STOP!! Michael Jackson’s Costumes Auction






AFTER EXHIBITION ON NOV 4th (YOU KNOW all the greedys have to each get their share of $$$$$$$!!!) Catalog is $75.00. whereas the actual book was only $55.
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Darren and Martin with @ladygaga as she's wearing Michael Jackson's jacket and Philip Treacy's hat! HOW DISRESPECTFUL !!!






For Immediate Release:

 To MJ Respect is due






Michael Bush, Michael Jackson’s designer for nearly 25 years has recently produced a book about all of Michael’s Iconic looks. These trendsetting looks will also be auctioned off by Bush as a joint venture with John Branca; who also did the foreword for Bush’s book soon to be released The King Of Style: Dressing Michael Jackson.

As a PR stunt for his book and auction to take place at Julien’s Auctions in LA, Bush is having a sweepstakes; the winner will get what is called the “Make History” prize. The prize is an 8’ by 10’ piece of the gold metallic fabric that was used on Michael’s History tour ensemble along with an elbow plate from the same that traveled with him. Mr Bush had made untold amount of money since the book he is selling retails in excess of $45.



Throughout Michael’s extraordinary musical history, it was not only his music that set the standard, his fashion set the bar in the design world. Each of his looks correlated with an album and the way he’d dance for each routine. Michael chose colors and embellishment that would glitter in the light, for as far as the eyes could see; he wanted his fans to have the ability to see the stunning visuals from wherever they were seated in the stadium. Every detail was conscientious in thought. Michael designed and conceptualized his wardrobe consisting of tens of thousands of pieces with Bush and Tompkins and their minds worked brilliantly together. These one of a kind, priceless originals were created for his record breaking sold out world tours. All the items belonged to Michael and were left for safe keeping in Bush and Tomkins’ care; as Michael planned to put the pieces on display in his very own museum.



Tweets from Karen Faye

Bush is aware Michael wanted these pieces in a Museum



John Branca has once again done the opposite of what Michael wanted. Because he and McClain own everything of Michael’s, the wardrobe in Bush’s possession is in fact under the control of the estate. Bush had to get permission for the book and the contents used in it. The auction of Michael’s items was approved by the estate and the profits will be split between the estate and Michael Bush.

Karen Faye tweets confirms Estate gave permission. We have taken others users names for privacy reasons




Michael’s legacy is being dismantled piece by piece, but his fans the people he Loved dearly and would do anything for, can put a stop to this. Boycott the release of this book and the Julien’s auction! While Michael Bush is an amazing designer due credit for his life’s work and should be allowed to write about his time with Michael…going against Michael’s wishes is just unacceptable. Our purchasing dollars have power; the estate cannot do what we will not allow. Stop accepting the abuse and exploitation of Michael, stop supporting estate sanctioned projects. Anything after June 25th 2009 is NOT MICHAEL JACKSON.



In this video @1:43 Juliens acknowledge “Michael canceled the auction” April 2009

But this is NOT true, Michael filed a case of FRAUD did not authorize Juliens to sell anyting at all, see court Docs..

Fraud claim April 2009
Michael Jackson V Darren Julien

Declarations in Support of Michael Jackson v Darren Julien

Some of Michael items were sold at auction, John Branca SHOULD have fought to fulfill Michaels wishes and STOP that sale Juliens made, but instead Estate just thought about $$$$ they could make and sold those items, completely disrespecting Michael!!








John Branca/McClain-Darren Julien Fiasco! |

Darren Julien STOP NOW! John Branca. Michael Bush HEAR US!! |


You can demand Bush cease and desist immediately, We will boycott his book unless he does!! his contact on twitter is

Or contact
Literary Agency:
Dana Newman Literary

Publicity Contact:
Caroline Galloway
M2M PR & Partnerships
(440) 591-3807



Estate Executor:

Tel 310-552-3388



You can contact Julien’s PR and voice your opinions in a respectable way about your disapproval of this auction. We fan/supporters have put a stop to events in the past that has disrespected Michael and we can do this now.

For more information on Julien’s Auctions go to



Press Contact/All Media Inquiries:
Caroline Galloway

M2M PR & Partnerships
(440) 591-3807







Some comments from Michael Jackson fans for Mr Bush to think about!! These were made within minutes of posting!


DH- You have to also have to understand, Bush already got paid from Michael for creating these costumes. He also got paid to tour with Michael managing his wardrobe.

If what Karen Faye tweeted is true, that MJ entrusted Bush to hold on to these costumes, that eventually he, MJ, wanted to put them in a museum, then Bush is going against Michael’s wishes.

If Michael owed him money, then Bush already probably got double or triple the amount of money owed to him when he sold that Thriller jacket, plus any others he may have put up for auction since Michael passed away. So in other words, what he’s going to make on this auction coming up next month, would quadruple what MJ originally paid in commissions to create them in the first place.

It’s not enough that he has this book published, which I feel is an important addition to his and MJs legacy together, but he has to sell out Michael completely. This makes him, in my opinion, a double crossing, backstabbing, greedy individual.

But how many of MJs associates and friends have sold him out since he died? And I certainly doubt this is the end of it. MJ may have been a genius performance artist, but he was thoroughly inept in his personal life, picking friends and business associates.

unfortunately sinister forces all through his life, and professional life, which started at 6 years old. It obviously became worse in adulthood, after the success of Thriller. Everyone wanted a piece of MJ.

Didn’t Michael consider some of these business relationships also friendly relationships? I think he did, as Bush was one of the people MJ invited for a visit when he lived in Bahrain.

True friends of Michael have yet to utter one word to the media, much less capitalize on his death. Some who have done so, and a few “some”, did it in a positive way, but yet have managed to earn an income from doing so.

So yes, In my opinion, he clearly lacked the ability to choose friends, genuine friends. That’s the human side to MJ, as we’ve all done that at some point in our lives. We are just not talented, multi-millionaire superstars.

Shockingly and very disappointing, Bush is one of those “business” friends, who clearly feels an entitlement to enter the spotlight that MJ vacated, and obviously some fans are only too happy to accommodate him.

As I stated, Bush is a part of MJs legacy. He created those iconic costumes at Michael’s request and vision, but clearly at a hefty price, and that just makes my blood boil. His book should be enough.



BC- I was so hoping Michael Bush wasn’t betraying MJ too but this is infuriatiing.. I read a quote of him saying he couldn’t just display mj’s memorabilla around his home. As an excuse.. He is wealthy, lives in a very posh neightborhood in a very very fancy home which you would expect someone to display art!! He just posted a picture of a very expensive car he bought several weeks ago!!! A HOLE.. The few that you think might have been decent friends to MJ sell him out in death.. I thought he was maybe one of the few okay ones around MJ… its heart breaking for anyone to sell MJ’s priceless precious iconic items that are irreaplaceable… much less someone who we thought was a friend.. more glass i the wounds.. I wish this was just a nightmare.. doesn’t he know how heart breaking this is to anyone who cares about MJ and that will make people hate him…



I am sick to my stomach over this. What are people not seeing here. The man did not die 20 years ago, he didn’t even die ten or five years ago. He has been gone a little over three years. They have made such aggressive and swift moves since he was murdered. How is this not obvious to anyone that is witnessing all this? He was still in the morgue when Sony viewed the rehearsal footage. Branca was in Cabo just 8 days after he was supposedly rehired. He has done nothing in keeping true to anything Michael has wanted and yet… he is still supported by so called fans’ purchasing dollars. How can his family his mother his kids his siblings believe and keep their strength for justice with mess like this. They are trying to break the Jacksons and MJ fan/supporters’ constitution



But ya know… the devil is a LIAR!!! They may think the world is as heartless and evil as them… but its not. People are awake and see the true them, so they better think again, the more they do the more we see. Love will prevail over this. by To MJ Respect is Due



Michaels costumes are not “owned” by Tomkins&Bush, they are owned by the Estate, Michael owned them not the designers! So its Branca selling ,, MJ’s “Gold Pants” are being auctioned off by Bastard Branca, Oh how his vengeance is alive against Michael, Please Lord eliminate that Devil. what will be their reason for this. Iconic pieces it all about erasing his legacy. What will his babies have of their father. John Branca has systematically dismantled Michael’s legacy for the past 40 Mths! Done everything an Estate Executor is NOT supposed to!! And Juliens acknowledge Michael put a STOP to the auction in April 2009, before he was murdered!!



KW-Heartbreaking. Julien’s Auction mess was the last capitel in MJ’s life he could stop very last second. Where are his children standing up?!?? I had more willpower with 8 than these raggedy billionaire teenagers with no grip to life. If they only realize they actually do have more voice- power than what is made them believe. But I guess a 80.000 buck income monthly ain’t that bad to just slightly bite in the hand who is spreading it. NOT HAVE EARNED IT and what is theirs by law ANYHOWZ!!!!! *SCREEAAAAM*



GB-I’m very sorry I wasn’t aware of this… i saw it and it’s the only thing I’ve done since his death because I thought it wasn’t related to the estate… Then I took a look at the book and saw Bastard’s foreword and I was speechless. Yesterday I spent the whole afternoon with mr Wagner, he’s such a lovely person who really wants justice for Michael and speaks the truth. I can’t see why some “fans” hate him… How can they????



JM-Michael’s whole life is part of the auction, Branca is a bastard … All this disgusts me



LC-This is true everything that MJ owned is being sold bit by bit and its being accepted by the fans & family their must be a way to STOP THE MADNESS!!!!!



TB-I just hope some wonderful ‘fan’ buys the lot and gives it back to the children!



GP-I don’t own the book (thank god) but I’ll pop in Getty images and take a picture of it. I’ll send it to u straight away. It’s a long foreword and obviously he says that he’s doing it because of Michael’s legacy. Bastard.



KB-This pisses me off!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can TJ stop anything now he is a guardian?



IR-Like I always say..fuck Sony..fuck the estate..fuck Michael Bush..fuck John Branca..fuck all of you..may you rott in hell!!



TS-everyone can publish book but not his mother.



Cons !!! Shame On Them !!



my to ,I’m sick of it all, that’s life, the work of Michael they sell again …






JJ-When will all these people who were associated with Michael, who have claimed loyalty to him, STOP trying to profit from his name and fame???? It makes me SICK!!!!!!!! I for one, if i owned anything he signed for me, or gave me, there is not enough money to make me sell any of it. STOP exploiting him for your own selfish, greedy desires!!!!!!!!



MT-All this is never over. .. As I left something, where they can make money, they will.
It sucks.!!!



NY-The costumes should never be sold they are priceless pieces… Shame shame shame



LH-I didn’t buy the book anyway because branca was involved with it. Bush should be ashamed of himself and the costumes should be given to the kids to keep for the future. Hopefully they will get neverland and turn it into a museum or havenhurst .



KS-another asshole who betrayed him……stuff his dam book !!!!!!!!!!!!



BC-His last wish should be fulfilled!!!



PA-All for Money.



CP-It´s hard to believe..



LB-Michael’s wish should honored and respected. Nobody has the rights or authority to sell mj’s personal belongings for profit…his family should be ashamed of themselves for doing this with his former costume designer.



TS-Wow. SMH. Those parasitic vultures are after anything related to MJ to make a profit.



KW-another one bites the dust , money is truly the root of all evil , I just don’t understand HOW these people are just being allowed to hijack Michael”s stuff

ST-they hijacked the whole estate. Branca is a crook. $ony are one and the same.



BC-Could you please explain to all the heart broken MJ supporters what your real involvement is with regard to the selling of Michael priceless, precious, irreraplaceable iconic outfits… It seems to be for profit according to many others.. I read an interview quoting you saying “its not like I have room to display this stuff in my house”… We hoped you were one of the few decent loyal MJ friends but it seems you have sold your …..



=I just directly sent this message to Michael Lee Bush since I am friends with him on facebook.. If he cannot explain himself I hopes he un friends me that way I know is full of it and guilty



=That’s the same for me. I thought he was ok (that’s shy initially i went to see the exhibit). But he simply chose to go on branca’s side and to sell what Michael wanted to be displayed into a museum. How sad…



=we cannot let this happen!!!!!!! :///////////////// wtf



=vote and share … The Estate have no respect for the legacy of Michael, their only goal is money, that is all that interest today and it is all..



=All this turns my guts.!! to see the helplessness of not being able to avoid.!!
=Bush, el Judas de MJ. MB is the Judas of MJ



=F**K DIS SH**



=Incomprehensible, after proclaiming their loyalty to Michael



=These should be displayed at neverland. Where people could go and visit like Graceland! I don’t understand! Why are they trying to erase micheals things and a place like neverland! I know he did not want to go back there after what happened in 2005 but come on ….that place meant the world to him! These are iconic items. We really need to petition neverland to be open to the public plus all of MJs important iconic items! What is the Jackson family doing about John branca and the other snakes tha are taking over MJs legacy?! WTF!!



=Lady gaga is a movie of the week…..a tshirt at best. She will be forgotten….u will see. She could never be compared to MJ let alone should be allowed the privilege to wear his clothing! She should of just stuck to a cereer in theater!



=During the same fashion show, Gaga wore another outfit. But let’s try to ignore that flowery thing she has on her face and let’s look at the guy next to her: hat designer Philip Treacy. His t-shirt is also referring to Michael Jackson in an odd way, with a one-eyed charicatural version of him. Why does it seem like people in the industry ridicule MJ’s death? How about stopping these questionable “tributes” and let him rest in peace? In case you’re wondering about Philip Treacy’s connections with the Mind Control entertainment industry, let’s look at some of his most famous hat designs:



=michael did not want his items auctioned,



=It is ridiculous how much Branca and Co is on a steal, kill and destroy mission concerning all things Michael Jackson including his clothing. But I see you, Mr. Branca. MJ had his mother Katherine all of his life and your mother deserted you!



=It seems like everything of Michael’s is to be sold off, auctioned or stolen and still it does not satisfy John Branca. Know why? He is jealous that his mother deserted him for a under B list acting career and Katherine and Michael have always been close. It is not about the money for Branca…



=Michael’s children should be the one to decide where their father belongs especially his clothing
Justice For Michael

=Hope the estate enjoy spending their forty pieces of silver.



=Michaels Heirs are his children ..Not The Estate! Michaels things all his wealth belong to Prince
PARIS and Blanket and his Mum.. not Brsncs and Mccain!



=Respeto al patrimonio de Michael!!!!!…



=michael’s belongings deserve to be with their rightful owners, his children. And it should be their decision what they want to do with them. I think michael would agree.



=Hagamos respetar el patrimonio de Michael Jackson,que se gano con su talento y arduo trabajo,para ayudar a los NI nisitados del mundo y para sus hijos y su familia!











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