Jackson V AEG Live – Martinez-Motions

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jackson v aeg det martinez


No Jackson family in court, Jurors were excused after one hour due to commitments by one of them.



(Detective for the Los Angeles Police Department, LAPD)


Plaintiff’s Witness.


Continued direct examination from yesterday, April 30th by Jackson attorney, Brian Panish.

Transcripts – Katherine Jackson V AEG Live – May 1st 2013 – Detective ORLANDO MARTINEZ



After break, there were motion arguments.



Jackson attorney may want to add Grace Rwaramba to their witness list. AEG wants to depose her. Jackson attorney says depositions are over. Both sides were trying to find Grace Rwaramba for a long time. Neither side could location or serve her with subpoena. Discovery is over. Judge agrees. Jackson attorney says Rwaramba was disclosed and they emailed AEG attorney as soon as they thought they might locate her. Judge says both sides can depose her.


Jackson attorney possibly putting secondary coroner investigator, Winters on Plaintiff’s witness list.


Arguments about counter-designation of depositions video. AEG taking exception to Plaintiff’s motion, with AEG saying Jackson attorneys don’t want them to be able to do any counter-designations. Jackson say they don’t want to designate i.e. 1 minute of testimony and then have AEG counter-designate entire 3 hour deposition. Jackson don’t want AEG continually interrupting their testimony with counter-designations. Judge says she will rule on it as it happens. Because of this Jackson attorney want to amend their designations and ask for some time to do so. A lot of back and forth. Judge wants AEG attorney to put a proposal in writing about the counter-designation.



(Court is adjourned for the day).

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