby Sister. Even if any of you gets tired or weary, keep holding each other up until this whole thing is completely over, until your Family overcomes ALL of the deception and the lies. See, I didn’t say “war” this time. 🙂

And if you fear for the safety of your own children, I get that. But the existence of that fear, in and of itself, should say something to you, but it most certainly should NEVER lead you to do what is wrong.

And lastly, I want to make this final desperate attempt to gently get under your skin, just a little bit, to maybe help nudge you back… by drawing a very specific analogy. Others who might read this might cringe at what I am about to reference, but I don’t believe that it’s too far off the mark in describing just ONE of the despicable facets of Branca’s mindset. It’s the demented mindset of the Slave Master who actually believes that he literally owns, controls, & determines the destiny and life of another human being. That mindset STILL exists to this very day. You know it does.

Ok so first let me lay out a few disclaimers: Yes, I do realize that what I am referencing here is probably “politically incorrect,” but I don’t care- it’s the message that I care about. Yes, I do know that not everything is about race, but on some levels, in some parts of this picture, race does factor in, and you know exactly what I mean by that Jermaine. Yes, it may be contrary to what many people believe about the “progress” of our nation- and of course I do acknowledge that there has been much progress. But the ugliness of THAT history still lurks beneath the surface in the present-day existence of our nation and world- even if some people don’t see it or experience it firsthand for themselves… No, some won’t accept or appreciate the analogy that I am making here, and that’s really ok. It’s not about them getting it. It’s about you getting it. Not that I can actually influence you one way or the other, but my conscience and my heart are compelling me to do my part to at least try. So those are the disclaimers.

Now please know that I am ONLY directing this Slave Master analogy at BRANCA, WEITZMAN, ET AL., AND ALSO AT MCCLAIN (a man who is their version of “UNCLE TOM,” or one of the brainwashed “house” slaves, or one of the traitors who helped kidnap and sell his own people right on African soil). I am in NO WAY inferring that your Family members are the slaves. But I AM saying that your Family members ARE the victims…
You don’t need a history lesson, I know, but I’m going to say it anyway, as a reminder, AND because honestly, it is something that GRATES on me as I watch how THESE MEN operate from the audacious position of thinking that they have the place, the power, and the right to RUN YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY!! Just like THOSE MEN operated hundreds of years ago with our ancestors!! When our ancestors were brutally snatched from their lands, shackled, beaten, dehumanized, and broken- their identities were almost completely obliterated. How? From the beginning, the slave traders and slave masters KNEW that they had to divide and conquer their prey. So they went after the family unit… In order to ACCOMPLISH AND MAINTAIN subservient, defeated, and utterly dependent slaves, they had to remove all hope, all strength, all sense of identity, all sense of purpose and direction, and any shred of cohesiveness. They had to COMPLETELY DESECRATE AND DESTROY THE AFRICAN FAMILY UNIT, so they separated tribes, dialects, fathers, mothers, children, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins… They demolished our family units. We still see some of the remnants of that destruction in our society today, right??

But for the point that I’m trying to remind you about, of how one pervasive and devious mindset can wreak havoc on a “Family,” do I need to say more? I don’t think so. Please don’t take any offense to what I have just alluded to. It’s a pretty extreme example, but I know you know the simple message behind it… THEY want to divide, destroy, & conquer.

Jermaine, PLEASE RESCIND WHAT YOU RESCINDED. You would never have signed or endorsed THE LETTER if you didn’t truly believe in it, right!?!? Please send a different message to your son, to your Family, and to the world. I have to say this. When I first read your statement, I felt so despondent and crushed. First Tito stepped away from THE LETTER, and now you. I can’t even fathom why your other siblings never even signed it from the beginning… But for you to sign it and THEN PUBLICALLY RESCIND your support, WOW!!! When you did that, I wondered if each one of you would eventually fall away out of sheer exhaustion or from anything else, (or worse, be taken out some other way…). Honestly I did. But very deep down, I felt like one or two of you would hang on, and that one or two would have to be enough. But there IS strength in numbers Jermaine–
even more strength in Jackson numbers.

And by the way, I read most of your book. I admit that I had to put it down. It made me cry and cry and cry, from the very moment I picked it up. I bought it on the day it came out. I actually had to call around to a few local stores before finding it. I didn’t even make it out of the Target Store parking lot before I opened it to start reading. I immediately began to cry. And when I attended the Conrad Murray Trial, I had every intention of trying to tell you THANK YOU for sharing Michael with the world the way that you did, in a way that only a brother or sister could. I chickened out though ‘cuz I’m actually pretty shy. Anyway, I cherish so many parts of that book, but one of my most favorite parts is your description of changing Michael’s diaper!! I don’t know why I just told you that, but I felt like I needed to- maybe to try to make amends for how some of my words in this letter might have been too harsh. 🙁

PLEASE JERMAINE, PLEASE STAND WITH REBBIE, RANDY, AND JANET. AND PLEASE do what you can to get your other brothers and sister fully onboard too. Maybe behind the scenes they are already onboard, but there needs to be a united front for the world to see, consistently. Don’t you agree? 🙁

I know it’s not about the world, it’s about your Family. I cannot imagine ALL that your Family is enduring. But fighting to reveal the truth about EVERYTHING that happened to Michael and about what is happening NOW to him and to your Family is worth the sacrifices because the end result will stand forever. PLEASE COME BACK.

If you actually read this entire letter, thank you for taking the time to do that. I don’t presume to know your pain or your life. I just simply believe that you cannot stand by your decision to withdraw support from THE LETTER and all that it represents. For one thing, in the end, when all is said and done, and you look back over your life, what will that particular decision say about who you are and what you stand for? What will you take with you into old age, and maybe even into eternity, in terms of the long-term repercussions of making decisions like that one??

GOD bless and be with you Jermaine.


A Fan





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