You may or may not be aware, Mrs Jackson and Prince, Paris, Blanket have a case against AEG Live! AEG hired Conrad Murray to do what ever he did, AEG:= Randy Phillips and Tim Leiweke should have been charged for putting Michaels life at risk, anyway thats another story! We all know what AEG did to Michael, incase you have forgotton here is a reminder!!




ATTENTION Michael Jackson fans and advocates, I think we can all agree on this!! WE NEED TO PROTECT Mrs Jackson, Prince, Paris and Blanket from these DEMONS!! Please share, and take immediate action: Emails are required, I am sure you can do this! AEG need to be mindful in how they treat this family, They better show some respect! WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS BULLYING!!! WE WILL RISE UP AGAINST THEM, WE WILL BOYCOTT THEIR VENUES, AND EVENTS!!! WE HAVE SPOKEN, SO BE IT!!

Mrs Jackson on 31st March 2012


Since it is AEG who hired Conrad Murray, and CONTROLLED Michael Jackson’s life,.

Why are these questions being FORCED onto Mrs Jackson, Prince, Paris and Blanket. Well, It is to make THEM BREAK! So the law suit can be dropped, we already informed you, of some inside information that we have direct from the Jackson Family, see here-

This action is for YOU Michael Jackson fans! We have emailed hundreds of entities in the fight for Justice, Now its time to do the same with AEGLIVE! All the contact info you require is here! Please email them! Contact details:                                                       

If we can write thousands of letter to DA/Judge/Cooley/Attorney genera. we can do this, Please be respectful in all correspondence, Thank you/


Karmen Legazpi ‏ @KarmenJackson

AEG asks Katherine about Michael’s health? That was their DUTY! It was them that hired a doctor, not Katherine. WTH?

And they want to know about finances? They could read the TII contract – quite easy to understand how Michael was enslaved for 2 years

“AEG wants to know if Michael would commit suicide” – Oh please, still blaming the victim? How can anyone support AEG reading this?!

Answer this: If Murray acted alone, wouldn’t AEG be angry at him? Why keep on blaming the victim? And I’m not even going to talk about the questions to the children. You want Justice? Go and boycott these bastards. Mere killers.

Need info on AEG see tab at the top, Jackson V AEG,


“In my opinion AEG have a lot to answer for […] The criminal investigation, in my view, was limited to Murray deliberately. And remember, the ultimate owner of AEG is one of the richest men in the world, and one with a particular political and religious agenda.” – Lynton Guest

Remember AEG threatened Michael. RTHe was forced to continue contractually and they threatened to pull the plug on all the $$$. AEG paid for everything.

and here



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