“John Branca Stole from my son” Mrs Jackson




“John Branca was a man that my son was very worried about. Michael told me on more then one occasion that he did not lke this man and did not trust him, he told me John had stolen from him.”

Mrs Katherine Jackson. Michael Jacksons Mother.

“Katherine repeatedly objected to their appointment at the court hearing.”

In case you missed it, Michael died June 25, deeply in debt. A court filing, however, estimates that his estate will be worth more than $500 million. His assets are destined for a private trust.

In his ruling, Judge Beckloff stressed that Katherine should be given complete information about major transactions, but that he as the judge would grant final approval.

John E. Schreiber, one of Katherine’s lawyers, said, “Frankly, Mrs. Jackson has concerns about handing over the keys to the kingdom.”

Team Katherine appears to be concerned about conflicts of interest with Branca and McClain, but Paul Gordon Hoffman, an attorney for Branca and McClain, said that Katherine had more of a potential conflict administering the estate because she is a likely beneficiary.

Judge Beckloff noted the contentious relationship brewing between Katherine, who did not attend the hearing, and Branca, and noted, “We’re getting off to a bit of a rocky start here out of the gate.”

L. Londell McMillan, Katherine’s main attorney, said after the hearing that he did not expect a protracted fight, and that he and other attorneys will be watching Branca’s and McClain’s actions closely.

“@randyjackson8 Do you think (as I do) there is organized supporters of Branca strategically planted in the MJ community???”


“The will is terribly flawed.. Misspellings and discrepancies, etc, The oly reason why this will passed through was because ….

While we were in shock & grief, they did a good job of attacking us from all angles with contracts, the movie, the will,countless legal docs

When u r in such grief, it’s hard to process business. And things of this importance need special attention with a clear head.

They didn’t allow us to have this time. The will was lost in the shuffle.

The will was of great importance, but at that time, giving my brother a proper burial was more important.

“It was all so overwhelming, we’re all still in shock. I can’t say too much… But please know, it’s not over.” Randy Jackson.

“I invited McClain to the burial, Ironically, he didn’t show up”

“Neither of the executors didn’t show up to pay their respects”

Janet Jackson hosted a two-hour meeting of her famous family during which private investigators presented explosive evidence to claim Michael‘s will and trust is a fake, according to one of the King of Pop’s former advisors.


EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Michael Jackson’s Will Fake, Says His Former Advisor

Jun. 21 2010, Published 9:45 a.m. ET

Janet Jackson hosted a two-hour meeting of her famous family during which private investigators presented explosive evidence to claim Michael‘s will and trust is a fake, according to one of the King of Pop’s former advisors.

Leonard Rowe told RadarOnline.com that investigators — commissioned by Michael’s younger brother Randy — proved a 2002 will the singer wrote is not valid because of a string of errors and a question over his whereabouts the date it was signed.

Rowe, Jackson’s longtime friend and sometime financial advisor, revealed Janet chaired the recent roundtable at her Californian home

Investigators cited incorrect names of the pop star’s children and misspellings of second wife Debbie Rowe’s middle name, as key evidence.

“Michael would never misspell his children’s names — especially on a document that important,” Rowe told RadarOnline.com, in an exclusive interview.

In the document, daughter Paris’ middle name is wrong. Lawyers had forgotten that part of her middle name was Michael — Paris Michael Katherine Jackson.

Youngest son Blanket was listed by his nickname and middle name Joseph. His birth certificate names him as Prince Michael Jackson II.

Rowe said the investigation was spearheaded by Randy Jackson, himself and Brian Oxman, the Jackson family spokesman and attorney.

Family patriarch Joe Jackson — who also is questioning the validity of his son’s will, which excluded him — was not part of the investigation, Rowe said.

Rowe also revealed that Reverend Al Sharpton was prepared to come forward as a witness in their case.

Another explosive challenge to the will that named John Branca and John McClain as administrators of the superstar’s posthumous affairs is its signature date.

On the document, it shows Jackson signed it into effect on July 7, 2002.

However, Rowe said the pop star was not in Los Angeles on that day. [Side-note:  Michael in NY on July 7th 2002][listen at 3.46]

The singer spent three days from July 6 to July 9 filing a petition against his record label executive Tommy Mottola in a long running court case with Sony music.

Rowe said Rev. Sharpton is willing to swear in an affidavit that he was with Jackson in New York on July 7.

“The whole world saw that Michael Jackson was in New York,” Rowe told RadarOnline.com.

“There’s footage of Michael with Rev. Sharpton on CNN.”

There are also hotel receipts to prove Jackson stayed in New York on July 7, Rowe added.

He said Jackson’s security team was also prepared to provide statements to prove his whereabouts at the time that the will was supposedly signed.

Last September, Los Angeles superior court Judge Mitchell Beckloff signed off on the papers, deeming it the most recent will.

The will named Jackson’s 80-year-old mother Katherine as guardian of his three children and ordered that all his assets be moved into an entity known as the Michael Jackson Family Trust.

According to the document, Jackson’s kids will receive 40 percent of their father’s $300 million estate.

It also appointed as executors John Branca, a lawyer who began representing Jackson in 1980, and John McClain, a founder of Interscope Records.

“What would really solve a lot of questions about this will… there are three of four witnesses who are supposed to have witnessed the signing of the will,” Rowe said.

“I wish the estate would come forth with these witnesses.”

Rowe, no relation to Jackson’s ex-wife, is releasing a tell-all book titled What Really Happened To Michael Jackson, to coincide with the one-year anniversary of Jackson’s death.

His allegations about Jackson’s death have been met with skepticism by some, who cite his time in prison after being convicted of wire fraud for his role in the cashing of a fraudulent insurance check.

But Rowe insists Jackson hired him to oversee his business and financial affairs during the scheduled London concert tour, This Is It.



You may be mislead  after this post, Mrs Jackson did not sign that declaration! Mrs Jackson  Fires attorney.

Katherine Jackson Fires Her Lawyer

Katherine Jackson has just escalated her battle royale with the Michael Jackson Estate by firing her lawyer.

TMZ has obtained a letter Katherine sent to Adam Streisand, wishing him the best on the one hand … and giving him the boot on the other.

The letter does not explain the reasons for the firing, simply saying, “… I have decided to move in a different direction.”

But sources connected with Katherine tell TMZ … she’s upset that Streisand gave TMZ a statement yesterday in which he said Katherine “denies signing any statement to the court that makes accusations against the executors of any wrongdoing with respect to her son or his estate.”

The Heal the World Foundation had filed a declaration — purportedly written by Katherine Jackson — in which she accused John Branca of being a crook who stole from Michael.

Streisand told TMZ Wednesday, “She did not and would not make any such statements about the executors.”



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