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By:- To MJ Respect is due


If you just sit back and allow a person or group to speak, they reveal themselves each and every time. The most recent statement from the estate is doing just that. Let’s read between the lines and see what the real message is that John Branca has for us and the Jacksons…


Michael Jackson’s Wembley Concert is the No. 1 selling DVD in the world. Spike Lee’s Bad 25 documentary is drawing rave reviews from film critics and will air on ABC Thanksgiving night. Entertainment Weekly gave Bad 25 album an “A” calling it “a potent reminder of just how much Bad’s pulsing pop holds up.” Cirque du Soleil’s “Michael Jackson the Immortal World Tour” was Pollstar’s top selling North American concert tour in the first six months of 2012, debuts this month in Europe and recently received Billboard’s Creative Content Award. And “This Is It” is the most successful concert film…EVER.


Someone of real integrity and honor would never have to toot their horns this way, as their greatness would already be known. So who is Branca really trying to convince; us or himself. Michael is the biggest star in the entire world and the heavens, surely his DVDs Albums and any Shows, Books or Documentaries based on him will do extremely well; the business of Michael Jackson is quite lucrative.


The egotism in this statement, misstates why these DVDs Albums Shows and Documentaries are number one in the world. It’s not because of John Branca (sorry John I know you think so) or John McClain (your mixing wasn’t all that great as we know that the Michael album is a fake) nor Cirque du Soleil or the producers of “This Is It” the “concert” film (raving about AEG’s is just in poor taste now) Funny, the more money TII has made the less and less its being referred to as rehearsal footage; we discussed how a “film” is premeditated.


The words of Howard Weitzman to Lloyds of London attorneys, the estate and AEG are pulling together documentary of its investment. The reasons why these projects are successful, is because of the man himself, Michael Joe Jackson. The world misses and Loves Michael the estate and all those in business with it, are exploiting the fans’ emotions and need and to have a magic back.


So no Mr. Branca we will not give you credit for any of this. No amount of “look at me” or shaking piece of your fists as the mighty estate will ever garner our respect, we are actually appalled by you. No attempts of repacking and rebranding will ever fly; you cannot reintroduce Michael Jackson to the world for in the world Michael is already known.


The estate has produced nothing new since his death, instead acting as pirates they have laid siege on everything he has ever created. Creating a Michael Jackson famine, in a quest to induce hunger so that when they ration parts of him out; they keep his fans under musical control and the feeling they must accept anything.


Branca is nothing without Michael and cannot give the world any of that which already is…no amount of spin will change that to the conscious masses. The estate cannot take credit for an already stellar body of work left behind by the King. Michael’s energy and he alone is why these projects excel; the Love of Michael by his fans is why all these millions are made. Unlike the delusional estate, Michael knew his success was a partnership with his fans, that he needed them just as much as we need him.


The world loves Michael Jackson. Rest assured that every action the Estate takes will continue to endeavor that fans experience exciting new projects that further build upon and enhance his incredible legacy as an artist and humanitarian, while securing the financial future of those he specifically named as his beneficiaries.


Yes the world Loves Michael Jackson we’re in agreement there, but do Branca or McClain… The estate has taken every measure to do the things that Michael did notwant in Life and therefore has not kept true to Michael’s legacy and have dishonored his true fans. John Branca and John McClain have gone into a recording contract with Sony a company that Michael boycotted in London

This video was recorded by someone in the audience, the famous MJ speech against Sony in New York. It has been unlawfully removed by “Web Sheriff” for copyrights on behalf of John Branca/Sony. You can find many copies on YT, just not on our account due to continued harassment from the estate towards and its founder.

as well as New York. Walking away from Sony owning half, they were angry with him and he did not want to ever do business with them again.


This Is It is extremely controversial as Michael didn’t agree to do 50 shows, he only agreed to 10 and had to collateralize his life for this project. Why hasn’t the estate addressed the horrible contract that AEG had with Michael or the fact that he wasn’t happy with this production. Michael did not want his personal music with Sony and now MiJac will be administered by Sony.



He was also against his music and the music of his fellow artists exploited in a way that was degrading and disrespectful; one of the many reasons why he vetoed many commercial projects. The over use of Michael’ music, in these estate sanctioned “endeavors”, many of which are not of Michael’s caliber… will weaken his legacy for years to come.


The estate may be able to fool new fans and the youth that do not know Michael and what he is about or really stood for. But those that have been loyal to Michael since 1969 know better, we do not condone nor sanction Pit Bull on a Michael track. I don’t know about you, but every time I see that Party City commercial and hear “Cause this is thriller…thriller night” the brilliance of the song seems reduced.


Michael limited his public and television exposure and its well documented that he felt over exposure killed a star. He thrived off the mystique and the fact that absence makes the heart grow founder. Since Michael’s death, Michael’s work has been overly accessible, and attached to projects that in Life Michael could have easily been a part of and chose not to. As a fan of Cirque, knowing its founder, traveling to Canada and attending their tent shows….one would think that Cirque could have brokered such a deal with Michael directly. If they did and more than likely they did….Michael obviously turned them down.


Michael the album was a hatchet job full of shabby remixes and its sales were greatly impacted. You didn’t see the Michael album listed in Branca’s braggadocios rant. Michael would be mortified that there is discrepancy over whether it was his voice on a track. Michael threw away Thriller the largest selling album in history when it was complete because his ears did not hear what he knew they should. He returned to rework the masterpiece before he released it; those involved said it was already phenomenal. Michael had hundreds of demos and being the perfectionist that he is, would not have allowed such material released to the fans that he cared so dearly for until he felt it was just right. Again another epic fail by the estate, in their haste and greed to continually capitalize on Michael’s comprehensive body of work…the album was pieced together with that which is incomplete and non-authentic.


Michael’s humanitarian efforts have not been acknowledge nor continued by the estate, Michael left 20% of his holdings to charity. A charity has yet to be named or identified….another lie being told by John Branca and co.


In the next part of this statement, it says the estate is securing a financial future for Michael’s specifically named beneficiaries. Specifically named he says…. Branca is taking low shots at Michael’s family he is such a smug ass. All he done with that statement is reveal that he and McClain are the “specifically named” benefactors reaping the benefits of such security. We see you! They both receive 10% of estate business; Branca’s firm receives 5%…..while McClain is paid exorbitant rates to produce bogus albums in a studio that he owns. In addition to that, McClain receives producer’s royalty credits on albums that he and Branca have publishing control over…meaning they can set the rate of said royalties. They both get executor fees and have had those fees increased. They are the only ones named in the fraudulent Will that has any financial security. They can sell Michael’s assets as they wish, they can do business with whomever they like. They’ve appointed their friends to seats on the boards of Sony/ATV and MiJac and titled themselves executive positions within the Michael Company LLC, Triumph International, Inc. and Michael’s other companies earning salary from those positions. They have total control over the estate and there is no one to monitor what’s coming in or out and how that flow is being accounted for. Mrs. Jackson is on a paltry allowance and Prince Paris and Blanket have yet to have any money moved into their trust. So I ask again, whose financial future they’re securing.


Sadly the full potential of Michael’s legacy continues to be hindered by a small handful of people who recklessly spread false rumors and obsess over stale, internet-fueled conspiracy theories much as they did when Michael was alive. These rumors have long since been debunked and have no legal or factual foundation.


Michael’s legacy has not been hindered by his family and his family of fan-supporters whom will stop at nothing until we uncover the truth, we’re actually keeping Michael’s true legacy alive. There is a difference between media slander, tabloid insults, scurrilous accusations of child abuse, faking albums for profit, falsified debt, and fraudulent loans and stealing a multi-billion dollar estate AND….listening to the man himself and trusting his words… by investigating and exposing all those that instigated and are advancing from the murder of Michael Jackson. Be a man Branca…why don’t you say what you really mean. There is nothing reckless or obsessive about spreading the truth. Is the estate, also saying that, Michael himself obsessed over “stale internet fueled conspiracy “? This is the second time the estate has released a statement using the phrase “stale internet conspiracy” in an attempt to elude the truth.


Conspiracy simply means more than one person participating in an act and the on purpose negative connotation of the word is to take validity away from the truth tellers. The use of the internet to connect and share information with people around the globe does not make such information lack legal and factual foundation. Michael was adamant about the conspiracy that was and still is against him, he spoke with his family and family of fan-supporters about this for years. He talks about the conspiracy in a 60 minutes interview he did with Ed Bradley

Michael was afraid for his life


And wore a bulletproof vest since the days of going public about the “powers” that be back in in 2002. He did not trust any of those he had business dealings with and fired them all *Branca termination letter* after he had them investigated *Interfor report* Branca nor the estate has spoken about Branca being fired on two known occasions first in 1990 and then again in 2003, they have not discussed the reasons for these terminations nor the fact that in 2006 Michael was finally rid of Branca once and for all when he got back the 5% stake that Branca had of Michael’s personal and professional business; which is CONFLICTS ON INTEREST.


What’s also never discussed is how and why the “good” John had Michael’s Will and Trust when he was demanded to furnish all original documents to David Legrand. The estate’s statement says that these are all rumors that have been debunked, I beg to differ. Branca cannot prove that he was not fired in 03 and lost all connection to Michael in 06. He cannot explain why an investigation done by New York’s Interfor found him to be embezzling Michael’s money with former Sony Music president Tommy Mattola to offshore accounts set up by Sony. Branca and his firm have been submerged in a series of conflicts of interest for years, this being the reasons why he and his firm has had several lawsuits about such brought against them in the early 90s. The estate has not proven there was never a conspiracy then or now. Yet Michael has, his family has, his family of fan-supporters has. We have listened to and used Michael’s own words to attest to this. We’ve analyzed contracts between Michael and the conspirators. We’ve poured over thousands of pages of various court transcripts and legal documents. Does the estate still want to say this is rumor and fallacy, for if so….that would mean they have long since defrauded several courts as the information shared and cited to prove such conspiracy comes from their very own legal submissions.


This week, some of these baseless theories appeared yet again in an article in Vanity Fair in the form of an excerpt from a book written by Randall Sullivan that will rehash these tired theories. While we do not want or need to respond to all of the nonsense, we do want to remind everyone of at least a few truths. The suggestion that John Branca or Howard Weitzman have a conflict of interest when it comes to AEG, and for that reason did not join Katherine Jackson in suing AEG, is not only false but reckless and noticeably unsupported by any facts. The Estate chose not to join in the lawsuit because it saw no evidence that AEG was culpable in Michael’s tragic passing. Eventually, should the case proceed to trial any decision on AEG’s liability will be decided by a jury. That said, the Executors are troubled by the unfortunate and distasteful information being brought out in those proceedings which could sully and damage Michael’s reputation and our memory of him.


They will not respond to all the “nonsense” because they have been caught dead to right and each and every time they open their mouths, file a motion or speak to the media, they what….reveal themselves.  So yea it’s in their best interest to not respond to such nonsense. You do see that when they think they have due cause and are just in actions they start pounding on their chests screaming about what they have done. Whatever….We are not sheep, the world’s Love for Michael is real. That is evident in the response to his murder and the support he received through all the trials and tribulations he was placed under. That was evident in the supported boycott of Sony in the streets of New York’s 5th avenue no less and the streets of London surely the queen could not have been happy about that. What do you know….Michael shut down two elitist cities; yea the powers have a bone to pick with him.


John Branca is in conflicts of interest in regards to AEG because the estate’s attorney Howard Weitzman was representing AEG in a lawsuit that both the estate and AEG stand to gain independently from. The estate’s attorney, representing AEG in any way that is also in litigation with Michael’s Mother who the estate works for, is conflicts of interest. AEG was being sued for fraudulently laying a death claim against Lloyds of London and the estate is currently being sued a part of the same case. AEG is being sued for the wrong death of the very person they were trying to collect death insurance for. Conflicts of Interest….We are not buying any of their spin.


Eventually should the case proceed to trial” they say…well isn’t this a threat on the low. Why wouldn’t the case proceed, will it be due to more fear tactics, freaking punks? Terrorizing an elderly woman taking away her children and grandchildren, having her held up in a home that you run, you pay for… staffed by the people of your choosing, while the Matriarch of this family has no say.


Mrs. Jackson is WELL WITHIN HER RIGHTS AS A MOTHER AND HUMAN BEING to sue AEG and hold them liable for the death of HER son. She is not hurting nor tarnishing his legacy and memory by seeking justice. Do not try and mind screw this woman with your evil innuendo, she will victor and you all know it. The unfortunate distasteful information, of which you speak, did not come from the Jackson siblings or their Mother. This unfortunate distasteful information came from the mouths of the estate’s co-assured, the same co-assured that they have a deal to split the proceeds with from the death insurance, the same co-assured that estate paid 40 million dollars to and the same co-assured that in turn stated they no longer had loss.


The unfortunate distasteful information, the AEG emails….come on be a men and say it. The unfortunate distasteful disrespect that was shown to Michael the man that you all work for, yea that information came from you suits. Still want to tell us AEG is not culpable in Michael’s death. Weitzman wanted the Lloyds suit stayed for fear that what was found out in discovery would win Mrs. Jackson wrongful death case. Randy Phillips, Paul Gongaware and Tim Leiweke the men of AEG are the same men that Branca and McClain directed estate attorney Howard Weitzman to represent; Howard said so in his letter to Lloyds of London attorneys. The estate has to pay for that litigation doubly doesn’t it? But you know….you guys have no money to give Michael’s children.


The very corporation that is represented by the estate’s attorney, filing an injunction against the estate’s heirs which are Michael’s kids and Mother, do you still say that Branca and Weitzman are not in conflicts of interest. Weitzman’s name may not be on that filing but do you expect us to believe that he was not consulted and/or directed this. Michael’s reputation and memory is neither sullied nor damaged but John Branca and John McClain’s is…AEG’s is…the world is seeing every day who and what you all really are.


Another outrageously false claim is that Michael’s burial was delayed by any action of the Estate.


Once again the estate in their angst and haste are giving some insight into their guilt ridden conscious by dropping the truth. The excerpt from the Sullivan book in Vanity Fair did not accuse the estate of holding up Michael’s services. Sullivan accused Michael’s baby sister Janet, which is absurd as Janet footed the bill for much of the service.  The family did however have to petition the estate for monies to bury the creator of the estate which in itself is an oxymoron. There were funds set aside to pay for such things as a funeral memorial wake etc…in Michael’s trust. Michael would not leave his burial to chance… Legalities aside, the moment Michael took his last breath; this money should have been readily available to his family. The fact that the grieving family had to petition the estate for burial money, is that not considered a delay or am I just all out of sorts here. After all this, is the estate still proclaiming to Love Michael and are honoring his wishes. Did the Estate await “Approval” to pay AEG $40 Million!


As for the Will filed in the Probate Court, let’s be clear: IT IS LEGALLY VALID, and the court properly appointed John Branca and John McClain as co-Executors. Those who wished to contest Michael’s wishes had every opportunity to challenge his Will. It should be noted that the 2002 will is consistent with Michael’s wishes as expressed in three prior wills.

Sitting in the cheap seats and perpetuating tired cloak and dagger theories as Mr. Sullivan has done is not journalism, it’s gossip mongering for profit. Look no further than some of the sources Sullivan relied upon for much of the incorrect information he chose to include in this book.


We here at Team Michael Jackson cannot speak for Sullivan, he did not contact us for information that he included in his book. We do not profit financially in any way by reporting truths to MJ fan-supporters. What we do is here is out of Love and the pursuit of Justice for Michael and his family. Therefore we are excluded from those seated in “cheap seats” gossip mongering. This non-directional “general” statement would be best addressed to the Branca supporters that are receiving pennies for their so called fan sites, singing the praises of John Branca which is the estate’s “cheap PR”. As most certainly the duped fan site operators do not benefit from the billion dollar bank accounts of John Branca, AEG or Sony. Open your eyes friends you are being used and are expendable. The “cheap seats” is an elitist statement from the haves to the “have-nots”. What they fail to realize, the elite…money does not make our world go round and did not revolve the world of the man from which they stole their money from.

Michael’s father Joe Jackson attempted to authenticate the executorship of John Branca and John McClain and the courts threw his petition out claiming he had no grounds. Even if this was true and it isn’t, certainly discovery should have been allowed as that is part of all Americans due process. Mrs. Jackson was granted permission by the courts without prejudice or penalty to challenge the executorship of John Branca and John McClain. Due to fear and coercion Mrs. Jackson has not exercised her rights. No formal challenge has been made against the estate in regards to the Will, so their pompous boasts about the validity of this Will is just them blowing hot air.


The validity of the Will has not been proven in a court of law. The Will should have never gone into probate court as this is a stall tactic to raid the estate. Branca as we discussed has origins in estate planning so he knows the ins and outs of estate procedure. Michael’s estate has no need to be in probate court, when planning an estate it is largely in the best interest of the trusted to have his/her assets avoid probate after their death. To insure that the beneficiaries and the estate itself incur no probate fees, there are things like roll over Wills and irrevocable trust. Michael has a rollover will meaning that what isn’t already entrusted by way of the Will automatically transfers over, the irrevocable trust protects said assets as they remain within the trust with no change. Michael Jackson knows his worth and is no fool. He has often publicly said that money is the root of all evil, he sang about it in his songs and he would not leave a mess of his controllable affairs. While he could not control the lawsuits and supposed debtors, he could however, distribute his personal assets and wealth that he owned in the manner he saw fit. Yes Branca and McClain are receiving probate fees. The estates that go into probate are as follows:


Steps of probate

Some of the decedent’s property may never enter probate because it passes to another person contractually, such as the death proceeds of an insurance policy insuring the decedent or bank or retirement account that names a beneficiary or is owned as “payable on death”, and property (sometimes a bank or brokerage account) legally held as “jointly owned with right of survivorship”.

In this case, this would include the entire estate; Michael’s Living trust clearly states how he wants his assets distributed to his Mother and children or his nephews and cousins. The assets and monies have been identified as are all the beneficiaries. The estate needs only to pay the taxes and address any real debt for which they do not need to be in probate for.


Property held in a revocable or irrevocable trust created during the grantor’s lifetime also avoids probate. In these cases in the U.S. no court action is involved and the property is distributed privately, subject to estate taxes.

Michael’s trust is an irrevocable trust, written while he was alive. Interesting to note that in Branca and McClain’s version of Michael’s trust there is no update including the names of his children. Instead a portion of an extremely old trust is left in whereas it is obviously written before he had children. It says if he has children this will happen that will happen… yada yada. Why wouldn’t Michael’s children be included in his family trust which is how he leaves his money to them and his Mom? If his Mom died before him and he had no children, then the money would go to his nephews Taj Taryll and Tito Jr. if they were no longer living and had no heirs than his cousins Anthony Levon and Elijah would get the money.


As of the date of the supposed trust presented by Branca and McClain to the courts, Michael’s children were already born. What was also not included in their version of the truth uh…trust was transference of MiJac and Michael’s shares of Sony/ATV which was already formulated at the time of the supposed creation of the Will and Trust. These companies are the “cornerstone” assets (remember Branca’s reference in the Piers Morgan interview) that would provide Michael’s heirs with the bulk of their bread and butter. These assets should have been distributed as designated by Michael subject to estate taxes.


After opening the probate case with the court, the personal representative inventories and collects the decedent’s property. Next, he pays any debts and taxes, including estate tax in the United States, if the estate is taxable at the federal or state level. Finally, he distributes the remaining property to the beneficiaries, either as instructed in the will, or under the intestacy laws of the state.

This is a tricky one and if this were on the up and up it would be totally fine. Yet in this case, this is one of the many reasons for orchestrating all this supposed debt for Michael and the reason why this estate superficially sits in probate. We know debt of this magnitude is baloney, Branca again admitted this during the Piers Morgan interview that he and Weitzman gave. We have asked for proof of such debt as in the first year after Michael’s murder the estate made one billion dollars (1,000,000,000) (page deleted)


The debt was supposedly around 500 million, which would mean that this supposed debt was paid off in the first year and Mama Jackson Prince Paris and Blanket’s trust should have been funded and yet it still sits empty. Loans on Sony/ATV, Neverland Ranch PAID OFF!!!


Michael’s estate has been sitting in probate for three years and this gives the executors the opportunity to remove money and assets out of the estate under the guise of paying debts. At the same time brokering deals worth hundreds of Millions of dollars of which they directly receive revenue from and that same revenue the Michael Jackson Family Trust has yet to see. Mrs. Jackson is demanding an audit of all estate business and rightfully so. The executors work for her and Michael’s children they must furnish this information over as it is only logical that you have accounting and receipts of the transactions of your trust. There is currently no auditor overseeing the estate; while the estate executors get increased executor fees and 10% of all estate business which they themselves facilitate, again there are your conflicts of interest. So for all this probate talk, neither John Branca nor John McClain has followed any of the probate laws.


A party may challenge any aspect of the probate administration, such as a direct challenge to the validity of the will, known as a will contest, a challenge to the status of the person serving as personal representative, a challenge as to the identity of the heirs, and a challenge to whether the personal representative is properly administering the estate. Issues of paternity can be disputed among the potential heirs in intestate estates, especially with the advent of inexpensive DNA profiling techniques. In some situations, however, even biological heirs can be denied their inheritance rights, while non-biological heirs can be granted inheritance rights.

Joe and Katherine Jackson along with Randy Janet and Rebbie are well within their rights to challenge the executorship of their son and brother’s estate. No Jackson has gone against Michael’s wishes and the configuration of the way the money and assets are distributed. No Jackson has claimed to be owed any money or property. Joe Jackson Michael’s elderly father was cared for by Michael just as he cared financially for his Mother Katherine. Joe’s petition for monies in which to survive on is due him and totally within his rights.

Again when you allow people to speak and you listen they tell on themselves. The estate and the media ran by the estate and the estate’s friends who also have great financial gain as a result of all this, only talk about MONEY! The Jacksons are only interested in the authenticity of the Will which appointed Branca and McClain total control over Michael’s estate. The trust which distributes the money and assets to Michael’s “specifically named beneficiaries” HAS NOT BEEN CHALLENGED. See what’s going on here, do not allow this spin to blind your judgment. They expect us all to believe that Michael gave them total control over his legacy that he was serious about preserving for his children and family.  Listen to Michael not the “handful” (we out number them) of liars thieves and murderers.


The personal representative must understand and abide by the fiduciary duties, such as a duty to keep money in interest bearing account and to treat all beneficiaries equally. Not complying with the fiduciary duties may allow interested persons to petition for the removal of the personal representative and hold the personal representative liable for any harm to the estate.

Does this not apply to John Branca and John McClain?


Back to the estate’s statement, it should be noted that the 2002 Will, does not coincide with Michael’s wishes post 2002. Michael did not want John Branca apart of his Life that has been proven; Michael did not want John McClain apart of his Life as that too has been proven in a termination letter that he also received in 2003. This letter was available on the World Wide Web just as the termination letters of Branca and Siegel…however, McClain’s termination letter has since disappeared.


Our commitment is and always has been to Michael’s legacy, his beneficiaries, his fans and to the spirit of an extraordinary artist and humanitarian who continues to touch the world.


The estate is a bunch of filthy liars; I need not say more on this.

Our investigation and pursuit of justice for Michael and the Jackson family continues. Love and Love only guides and works thru us.

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