“I Love You” John Branca

By:- ToMJRespectDue


There has been a lot going on in recent weeks with the Estate and its executors John Branca and John McClain. We have long since reported that the two Johns are nothing more than pimps. Pimps are those whom make money off others souls and natural resources. When it comes to the “executors” of the Michael Jackson Estate, there is no other befitting word to describe them… John Branca in particular as he controls it all. We still believe that the invisible John McClain is an executor in name only. If you look at estate documents they possess the signature of one John G Branca. Just where is McClain is a topic for another time. For now we will leave Branca in the light, the light that we shine on him once more to expose his underhandedness…besides he Loves the infamy


Branca has traveled all over the world saying that he Loves Michael and his Family and that he equally Loves Michael’s fans as Michael truly Loved us all dearly. He says that everything he does is in the interest of Michael’s benefactors and fans. Branca has proclaimed to know what Michael’s last wishes were and has said that he aims to abide by them and insure that PPJ and Mrs. Jackson will have their “CornerStone” assets for years to come. In doing so, he says he would be accessible to all whom had concerns or just wanting to know the latest and/or impending projects bearing our Michael’s name thus the MJ Online team was erected and you yes you can contact the estate. The estate and John Branca are here for us….


The estate has been on various fan web sites and has given trips and allowed fans to have the ultimate experience so they said… by allowing them to come and meet with them in various places around the country. These supporters of the Estate are said to be given exclusive Michael scoop and inside rumblings. Fan sites and forums alike all those that praise Branca feel rather special you can tell… They defend him vehemently, even at the expense of Michael’s Family and sadly his Children. It doesn’t matter that the Jackson vs AEG trial disclosed how horrifically Michael was treated. Or that Branca Weitzman and Co worked against the very people they work for… which is Mrs. Jackson and Michael’s children to side with AEG. It didn’t matter that John Branca said that he was Michael Jackson now and even walked out to his footsteps at Spike Lee’s Bad 25 release in London. Nope it didn’t matter that John Branca allowed Michael Bush and Darren Julien to sell off Michael’s belongings, even though the fans were clearly against this, we all wanted what Michael wanted, which was a museum. Yet Branca said his lot in life… is Michael and his Family and Michael’s fans. John Branca’s law office was flooded with letters and concerned fans from all over the world practically begging for him to put a stop to Michael Bush and Darren Julien. In life Michael had a cease and desists against Julien’s Auction House. We all would have Loved if Branca and the estate would have issued a cease and desist on behalf of Michael’s benefactors and his fans. John Branca and Co told Michael’s own Family they would face legal action if they didn’t turn over everything Michael that they own. Michael’s own children have nothing from their Daddy. Team Michael Jackson, had uncovered fraud by Julien’s and Michael Bush, the Estate was alerted and yet still nothing was done about it. The MJ Online Team responded to our queries with the same chain letter, that all who contacted them received.


If you contact the law offices of Ziffren Brittenham LLP in attempts to reach John Branca as we did, when the auction was to take place to rid Michael of all his possessions amassed over decades of being the best entertainer in history… You’d think such historic and iconic pieces would be of some importance to the so called man in charge of Michael’s legacy and would warrant a response. We don’t support Branca nor the Estate everyone is well aware of that as are they… However, we expect them to do their job, if for nothing else than to save their faces in the eyes of the public. They however have the public so brainwashed they didn’t even care to make not even a half hearted attempt.


When contacting the Estate you won’t get Branca you get one of the managers of the MJ Online Team and well when you tweet the MJ Online Team you still don’t get Branca or anyone at the Estate… no one at the Estate will know you ever tried to reach out. Unless is something major causing publicity and even then.. you get a half witted response by way again of through MJ Online Team which more than likely wrote it themselves. Non supporters and supporters alike, we must all realize that John Branca and the Estate do not care about Michael or his Family, his Kids… and least of all the fans.


When its Branca making a statement, albeit bashing the Jacksons, harassing our site and founder, smirking for the cameras, burying HTWF in legal briefs, keeping the estate in probate court appearing with several lawyers, hiring one of the most expensive PR Firms in the country to clean up his own image….chasing people all over the world for anything they own that’s Michael so that he can confiscate it or putting a stop to the Jackson Family’s use of their own kin’s name and likeness and not to mention…Branca doing what he thinks is dispelling all of our Truths by calling us gossip mongers in the cheap seats spewing stale internet rumors..yall remember that smh lols… Branca does this himself and then his real mouth piece Howard Weitzman takes the stage. Branca is nasty and filled with an evil maniacal agenda. He has personal interest and time for these types of pursuits.


If you have not been contacted by or been in touch with Weitzman or Branca in your attempts to reach the estate or to ask about Michael or express your concerns…you have been dealing with a guy by the name of Jeff Jampol of Jam Inc. http://wemanagelegends.com/

i love you jb


Yet another pimp, Branca hired to “manage” Michael. We told you earlier that Branca and his firm are the executors of the Lovely Jim Morrison Estate, who was also murdered and inducted into the 27 club. I have such a fondness for Jim even though he came and went before my time… I dig the Doors and what they stood for. I adore Jim’s poetry. Well Jeff Jampol’s company “manages” Jim too. Some fans of Morrison, have a few choice words to say about Jampol, leech being one of them. Just read… http://www.deadline.com/2013/03/docu-on-doors-singer-jim-morrison-in-the-works/

i love you jb.1 i love you jb.2


He like John Branca pimp the posthumous, didn’t it break your heart to see all those beautiful artist there on the Jam Inc page. Tupac and Janis.. Otis Reading, Rick James…Peter Tosh, Henry Mancini and the Ramones…these are some of the most brilliant Lights of our time. And here is where they rest; these are the people that are to be the keepers of their legacy for years and generations to come. Fruiter generations will have no clue of who these people really are what they stand for. This is what John Branca really thinks of Michael Jackson take a good long hard look…this is Reality. Pardon my language, but wtf exactly is going on here…..


You still think Branca is a savior? You still think he Loves PPJ or Michael or his Family. John Branca don’t give a flying you know what…about nothing to do with how Michael is being depicted.. He is too jealous of him, you can’t Love what you jealous of…he is Michael Jackson now, remember.. Branca feels like this…just get him his money


You that support him, you guys aren’t talking to Branca or the Estate…they don’t care about you, you too are being pimped to brighten his image. He won’t even deal with you himself. Branca wont deal with the fans directly he got some people that don’t Love nor care about Michael in a back room somewhere.. Emailing and tweeting and giving out some freebies, tag-lines and advertisement to be released. The ugliness of it all, exploiting millions of fans and stroking the egos of the greedy self-serving site runners to con the public. Then we have fans screaming “Shes my friend” referring to Alicia… As they defend not only Branca but the Online team… Sad! I suppose pigs fly too…. Oh and they are PINK.

i love u1 i love u2 i love u3
The above post were made prior to MJ Online Team opened their twitter a/c.

Michael’s family had to get approval of funds from a man that has no respect for Michael to bury him. Do you know how evil that is for Branca and Co to do, do you know how hard and dehumanizing it must have been for the Jacksons while in a state of shock and immense grief. Just the shoveling of papers for them to sign with no condolences, just can we get that money please…. I bet you if it were up to Branca he would have left Michael in a dilapidated plot like Jim Morrison. Paris is a beautiful city; they are not to blame… Yet the law firm and executors leaving Jim that way are. It’s heart-breaking. Michael though, generates way too much money and has way too many fans and he is Michael Jackson and receives the most press in the world. Such an image wouldn’t make the estate any money. Thankfully Branca couldn’t get away with hating Michael on such a level openly.

i love u4

Don’t get all upset we know Jim was already buried by the time John Branca came aboard, but you mean to tell me since then… there was nothing that could be done.



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