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The article below was printed day after Prince Jackson testified. Media has been interviewing our founder over the past weeks, watching as she operated bringing us the latest.  They noticed her passion and dedication and published the following article on the front page of LATimes and continued to another page with a half page spread.  There are minor errors, as our site is self maintained, and any donations go 100% towards transcripts.


Its an honor to have had a positive article on Michael Jackson in the heart of Los Angeles, especially after the recent garbage posted.   Did John Branca choke on his toast as he sat down for breakfast and saw our article?  How about Randy Phillips, Paul Gongaware and others within the crooked party?


Our founder has blacked over her name and face in the article, as this is a team effort. The teams names were mentioned to the reporters but they left them out (a lot of info was left out.) Our site would not be what it is without our team.


Love and respects to Cindy from Florida. Wendy 1 and Wendy 2, and of course our main blogger ToMjRespectIsDue.  There are few others that contribute but they wish to remain anonymous.


JACKSON V AEG Live – TeamMichaelJackson on front page of LA Times June 27th 2013

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