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By To MJ Respect is Due

We now have the face of John McClain and I want to thank whoever you are again, for reaching out with the face of this elusive demon. Remember we hold anonymity as a top priority, just use our CONTACT button on the site and aid us in this investigation.


Ok let’s line up the perps , John G Branca fired in 2003 along with John McClain and Barry Siegal. Branca was fired for a year so in the early 90s around 1991/2 on advice of then “friend” to Michael, David Geffen. Geffen told Mike that Branca had too much control. Obviously pissed over being let go (as Branca thinks he is and is obsessed with Mike) he harbored some real bad feelings when he returned in 1993 during the money extortion plot set forth by the Chandlers against Michael. Branca was one of many whom told Michael to settle out of court with the con artist family. Branca is very intelligent and knows business and the law, he had been in the business of Michael close to a decade by this point and McClain had been with him since 1971 when they met at the private high school Walton.


Branca knew what was on the line in terms of the morality clause in Michael’s Sony record label contract. Branca would later work on both sides, sealing the deal between Sony and Michael’s ATV; conflicts of interest we already discussed that.  The vindictive Branca was already setting the scene for the hostile takeover many years in the making. You know who else was on board from way back then in 1993; who also advised Michael to settle while representing him.  Branca and McClain’s enforcer….. Howard Weitzman yes he was there too… years ago securing his talons in Michael’s Life. Oh what a reunion of sorts on the grave of Michael Jackson in 2009, as Carl Douglas lawyer for Michael Amir Williams said assistant, security details Alberto Alverez and Faheem Mohammed along with yes… Ms. Kai Chase (whom kept preparing lunch after sending a child to witness his father’s death) Douglas represented Michael during 1993 and he too advised Michael to settle. Douglas had even made jokes about getting his new fly ride as a result of Michael, chuckle chuckle chuckle….


Really; Its funny a man your client being accused of child molestation. Johnny Cochran who would later got OJ Simpson off for an alleged double homicide where the bodies of Nicole Brown Simpson and her boyfriend Ron Goldman were found decapitated. Do you know how hard it must have been to get an acquittal in a case such as this? Cochran became famous for his slogan “if it does not fit you must acquit” referring to the blood soaked leather glove of OJ’s that he was said to be wearing during the alleged murders.


Mr. Cochran became highly publicized and one the most sought after criminal defense lawyers in the country.  You think maybe he got that career sealing win as payment for a job well done by putting a nail in Michael’s coffin? Sean Puffy Combs turned to Cochran when charges threatening to take his career and finances away arose in 2001; Combs, was acquitted of weapons possession and bribery charges. Cochran is a genius of a lawyer he Loves to fight a brilliant orator why did he not fight for Michael? Along with Branca and Weitzman and Douglas these most powerful legal minds in this country, that Michael paid a grip to…. whom also had proof of the extortion by the Chandlers on audio tapes in their possession. They advised Michael to settle; huh I can’t find a valid reason why.


Michael was fleeced out of over 20 million dollars and the state of California got their proper’s with 3 million in bail. Michael was INNOCENT and wanted to fight this he even asked the judge to put the civil suit on hold (we talked about this earlier) so he could go forth with the criminal trial and prove his innocence. Michael’s insurance company for his then tour stepped in on the direction the lawyers and settled. Michael didn’t pay the Chandler’s the insurance company did as they can settle or sue without the approval of the assured (cute name for corporation) or insured (name for a being in this case Michael) if they feel they would endure on purpose losses at the hands of another. What’s the odds, that these men would come back to the scene of the crime, all of them back in Michael life right before he was killed except  for Cochran…whom died some years ago of “cancer”.


We all know that Michael settling this suit always made him look somewhat guilty, I didn’t  think this, you may not have thought this, but so many in the world did and/or certainly had questions as to reasons why he settled.  After he is gone and been severely hurt by these lies we now know the truth. Too little too late huh?


John Branca fired around early 1991/2 and returned 1993 after a year or so, John Branca fired in 2003, the relationship was finally null and void in 2006 when Branca sold back his 5% stake in everything Michael for 15 million dollars. During the periods of 2003 to 2006 Branca’s acting on Michael’s behalf both publicly and private is fraudulent. Yes you can dig up sources and old articles during this time period where Branca’s name was still attached to Michael’s name yet there is no proof that he was still an employee.


The articles when discussing Michael’s problems would always so no word from his attorney John Branca, puh…lease this egomaniacs never missed an op to run his mouth, there was no comment as he was not Michael’s acting anything. The media goiv controlled information was protecting their boy Branca while he did his stealing on the low. Branca popped up on the scene around the time for preparations of the trial in 2004/5. Strange how Branca always returns to watch Michael’s demise; criminals always return to the scene of the crime. He was more than likely around in some capacity to intimidate and extort; what would you call selling back a piece of your client to your client.  After Michael was exonerated on all charges, Branca sold him his 5% back and that’s when he publicly admitted to no longer being a part of Michael’s team. Branca likes to say he didn’t like the people that surrounded Michael so he walked away yet we know that Branca just passed the baton for a while to the next demon that would watch and further lead Michael down a path of destruction.


Michael was in Bahrain after his acquittal, it was just he the kids and Grace…are these the people that you didn’t like around Michael Branca?  John called the justice department on Michael after he was fired in 03 he told them of Michael had dealings with mobster lawyer Al Malnik. Malnik, yet another nefarious character, that claimed to be Michael’s friend representative estate executor and godfather to Blanket. Would later turn out to be a hustler that was in cahoots with Matolla to defraud Michael and get a piece of his catalog. Brett Ratner supposed Jackson friend and confidant from way back, arranged the meeting between the two.

Michael found out that Malnik and Matolla was on the prowl when he received a call from Matolla at Malnik’s house, spooky to say the least. Michael had been done with Matolla and had already boycotted him at this point. Mike got up out of Miami where he stayed with Malnik and severed all supposed business dealings if any ever existed. If you do a search on trademarks you will see that Malnik registered MJ trademarks under the name Triumph International, Inc. You heard that name before haven’t you? We talked about how John Branca is the President and CEO of said company and that he has been stealing trademarks “legally” left and right and transferring them to his company Triumph International, Inc..


Triumph International, Inc is apparently a company of MJ’s that dates way back to the late 80’s early 90’s, this company Triumph International, Inc. is a company that Michael used to contain his intellectual property and trademarks. Whether Michael actually set this company up himself or not I have yet to find information on that but Michael’s holding for decades has been moved around in various tax shelters and entities. It is very possible that his managers and lawyers set up dummy corporations in his name so that they can launder and steal his money without Michael’s knowledge.


There are a slew of active and non-active businesses that are registered to Michael and now in custody of the estate. However, we know that Michael did not run his day to day operations his people did, they had total power of attorney and Branca well he just had the feast of a lifetime at the table of power. A quick search will show that every legal man manager and crook that has come in and out of Michael’s life wanted to own a piece of him and receive a payday. When Malnik claimed to be Michael’s friend, he too registered and owned trademarks under Triumph International, Inc. in care of himself.


John Branca and Al Malnik are longtime friends.  How come each and every time Branca is removed, Michael is passed off to someone connected to Branca; is it so that they can keep a watchful eye on Branca’s mark, while carrying forward the agenda. Branca Matolla and Malnik are tight….thick as thieves. What chance did Michael ever have with Branca in his life? Branca was hired for Michael’s interest yet everything that Branca has done is for his own interest. Michael had big problems with Tommy Matolla you have seen the videotaped boycott of Michael with Sharpton in New York. This was in July 6th -9th of 2002. The Will that made Branca and McClain the overseers was supposedly signed on July 7th 2002 it’s not possible as Michael was not in LA. And as vested as he was in getting this information out, please kill all the lies and spin that he could have hopped on a jet went to LA signed the Will and then returned to New York. You know that you all are lying.


Branca also the trustee of The MJ Publishing Trust (more conflicts of interest) while he still obtained his 5% stake in all things Michael, was fired in 2003 yet….. He became part of an insider coop that included Goldman Sachs, Al Malnik and Bank Of America along with Sony to phase Michael out of everything he owned. They would pay him a King’s ransom to give up his music and holdings, while they used said revenue from the hostile takeover to monopolize the world of music publishing and gain world dominance in a laid out mutli-venture plan. Michael was to be the capitol for the worldwide take over. Open your eyes…

I’m in the process of going over the terms and agreements and will be back with an analysis of this most shady shakedown. The deal that never came into fruition angered a lot of suits and cost Michael his life. Truth VS John Branca Continues…..

Thank you all for reading , know that I Love you.



Since the writing of the first blog series, my focus has been on various aspects of Michael’s death and the theft of his empire. When I started on this journey my focus had been loss of life. How who when where and at what time did “they” murder Michael in cold blood. As its all-inclusive the money and the power gained by Michael not being here is of importance as they work hand in hand. You heard the saying follow the money find the murderer.


I think that’s true to a point but in reality the death of Michael far supersedes the theft of his money. He is worth more alive than dead…. Think about what I’m saying… he is worth more alive than dead.


Michael’s presence represented Love, Michael’s connection with his brothers and sisters of the world is threatening to the power structure….Michael is more beloved then dignitaries heads of state and monarchy.


Michael has a globe behind him not just a nation. This is REAL POWER. Money isn’t real in the sense that we think. Its paper and a bunch of I OWE YOUS on the bank’s computer screen. At any given time the Federal Reserve can render our money useless paper, a move of a decimal or an accidental delete and your finances are gone.


You are only insured up to $250,000 by the FDIC per account is that game or what. If the bank falls your money is gone. Those in power break and build the economy all the time. The depression of the 20s as well as the 2000s was all orchestrated. Michael understood these things very well. He didn’t place value on money and possessions; they are nice creature comforts and decorate our environment but he understood that they were not the source of power; they are a result of creation.


Michael had become very vocal in his later years on the injustices and destruction of our world. He tried to speak and warn us many many times. If we all opened our hearts and minds and received his teachings the powers that be would have become even weaker than they are now in their control of Earth.


Michael has legions of fans and supporters that faint and scream with just one glance, the removal of his sunglasses made people pass out. The connectivity of Michael and his audience was simply and amazing experience, people hugging and holding hands, singing along with him in unison. A president or prime minister would be so lucky to have that adoration and TRUST.


On his own, with his own money, he is the most charitable human. More testaments to just how much money this man has and how he viewed such things, as he gave nearly a billion dollars away and he was still financially wealthy beyond any wildest dreams. Look at it people, the stories they tell are lies.

Michael wasn’t just killed for publishing and money, those things are too simple to take (look at the many bankrupt stars that has been ripped of everything) as the system works hand and hand with all its agencies and parts….we have discussed this.

A forgery here and a lost document there, a paid off judge over there and bam they have just stolen his estate his catalog his publishing everything….  You see how easy it was to forge the Will. Publishing and money was never the real goal or quest, it’s a surface trap to keep us distracted so that we don’t discover just how ugly and ruthless this all is. If Michael murder has not woke people, if a man being killed in cold blood in his home has not indicated just how grave of a situation we are facing I don’t know what will.

We have become complacent as a people were murders can take place and we don’t bat an eye lash. Murders on individual as well as the murder of a nation thru war, Earth have problems; this is a worldwide coup to commence certain agendas and Michael was revealing and trying to put a stop to these plans. Michael became enemy of state….Michael has been on the inside of things forever, do you think it’s a coincidence that all these people wanted to sit and discuss with him.


The Reagans and the Clintons and Princess Diana, Nelson Mandela and Prime Ministers and University Presidents….. Michael has all these powerful associates; do you really think they just talked of his talent. Side bar guys: Is it just me or when you heard Michael had all these financial problems didn’t you wonder with a globe full of rich and powerful friends, why couldn’t any or all of them throw some millions and/or flex their well-connected muscle at the situation and make it go away. NOOOOO they never wanted it to, more validity this is a systemic conspiracy against Michael and he saw that. Rabbis and Imams …Sheiks and Sultans all wanted to be in his company not only for his immense money generating  ability (again the powerful don’t subscribe to money the way we do… that’s just a ruse and distraction for us….they know it’s not real it’s a concept that they created.


Listen to Michael’s song Money) but they wanted to know what made him…. Him. They wanted to learn from him, have knowledge of his ways with the world, how his mind works and how he was able to obtain the Love and Respect of hundreds of millions. Have you seen his History trailer; impressive, to say the least. You think the powers weren’t in awe and jealous at the same time of that? “How dare he”, is what they were probably thinking, “a fucking kid from Gary, Indiana…..” “We made him, Grammys, awards, accolades…. Ed Sullivan.”  Our media worshipped him argh argh they’d moan.  


And now this… he betrayed us, he won’t do as instructed. Heal The World; Love the World, We Are The World, grrrrrrr. He won’t sell our projects, he won’t come on TV, he got all this control within our fold, look what he done with ATV and now the Japanese and Sony. How…what…. we didn’t see this coming. Michael: “being the type of artist that I am they thought my mind was only on singing and dancing and normally is, they didn’t expect this artist to out think them”.   Who was supposed to be watching him, who do we have…somebody was supposed to be watching this beep…. Beep…. Beep…. beep….


He has all this power now he can totally operate independent of us (you can’t, no one can have that type of wealth on our planet if you don’t have certain alignments with the powers, that’s just the truth)


 He bought himself back he sits at the decision table now how the fuck did this happen, arrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhh. He’s trying to stop the exploitation and over commercialization of music. Entertainment is our bread and butters, a multi-trillion or more industry we need this to control and seduce the people…. He must be stopped.  Do you know how many mad heated meetings the powers had over Michael? Oh my I just see him with that mischievous smile laughing it up and popping his collar. It wasn’t always about fear and sadness as Mike is a rebel. The game got uglier when they were drugging him and taking the fight out the board room as it became personal. He didn’t have any support and his inner circle was corrupt and he was alone and now had kids to care for. That trial fucked him up and I have to use that word as that is the only word I have now to explain the depth and gravity of that Arvizo blow


Michael showed them he knew what time it was, that none of that was what made him him. Michael would be great without their support and is… They can’t create anyone; they can only convince you that have. Michael knew better he knew just how much they needed him…. Look at Pepsi, need some sales throw Michael on the can, look at Sony….need capitol for your worldwide media domination, buy CBS to get Michael the best-selling artist of all time and get your hands on ATV, do a distribution deal all the way till 2017, get down with This Is It the best-selling documentary of all time. Their sales in electronics had long since deflated with people like Bill Gates and Dell and Phillips Magnovox. Not to mention that crazy mess that went down with the beta tape Sony profits were horrible.


They needed and rely on profits from their entertainment arm to fund various world projects; these are the ugly facts family. I Love to see Michael stick it to them. Go Michael!!  When it’s all said and done; thousands of years from now, Michael will go down as one of the greatest in history. More truths will come out about him and he will be studied like all the rest. Do we really have to wait that long people, I surely hope not. “Every day we create our history” again listen to what he saying to you, don’t just bop ya head and pass out.


People always want to learn from the world’s greats, society law and philosophy are based on these men and women; a portion of them all form our world today just look all around you.  We had it with Michael in real time. No digging in the past and trying to figure out. Michael was here in the flesh and we all bore witness. Michael can create and lead any movement he wanted, a Michael turned politico is a force to be reckoned with… John John as we lovingly called John F Kennedy Jr., got taken out too, once he decided to go into politics; all while he shied away from it he was safe.


Michael’s approval and alignment was more valuable than an Oprah pitch….. You see her now trying to save here struggling OWN network with constant visits to the Jacksons 😉 With all the clout that he has, the world would most definitely begin to change in whichever direction he went. Don’t say oh blogger is bugging, blogger sounds like a zealous fan… no I’m not. I don’t believe in fandom, I’m a supporter and an admirer and that’s my brother. I always see the bigger picture; I don’t do good at riding the surface of a matter or just accepting anything.  Conformity is not a part of my DNA…. Look at it now….. his murder made the planet stop remember, the web crashed and he controlled major news networks for weeks on end 24 hrs a day.


President Obama’s historic visit to Russia was ignored and he was mad that he didn’t coverage and while congress…. US congress took  a moment of silence for Michael. Obama wouldn’t speak of him until all around him did and he realized that it wouldn’t be in his best interest to ignore the matter publicly any longer. Go on look this up, it’s all there.  He is the most famous being on the planet, just think about it.

The world has already changed in many ways in part to him, after his death people began looking in areas and under trees… dealing with topics they would never have given thought to. It’s not farfetched guys we all impact and change the world, give yourselves some more credit. Michael is the King of POP-ulation. Population is the people; Pop Music is short for popular music…music of the population. Pop Culture is the culture of the population, culture of the people. Michael Jackson is the King of People, just as the extremely popular Princes Diana of Wales is the People’s Princess. They try to simplify him and confine him to one school of thought, the constant character attacks, belittling him with search of his nude body…accusing of crimes that all in the world hate, was all designed to take away the Love and Trust that the people have for him and more importantly that he has for himself.


Gossip is a very destructive device as it leads to the death of one’s spirit. Mental abuse is far more detrimental than physical abuse. One can have legal consequences for slander; think about why that is. The powers all knew what Michael is and for many years tried to charm him to be their representation… he wouldn’t and he couldn’t. The acts that were carried out against Michael were very passionate and personal… Look deeper than the surface family look beyond what you are being told by media and the like.


I know this may make some of you uncomfortable and that surely is not my intent. We must look at it all to get the truth. We can’t turn a blind eye to these issues and realities that we may or may not be ready to face… there is no need to fear anything as long as Love resides within you. Michael was fearless, he saw these things and spoke to them. Let’s all do the same.  Censorship is control and its keeps us ignorant. Information is power, when you know better you do better Maya Angelou says. It’s time now to wake up, don’t let Michael’s death be in vain just as the many teachers that came before him….I Love kicking it with yall, let’s move on with our update 😉


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