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By:-To MJ Respect is due


The estate as we know owns everything Michael…his likeness, his sound, his possessions and his money. After Michael was killed, his family was not allowed to have any of his belongings, they are not allowed to use his likeness or sound without the permission of John Branca and John McClain in a public or commercial way. These are very blatant gestures of control that go unseen to many fans. There is no logical or just reason for the parents of a child that they gave life to and the siblings that shared this life to be placed under such sanctions.



Howard Mann, Mrs. Jackson’s business partner, co-produced a book of rare photos of Michael with Mrs. Jackson called “Never Can Say Goodbye”. Press for this book was short and brief as the “executors” of her son’s estate blocked promotion and was against the publishing of this book, stating that Mrs. Jackson was not in compliance with the estate. Branca and McClain did not care that a mother felt the need to REMEMBER HER SON, they did not care that these were her private photos that she privately owns, they did not care that Michael Jackson is her baby. They were bitching about the 25,000 copies they say were sold in two days generating 1.2 million dollars in revenue…that they did not directly receive or get a percentage of because they were not a part of the deal. Something is wrong with the minds of these people, where they feel that they are due proceeds from a mother’s memories. There are so many issues with the estate that need to be thoroughly addressed; theft is only part of the picture.



John Branca sent the Jacksons a letter within days of Michael’s death, demanding that whatever they have of Michael’s must be turned over immediately or they will have a day in court. This is not continuing in Michael’s wishes like the estate claims they’ve been doing. La Toya in her book “Starting Over” talks about sending people to auctions to reclaim pieces of her brother and how she was embarrassed that it had to be done this way. Does it make sense to you that a family has to attend auctions to get a piece of their beloved? The Jacksons are a raided nation, one of its Princes killed, the Queen held captive, while the King has been cast out. What’s going on here is much like any war of today, where countries are confiscated and looted and its royal family killed, overthrown and captured. The country is then robbed of its natural resources and fractioned off to those that have funded and assisted in its takeover.


The estate has auctioned off much of Michael’s worldly goods; Michael’s famed glittered glove (I believe his children should have) was purchased by a shell company for a Chinese consortium, before the glove found its new home in Macau’s Ponte 16 gaming resort it was part of a Japanese tour called MJ46. Thousands of years from now when people want to know about the truths of Michael, just as truth seekers today, they must embark on a a quest around the globe for artifacts…some of them will be authentic and while some will be faked. Stories untrue and true will remain how the future will be able to differentiate… only time will tell. Michael said “every day we create our history”, I think we owe it to him to keep an accurate account of his life; we are living in an extremely important time in our history as a people.



Leave it to John Branca and John McClain, Michael of the future won’t have any resemblance of Michael of today.  Like with King Tut, the estate and AEG had Michael’s personal belongings items with his essence (what they didn’t sell or keep for themselves) touring the world. Did you know that AEG is responsible for bringing the boy King, Tutankhamen’s treasures to the States; he too has been on a worldwide tour. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it….reminds me of the crusades.


Don’t be fooled Michael’s Legacy is most valuable in this all and they know that. They don’t need Mom publishing the truth this way, with her pictures and the true images of Michael and his family, where they hail from and how they came to be… she is foiling their plan. In the future Michael will no longer be a black kid from Indiana. Are we not still seeking the true heritage and identities of those who began civilization; no worries I will move away from this for now.



The estate facilitated deals within days of Branca and McClain’s takeover. Sony Pictures viewed TII rehearsal footage within days after Michael’s death. John Branca could not offer condolences to Mrs. Jackson when he showed up at her door with a bogus Will that had no signature page and he did not attend the public or private memorials of a man he claims to Love. Yet… fresh from Cabo he’s in a boardroom along with Randy Phillips and 40 Sony reps putting together a Michael Jackson “project”.  It appears the actual “project” was Michael’s death. Branca and estate supporters, are you still trying to proclaim that these men have Michael’s best interest?



The This Is It deal was green lighted by the courts, where the estate gets 90%, AEG gets 10% and also a percentage of the soundtrack. Keep in mind, fans chose to keep those tickets as keepsakes from TII’s sold out shows and AEG exploiting fan’s pain, got to keep several million dollars in their pockets. Sony Pictures paid $60 million to distribute the film and then inked a $250 million dollar 10 year recording contract with the estate. Branca and McClain also went into a 50/50 revenue share from a merchandising deal with Bravado International Group Merchandising Services. Bravado was given the rights to market Michael Jackson books, trading cards, online games and denim apparel as well as the ability to oversee counterfeiting of Michael’s name and likeness.  These deals were all done, before Michael was finally laid to rest on September 3rd 2009. Here’s an excerpt from an article about the production of This Is It in the early stages:  http://www.filmjournal.com/filmjournal/content_display/news-and-features/features/movies/e3i148e1ece59e59865865f25b91b4c048f?pn=2  (article deleted as are many we have referred to)

Judge approves Michael Jackson merchandising deal The agreement is expected to deliver $15 million to the pop icon’s estate. A hearing is set for Friday on a proposed deal for a three-city tour of memorabilia.

August 18, 2009|Harriet Ryan


Jackson branding deal OKd


A judge Monday approved a merchandising agreement expected to deliver $15 million to Michael Jackson’s estate but postponed a ruling on a deal for a three-city tour of memorabilia because of objections by the pop icon’s mother.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff set a Friday hearing to allow Katherine Jackson’s attorneys to call witnesses and present evidence highlighting what they say are weaknesses in the proposed deal between the singer’s estate and concert promoter AEG Live.

Lawyers for the matriarch are unhappy that AEG and the estate will split profit from the tour 50-50 and contend that temporary administrators John Branca and John McClain should have sought other bids.

An AEG attorney said that if the deal was not approved this week the company would be forced to walk away, because it would not have time to build exhibits to coincide with the October release of a film cut from Michael Jackson’s final concert rehearsals. That cancellation would cost the estate $5 million to $6 million, said Howard Weitzman, a lawyer for Branca and McClain.

Beckloff said he would allow the administrators to sign the AEG contract, but the judge said he could not make a legal finding that the deal was in the best interest of the estate without an evidentiary hearing.

The deal that Beckloff did sign off on gives Bravado International Group Merchandising Services the right to market Jackson-branded books, trading cards, online games and denim apparel and to prevent counterfeiting of the singer’s name and likeness.



As AEG worked to put together the movie and its soundtrack, it took shots from Jackson family members and others that the company is more interested in profits than in promoting Jackson’s legacy. For his part, Phillips shrugs it off. “The problem with Michael is his death is as messy as his life was,” he says. “Everyone’s looking for a villain. Sometimes there isn’t a villain—there’s just bad circumstances and bad luck, and that is what this was. I personally got attacked a few times on national television, but my skin is thick and that’s part of my job.”

As you can see Randy Phillips, the man that screamed at Michael so loud the walls shook is one cold hearted bastard; he was also at Michael’s home when he died. The problem with Michael….he says. Michael’s only problem is that he had to deal with dirty motherF’ers like you. There is justice….so I will see him on the streets one day and no I am not threatening him…I just want to have a conversation. If this chance meeting happens we indoors the walls may shake, I can’t promise you anything.


A BIG thanks to our founder for being about her business, as Randy P surely wanted none of her.


Since This Is It, the Sony recording contract and the Bravado merchandising deal… the estate has gone on to sell Michael’s image and music allowing it to be used by Ubisoft for the Michael Jackson video games and Cirque du Soleil for the Immortal Show. It’s not only multi-billion dollar corporations that have cashed in on Michael’s trademarks likeness and music, it’s a slew of book writers like Joe Vogel and Frank Cascio and too many other distasteful “authors” than we care to mention. Let’s not leave out private wealth individuals like Spike Lee. Lee promised to give a Brooklyn Loves Michael Jackson birthday party every year in Prospect Park since Michael’s death. Brooklyn showed Love in 2009 and 2010 but nothing in 2011 this was blamed on a hurricane and nothing in 2012….guess his look at me tactics got estate attention and celebrating Michael’s birthday was no longer a priority. He was granted permission and had access to Michael’s archives for his documentary of the making of Bad the album for the estate’s Bad 25; which Lee worked closely with John Branca on. I’ve always admired Spike, he has always expressed such Love for Michael and his family, however…. this here has me scratching my head and saddened that yet another person in Michael’s life is all about what they can gain from him.


Which brings us to Frank Cascio, a longtime friend to Michael since he himself was a child, Michael Loved this family and considered their home his home away from home; he sought refuge with them for over 20 years. After Michael’s death they went public on Oprah produced private pictures told their story of how Michael was in New Jersey many a day unbeknownst to the world. Cascio would later produce some tracks that he claimed Michael recorded with him at his home and these would go on the Michael album. These tracks are unauthentic and are pieces of Michael’s vocals from other already laid songs/demos and fillers from Michael impersonators synthesizers and lord know what else.


Michael Jackson does not need AutoTune or a stand-in therefore this album is blasphemous. Cascio’s betrayal of his lifelong friend did not stop there, he wrote a book called My Friend Michael Jackson where he disrespected Michael and shared their private moments. You see… I just can’t get with stuff like this. Michael Loved Frank and valued their friendship, took him around the world and saw him as family. Now that Michael is gone, Cascio makes such deals with a man that he knows firsthand Michael didn’t trust and fired which makes no sense at all.


How much money does a person need, this greed family is a sickness and these people need help.  Michael took care of the Cascio’s he upgraded their lifestyles and brought Frank into the business; he learned music production under Michael’s tutelage. These are jewels that anyone lucky enough to have known Michael with an appreciative heart would cherish; sadly this is not the case with Frank Cascio for his allegiance is with John Branca and co. So he will get a pass on the book and allowed to speak about Michael in public, gain financially all the while Michael’s own Mother and family cannot remember their son and brother.


Joe Vogel another snake in the grass allowed to write about Michael without a pending lawsuit and allowed the use of his image, is a freelance journalist who’s written several books and one of them on Michael called Man in the Music: The Creative Life and Work of Michael Jackson. I cannot wrap my mind around how some are labeled by the estate as sitting in the “cheap seats gossip mongering” while others are allowed to profit from fake tracks, write slanderous books, have TMZ on speed dial and sell their stories to overseas tabloids and not get one letter from Howard Weitzman. Yet… the Heal The World Foundation got taken shut down and raped… a charity that Michael created and left in caring hands was cited with unauthorized use of Michael’s images name and trademarks which the foundation actually owned exclusively of the estate…

Our team’s founder had to gain legal right to keep this truth telling site in operation (the founder actually beat Branca, are you still in doubt?) Mama Jackson can’t share her memories with the world. La Toya has to be incognito at an auction to get a piece of her brother’s mementos, the kids have no money in their trust, Randy and his kids…Rebbie nor her kids along with Janet can’t see their Mother. Yet with these known facts the BS still continues….and people still rally behind the estate and all its sanctioned projects. Maybe it is just us here at Team Michael Jackson and the millions of true Michael and Jackson Family supporters, just maybe we somehow slid into an alternate universe where righteousness is wrong and the unjust are right. If this is the case we must all do everything in our power to get Earth moving in the right direction and keep true to Michael’s message.


Meanwhile millions of magazines, newspapers are sold with Michael image making millions of dollars which go without any complaint from John Branca. John Brancas main reason for attacking Mrs Jackson was because of her support of HTWF… Click tab “MJ Estate Fraud” above to read “John Branca stole from my son”


A bitter legal dispute between Michael Jackson’s estate and a business partner of the late pop icon’s mother was settled Tuesday, just before a trial on the matter was to begin, lawyers said.
In the end, the lawyer for Katherine Jackson, who was not a party to the lawsuit, mediated the agreement, which gives the estate $2.5 million from the several companies involved.
A federal judge had already ruled that Howard Mann and several associated companies violated Jackson’s copyrights, which are controlled by his estate executors, and the only question for a jury was how much should be paid in damages.
“In light of the court’s rulings for the estate on summary judgment, this settlement seems appropriate for all concerned,” estate lawyers Howard Weitzman and Zia Modabber said in a statement to CNN on Tuesday.
Mann’s company published Katherine Jackson’s 150-page coffee table book “Never Can Say Goodbye, The Katherine Jackson Story” two years ago and established a website — MichaelJacksonSecretVault.com — that the estate argued illegally used Jackson’s images and lyrics.

An end to the Jackson drama?

An end to the Jackson drama? 01:32

Paris Jackson: MJ wanted normal life

Paris Jackson: MJ wanted normal life 00:52
“This was a long, complex and difficult litigation that in the end will likely be equitable for Mrs. Jackson and the other parties involved,” Mann said. “This settlement would not have been possible without Perry Sanders (Katherine Jackson’s lawyer), who worked to bridge quite a distance.”
“I really really appreciated the reasonableness of all parties involved, and everyone is served well by getting this wrapped up,” said Sanders, who helped mediate the settlement this week.
The resolution of the dispute represents a new twist in the contentious relationship between the executors who control Michael Jackson’s estate and the members of the Jackson family and some of their business associates.
Mann’s involvement with the Jacksons began when he partnered with Henry Vaccaro, who bought a large amount of Jackson memorabilia purchased at an auction after Katherine and Joe Jackson’s 1999 bankruptcy. A lien will be placed on those photos and other assets until a portion of the settlement is paid, a lawyer said.
Katherine Jackson was not a defendant, but her name and those of her husband, Joe Jackson, and children Janet, Randy, Tito and Jermaine Jackson were on the defense witness list.
The estate accused Mann of “wholesale misappropriation” of Michael Jackson copyrights and acting with “arrogant disregard” for the estate’s rights by using unauthorized images
While the estate claimed the book sold about 25,000 copies for $1.5 million in the first two days, Mann’s lawyers contended “actual sales are very minimal and the defendant’s businesses have suffered a major net loss.”
The copyright violations also included screen shots from the “This Is It” documentary about the singer’s last days and other “misappropriated” images, including Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal Lean,” which Mann’s company used in its corporate logo.
Mann’s website, which the judge already ordered to be taken offline, “does absolutely everything in its power to suggest to its visitors that it is the hub for all things Michael Jackson, and that it is sanctioned and supported by the estate, when in fact it is neither,” the estate argued.





IF MJ wanted to talk about HIS OWN private life, HE would have written HIS OWN book or made a video about it !! NO ONE needs Cascio crap or  written by people that in some way were in contact with MJ!!

Leave these things to MJ Kids, NOT to PSEUDO FRIENDS, STRANGERS and $$$ SEEKERS !!! Marco B. (@B__Marco)


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