Michael Jackson’s $500M Debt?

This video was compiled by ‘Wendy…” Information/documents referred to  provided by TeamMichaelJackson. News articles relied on are credible source.


Days after  the above video was made it was being reported the IRS had made a demand on the MJ Estate executor for a payment in excess of $700 MILLION, the two Johns, Branca and McClain were notified if they wanted to challenge the demand they must do so by filing in the Tax Court. John Branca did indeed dispute the demand, but he blocked out all the dollar amounts(obviously to conceal from the fans/advocates) nevertheless the IRS filed an “Answer” with nothing blocked out accept the SSN. Through this filing we were able to see exactly how much Michael Jackson’s debts really were at the time Michael passed away.

mjs debts

So Michael debts (according to Branca) stood at $28,236.071(28.2 million) the IRS say the debt is actually $12,252, 591(12.2 million) its a looooooooong way from HALF A BILLION!!

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