Proof Michael Jackson did NOT hire John Branca June 17th 2009





Narcissist Extraordinaire = John Branca

Michael Jackson did not rehire John Branca, see evidence accumulated!


I have no words,, i am absolutely disgusted this man has not been handcuffed and thrown in jail!!!!


Recently new article was posted by Los Angeles Times, that claim they have seen emails from Randy Phillips to Philip Anshultz, and basically 250 emails between certain parties regarding Michael Jackson’s health.


Our Admin Loyal2MJ picked up on a important point.


Email leaked obtained by,1,2285653.story?page=2 Michael was NOT at rehearsals on 17th of June! 8 days before he passed





Below is a excerpt from Brian Oxmans court filing, it confirms John Branca filed  a business plan, with the probate court,  he claims he obtained from Michael on 17th of June, at rehearsals,, But Michael was NOT at rehearsals that day, so WHO signed this business plan?? How was John Branca able to see Michael at rehearsals on June 17thth 2009. When Michael was NOT there!



John Branca claims here to Piers Morgan it was “about a week before MJ passed”

Original bio DID say it was 8 days before, making it 17th of June when he would have seen Michael, this Bio has now been changed!

Johm Branca Bio, Original


He  gave this interview to Associated Press saying it was a month before Michael passed


Then changed Bio, we got screenprint in case he changes it again!

Click to Enlarge



So which is it, if at all!!! John Branca is a BIG FAT LIAR!!!





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