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“We are going to show some ugly stuff,” Putnam(AEG Attorney) said. “It’s really true.”

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To MJ Respect is due

We here at TeamMichaelJackson.Com have decided to address this Wade Robson situation one time only. We weren’t going to, as we know the truth, understand the timing of this story and have more pressing matters to attend to; which is the Jackson vs. AEG trial. Putting a name and a face to the real power players, involved in Michael’s murder, takes precedence… please please please understand that. Wade Robson showing up during the first few weeks of this most important trial, is because AEG’s responsibility for the death of Michael has been exposed early on. Even those that didn’t believe, believe now… whether they admit it or not.

No longer can you just chalk this up to “conspiracy”. The public is beginning to understand and wake up more and more, about the evil that men do. There is concrete evidence revealing what Michael went through at the hands of this company and what his days were like in the end. The truth about Michael’s death and justice for his Mom Children and Family must be a priority.

We all knew right away what Robson’s agenda was and why he chose this time and this hour to all of the sudden have falsified memories from his youth. None of us took the bait….Since we know that Wade Robson needs media attention to spread his lies, to try and bully the estate into paying him, to try and hurt Mrs. Jackson and the rest of the Family while they courageously fight the powers that be. We must act like we know and put a stop to this. These accusation broke Michael and they severely hurt his Mom. 2005 was a hard long battle for the Jackson family and those wounds have not totally healed as they have to keep hearing about and being reminded of that horrific ordeal.

Michael was acquitted on these false charges of child abuse and yet they are still an issue. The media acts as if he was never acquitted, as if the FBI never found any wrong doing, as if evidence in the case wasn’t falsified, as if Tom Sneddon didn’t have a vendetta…. as if the oldest trick in the book to take away society’s belief in a man with a strong voice an ability to rally nations… is to label him a child predator. This event was to put an asterisk on Michael’s legacy and has become a tool used by those that want to exploit and maim him, while making attempts to extort millions of dollars from his Mom & Children’s estate. The men in suits have what they want, they have made their billions, deals that can’t be broken are already in place, so will they really care to put a stop to this or will they abandon Michael like a ceased and depleted nation.

The jury in the Jackson vs. AEG case are not sequestered… yes they are instructed to not watch the news or read the paper or surf the web… human nature tells us though, that there’s a high likelihood that those rules are not being followed to the letter. This news can influence the jury, child molestation is probably the most heinous crime of our society and those that are viewed as molesters are seen as less than nothing. If public opinion is swayed to believe this about Michael again, these feelings will seep into the courtroom and into the minds of the jury. Do you really think that they will feel sympathy for an accused child molester for the third time, will they hold AEG responsible for his death or be glad that he is dead, will they care how he was treated as a slave and endured racist remarks, while strange men stood in his dressing room to make sure that he performed and then followed him home.

How frightened must he have been? *sighs* Will they care that everyone on the production of This Is It was told to ignore Michael, not to assist or offer him help. Will they care that a doctor who is not even a certified cardiologist, poisoned Michael with a chemical cocktail that stopped his heart so fast that he was found dead with his eyes still open. Will they care that, he was cold and freezing… in distress…it was blatantly obvious even to the most neglectful of eyes that he was near death and those that dare to scream and yell cry and beg for him to get help was flat out ignored.

There’s a chance that they won’t care, if this gets big enough, if we allow this to spin out of control. They won’t care to hold AEG responsible, they won’t care that children are without their father unnecessarily, they won’t care about this precious loss of life….they just won’t care. And guess what? If that happens, AEG will get away with murder, they will get away with killing Michael all over again. This is an execution of a man that is already no longer with us. Michael doesn’t deserve this!

So what can we do about this? There is a lot we can do, one…we can lay our personal nonsense to the side. We can really come together on this. All camps teams, cliques and independents…believers and nonbelievers, estate supporters and non-estate supports alike… Because we all know and can have solid bond with one another on the fact that THIS DID NOT HAPPEN TO WADE ROBSON AT THE HANDS OF MICHAEL JACKSON. This is something that holds us all together, this knowledge that Robson is a liar and an opportunist. The networks wouldn’t push for the airing of this trial, the trial where the world would finally become awakened to how dirty big business is, how men in suits callously kill for money and how Michael didn’t deserve to die and would not be dead today if it weren’t for his enslavement by AEG.

The world needs to know how the minds of those in control really think, it was important to Michael and he tried to warn and teach us. The networks did not push for this as they want the secret to remain a secret. They will give you their little tweets, a second or so of sound bites here and there, but not the type of coverage this trial is due. Information is power and they want us powerless. Yet Wade Robson gets full airplay on all the major networks and powerful talk show hosts and pundits around our nation have given him the green light to attack a man that is dead. It wasn’t enough that media created psychological damage by displaying Michael’s nude body in a morgue on a slab, now they allow this accusation…. the accusation that destroyed him to resurface and during a time when his family and supporters are seeking justice for him.

We must let them know that Michael Jackson did matter, that his life did mean something. He was not some caricature that they can make fun of or use as punch line in a crude joke. Michael was not someone that was to be used to make them money, robbed of his wealth and then discarded like waste. This MJFam is the sad reality as to how our Love has been treated and is continuously being treated in death.

So look…every station that gives Robson a platform, we mustn’t give them ratings, by watching. We wanted justice televised not injustice. Let’s write email tweet and fax all networks that have decided to air his lies and educate them on justice for Michael. Let them know how many supporters they will lose if they continue their support of Robson. Think about why justice was not aired, yet hatred is….If you have links to his interviews, if you’ve tweeted about him and his scheduled appearances don’t give him free advertising delete them, take away his power. We are social media and we have voices, let’s do a media blackout on Wade Robson.

Think about Michael’s babies and how they must feel…they are old enough now, to understand what is being said and done to their father. There are sick people that have used this to tease and harass them, let’s not be a part of that pain, by posting anything about him.

We here at Team Michael Jackson, will stand by and support whomever initiates a plan and/or campaign to stop this vicious attack on Michael. We will support you and we will have our followers support you as well. This is something that we must do for Michael as he’s said, his fans/supporters, will fight for him and are the greatest activists in the world. Let’s be true to that, we owe it to him.

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