October 15th 2011

Jackson Family Members Find Your Own Way Home

TMZ has learned … several members from the Jackson family are going to have to find their own way home from Wales — because the company that was supposed to provide them with a flight back has pulled their tickets … because of a HUGE outstanding bill.

As TMZ first reported, Entertainment Travel Company claims that Global Live (the company behind the Michael Jackson tribute concert last week) owes $200,000 for plane tickets the company   booked for the Jackson family, Christina Aguilera, her crew, Jamie Foxx, Heavy D, roughly 15 Global Live employees and others.

Now a rep for Entertainment Travel Company tells us they had no choice but to yank the tickets which were earmarked for two members of the band 3T (TJ and Taryll) and two of their children … because of the unpaid tab.

The company rep says they held out for as long as they could and the next step is to contact a lawyer.

A rep for Global Live could not be reached for comment.



October 14th 2011: UPDATE:

MJ Tribute Concert Promoters
Accused of Dodging $200,000 Bill
… For Plane Tickets

The bills are starting to roll in for the Michael Jackson Tribute Concert in Wales last weekend — and TMZ has learned, the organizers have already been accused of ducking a $200,000 tab … for VIP plane tickets.

A rep for the Entertainment Travel Company tells TMZ, Global Live — the company behind the event — hired Entertainment Travel to book plane tickets for the Jackson family, Christina Aguilera, her crew, Jamie Foxx, Heavy D, roughly 15 Global Live employees and others.

GL allegedly racked up a $200,000 bill in the process — which they were SUPPOSED to pay two weeks ago. But Entertainment Travel Co. insists they haven’t gotten a cent … and now GL isn’t even returning their phone calls.

Several members of the Jackson family are scheduled to fly back to the U.S. this Sunday — but Entertainment Travel is getting ready to play hardball … telling TMZ, they’re gonna cancel the Jacksons’ tickets if GL doesn’t pay up. The next step is a big, fat lawsuit.

TMZ spoke with Global Live CEO Chris Hunt … who tells us, “All bills are being reconciled and as they have been told, they will be completely paid in full.” BY TMZ


“Michael Forever” NOT!


 Words can not express how disgusted I am by this tribute organizers and peeps close to Mrs Jackson! Exploiting an 82yr old woman and MJ3

The only $$$ going to charity is what you donate EXTRA!! Chris can not even answer a direct question? how much are you making,

What a tribute to have Simmons, the scum who openly claims Michael is a pedophile!!!!!

The Promoter does not guarantee the final line-up and cannot be responsible for the non-appearance at the Concert of any contracted artiste. If 50% or more of the number of contracted artistes attend and perform the Concert will take place and no refunds will be offered.


+ 3T

— ————–


More Here:


The Michael Jackson Tribute recently announced is being Boycotted by many Michael Jackson fans!   We are Loyal dedicated fans, who ,when need be, will rise up in the thousands to protect The King of Pops good name and Legacy.   We Love the Jackson Family, but at this time we must act as we once did previously when we had the Rome tribute canceled.


Our initial horror was at the timing of this event.   We have waited patiently for two years for Justice for the Murder of Michael.   We have petitioned the White house, Attorney General, Governor, FBI, US Marshall, and carried out protest marches in LAPD, and filled the sky with banners screaming for JUSTICE, and we are STILL waiting for that day!!!!


The trial is finally due to start September 20th, and the only tribute for Michael at this time should be JUSTICE!     We have never asked anything of the Jackson family but at this time WE NEED YOU TO SUPPORT Justice for Michael only!


All eyes of the World should be on that court room!!!


Please see the Major concerns we have with regards to Global Live Events LLP (the concert promoters)


Site states offices in LA, NY and London:

Please see company registration details: of 29th March 2011

New domain name registered Feb 2011

New Website made 9th March 2011



If this company (LLC limited liability company) as it states have had all these events click here then why is the old business not tied up with the new one?   We have found why.   On Globalive’s website under the leadership tab here, we looked up the people involved in the Company.   The productions and past works were done by the “leaders” – however, while they were employed with other Companies/Corporations or the like.   Not Globalive (which is new as we’ve shown)

NOTE: The date on this site, January 2011 is not possible, as seen by proof provided, domain name registered Feb, and website launched in March.   Company Registered 29th March.


Here is the information we’ve uncovered on the “leadership”


Chris Hunt – writer, but also known for creating Iambic Media and Iambic Rights http://www.iambic.tv/ (they created the documentary called The Michael Jackson Story – as can be seen under the programme tabs on the above link. ) The documentary was NOT done in bad taste, and actually had family supporting.

Andy Picheta – past resume.   http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0003178/   (has a long resume)

Steve Cole – past resume http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1070944/   (he states he directed the Michael Jackson story – which was produced by Iambic Media (Chris Hunt is the owner of Iambic–above).   Steve is also listed on the Iambic website under the “About” tab http://www.iambic.tv/

Eric Butehttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm4172678/   (also note, that he worked with Jim Rutherford (below) on the one short film he is credited for, as Jim was the executive producer)

Jim Rutherford http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4172067/   (also note, that he worked with Eric Bute (above) on the one short film he is credited for, as Eric was the Director)


So as shown above in their credits, Globalive in fact has never done any of these events, and are not World Renown as their website claims they are.


So does anyone know what will happen to your money if they do not sell enough tickets??   See below:   They have covered their backs.   If they do not sell enough, there will be NO concert!   Who will you be chasing for your refunds ? What is to stop them from closing this “new” company down and opening another one??       I am from the UK believe me this is done far too often!!!


And really do Prince, Paris and Blanket need this??!!! If you want to give money to Princess Di’s trust, send it direct, if you want to pay money to AFLA, Mail them a check, at least you KNOW where it is going. If after reading this you still want to send money to this “new” company (which claims itself to be world renowned) then its up to you.


But HOW DARE they use Michael babies names to promote this nonsense!!!



The Michael Forever Tribute Concert per their website:   Please read this carefully “the more you pledge to charity, the more chance you have of getting a ticket”   A chance???


And here:   Click here:   A site by wordpress, something anyone can put up in minutes.


From an ABC news-site

The concert, “Michael Forever: The Tribute Concert,” will take place Oct. 8 at the Millennium Stadium in Wales. It will serve as a memory of his life and will benefit three charities – AIDS Project L.A., a cancer charity, and The Prince’s Trust.

The lineup will not be revealed until Aug. 3, one day before tickets go on sale. Jackson’s family says that it will be a musical event of a lifetime.


From a UK website

But fans logging on to buy tickets, which will not be available until August 4, are told: Choose your ticket price and tell us how much you will give to the charities at the time of purchase.

Remember the more you pledge to charity, the more chance you have of getting a ticket.

Tickets will range from £55 to £289 plus shipping. The amount of your pledge is up to you.

Jacko fan Daniel Robertson, from Cardiff, was appalled. The 32-year-old and his wife Ceri want five tickets for themselves and their three children.

The British Gas worker, of Mynachdy Road, Gabalfa, said: It’s going to be like a lottery for the rich for myself and my family because the ticket prices are really high.

They are steep ticket prices regardless, and then you have to donate to charity.

I do a lot of work for the MS Society but it is wrong that you should be considered by the amount of money you can give to charity.

On the concert’s Facebook page Caroline Rowley, who also lives in Cardiff, said: What an utter disgrace. Choose what price you want to pay and then donate to a charity?

The more you donate the more you stand to get a ticket? Disgusting.

Mayah Thomas said: Makes no sense does it?

Jackie Segers claimed donations should go to Africa to honor Michael.

I’ll gladly donate then, even if I can’t attend, she said.

Ben Baggins expressed his deepest and most sincere indifference.

I give my money directly to charities, he added.

Natascha Derycke branded the affair so sad.

The Echo contacted Global Live and was referred to PR company Franklin Rae.

A spokeswoman claimed she was not aware of the situation and was unable to comment.

The Millennium Stadium is owned by the WRU.

A spokesman said: We will, as usual, ensure that all ticket distribution complies with the stadium’s obligations.

He insisted the company only provided the venue, adding: We will ensure that the promoter is aware of any concerns raised in relation to the sale and distribution of tickets to the concert. (End of article)


To read other fans concerns/comments regarding the concert, you can view them here on the Michael-Forever-Tribute facebook page:


Let them know your views!


In the news Randy and Jermaine also release a statement against the concert:   Here




Image below is where your money may be going.   Please join the trend on twitter to warn our MJ Fan community about the uncertainties surrounding this “Tribute” #BOYCOTTFOREVERMICHAELTRIBUTE


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