Truth VS John Branca

Truth VS John Branca


By To MJ Respect Is Due
April 24th 2012



Joseph Jackson father of Michael Jackson has found himself in a very sensitive situation. Still grieving the loss of his son Michael, back on June 25th 2009; Mr. Joseph Jackson made an attempt to explore the validity of the appointment of John Branca and his kids’ childhood “friend” John McClain as executors of the Michael Jackson estate. Immediately after Michael died, his mother Mrs. Katherine Jackson took emergency control of her son’s estate (rightfully) and gained temporary custody of his three children.  With no known Will and Michael not being married his estate would naturally go to his next of kin, this would be his Mother and/or Father, being that his heirs are minors. July 1th2009, John Branca filed a will out of thin air (But Signed the probate paperwork on June 29th 2009, only four days after Michael Jackson Murder), a will that no one knew existed and entered it into the Probate court of California.

This Will said to have been signed by Michael on July 7th 2002, gave John Branca and John McClain the appointment of executors of the Michael Jackson Estateand total control of all business and personal matters. What theatrics on behalf of Branca and McClain with the chosen date to enter the Will; the same day and month of the Will’s supposed signing nearly seven years earlier. Since the introduction of this Will into the California Probate court, Mrs. Jackson has gained permanent custody of her grand-children and put on an allowance. What many of you may or may not know is that, none of the Jackson family has been granted permission to sit on the board of the estate of their own brother and son since its been hijacked by John Branca and John McClain. The Jackson family, parents included, have to ask permission from the estate executors in order to use their son and brother’s name in any commercial way, this includes Michael’s likeness. When did the business become or has it always been this dirty that a family has to get permission to do business on behalf or with their Loved one posthumous.


On record the Michael Jackson Estate is worth more than one billion dollars.   (1,000,000,000) Michael’s estate contains his Sony/ATV catalog that of which Michael owns half, the other half belonging to his former label Sony. He was not only the record company’s best selling artist, he also was a member of the board of directors. With full veto privileges, the soft spoken man in the mirror, was and still is a very powerful force in the world of entertainment. Within the estate are real property and companies amassed by Michael over his 40 plus years in the music industry; as well as his privately owned publishing company MiJac which consists of Michael’s own music as well as some familiar Joes. like Sly and the family Stone, Ray Charles and Curtis Mayfield just to name a few. MiJac is said to be worth about 450 million dollars on record. The Michael Jackson Family Trust also exists within the estate of Michael Jackson and this family trust governs the hundreds of millions of liquid dollars Michael left and will continue to earn for his children and family. Gross income generated on behalf of Michael since his passing goes into the estate and the net which is the balance of the gross minus operational fees { ie: bills, taxes, executor fess, lawyers, payroll to past and current employees etc….} goes into the family trust for his three kids, Prince Paris and Blanket along with his mother Katherine Jackson and unnamed charities. Giving you just a glimpse of the aforementioned, you gain a better understanding of just how important and invaluable the estate of Michael Jackson really is. Not just its ability to make obscene amounts of money that we humans rarely see. Billions were made by Michael in life, so must it be upwards of a trillion in death. (I’ll explain this theory later) As equally important if not more…. is Michael’s legacy, which the executors of his estate are sworn to keep intact.
Whenever you want to do business with Michael posthumous you must get approval from the estate executors John Branca and John McClain. The two Johns (rightfully named pimps if you ask me) are to act on behalf of Michael, they are supposed to do what Michael would do if he were here. Whether it be putting out an album, producing a movie, acquiring a sampling his music or using his likeness. All must get approval from the estate of Michael Jackson. How it works, in the eyes of the law, the estate executors are in fact the deceased and expected to uphold the wishes of, do business as and make decisions as would the deceased do for him or herself. It’s quite obvious, that executors of an estate would have to have a very intimate relationship with the departed, understanding their world view, goals and aspirations. Be in sync with their heart and mind. Have a tremendous amount of Respect and Love for the departed in Truth…. in order to execute the executor’s office with integrity.
In 1984 Michael was advised by John Branca his then business/entertainment lawyer about the sale of ATV publishing which contained the songs of the Beatles among many other European artists. According to those in the know, this ATV package also came with a few buildings, a recording studio and life insurance policies held against the Beatles.  Associated Television (ATV) purchased Pye Records and started the ATV music publishing company so that it could make money off the PYE Records songs it owned after acquiring the record company in 1957. In 1968, ATV bought the Lennon-McCartney song catalog which was held under Northern Songs. Michael bought ATV music publishing, PYE Records and Northern Song along with these companies’ long list of assets for 47.5mil in 1984/5. Michael bought this out right with no other investors, with his own money. By the time Michael was 27 years old he was already a billionaire. Thriller paid off handsomely selling hundreds of millions of albums worldwide and it’s still selling to this day. Thriller sold and sells the most copies of an album in the history of recorded music.
Do you still think that Michael died broke and in debt? (We’ll get back to that.) The media likes to toot the Beatles’ songs as the crème de la crème of the catalog. Yet this catalog grew under Michael’s care and once merged with Sony has the songs of every major and minor artist in the music industry past present and future.  The Beatles catalog is not as impressive of a coup (not unless you want bragging rights in the America vs. Britain rivalry) when compared to owning half of music period.   Sony/ATV forms the second largest publishing house in the world. Sony/ATV bought country music publisher Acuff-Rose. Acuff-Rose is affiliated with BMI and had a record label called Milene Music and Milene handled country music ASCAP composers. Acuff-Rose also operated Hickory Records; they of course owned the rights to and published the songs by the Hickory Records artists. In Nashville, there was another huge country music publishing house, which was Tree International; also acquired by Sony/ATV. Tree International and the Acuff-Rose music publishing houses, dominated the country music publishing industry owning all of country music songs. Now Michael and Sony own both publishing houses. What this means in plain English, is that, the majority of country music song are owned by Michael Jackson and Sony. Just pick a country music star anyone of them. Hank Williams, Loretta Lynn, Gene Autry, Sophie Tucker, Johnny Cash, Garth Brooks, Kelly Pickler, Reba McIntyre, Kenny Rogers, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban and the list goes on and on and on. These stars performed songs and written songs for the Acuff-Rose catalog. Go on pick one and then look it up; I’ll wait… You’ll see that the country music genre. her songs and her song writers are all owned by Sony/ATV. How much do you suppose country music makes a year? Keep in mind this is just the country music arm of the Sony/ATV music publishing empire.


To truly understand the significance of a music catalog and its publishing rights; you must know that each time a song is played, there is what is called a royalty that is paid to the song writer, artist, composer or whoever owns the rights to the song. Every single time the body of work is used payment goes to the owner(s), whether it’s a 3 second sample to its full 3 – 5 minutes use. No one is exempt from paying for the used material. In buildings the music you hear in the elevator, pumped through the speakers of your favorite shopping mall and what you listen to while on hold when placing a call to a company are all subject to paying royalties to the songs’ owner. Radio stations must pay too, to use music on the radio.
Commercials, movies, video games, news broadcast, television shows, talk shows, the music we digitally download also gets a royalty pay day. Whenever there is sound there is payment due to the owner of that sound. Sound is the backdrop to our entire society, there will never be anything that you experience without sound, without music.. Please understand the magnitude of this thing called music publishing. You read earlier where I stated that on record such and such is said to be worth xyz amount of money. I say this because if you truly understand what publishing is and how everything has music in our world, then you know the money that is generated is an infinitely high number that’s forever climbing. The more music you own, the more it’s played, the more money you make. With Sony/ATV being the second largest music publishing house in the world and soon to capture EMI; you have to realize that the revenue received has to be into the Trillions of dollars. One of music’s artist, whom also happens to be the greatest entertainer in the world, whom also happens to hold the record for selling the most amount of records in the history of recorded music.. generates all by himself billions and billions of dollars.
Michael owns his own music thru his private music publishing company MiJac and with his half ownership of Sony/ATV which owns the rest of music as a whole. How can we believe, false media reports, false accounting ledgers and books stating that Michael Jackson was broke and in debt? Just who exactly are the ones that produce these numbers or the ledgers that we hold true? Michael could spend extravagantly (if this is true) for the rest of his life and it wouldn’t put a crack in his bank account. Michael can live off the interest of interest of interests, banks being what they are, before he even scratches the principle of his fortune. The media and business world like to say that he was spending more than what was coming in. Again, Michael Jackson owns half of music; Michael Jackson is a musical juggernaut all on his own. With his publishing and various other businesses, Michael always had an exorbitant income. Michael wasn’t just in the music game; he also has real property and other businesses that generated millions of dollars.
Michael Jackson wherever he is in the world, his name – his legacy, what he stands for, along with his likeness will forever generate profits. Michael Jackson trademarks, merchandise and the licensing out of his brand; the iconic picture of him standing on his toes or perhaps the image of him standing with his arms stretched out, how about Michael in that poise held tilted down and finger tips caressing the brim of his fedora right before kills a performance of Billie Jean. All these images will forever be Michael and these trades will generate hundreds of millions of dollars as they always have; especially now after his murder. Every generation since 1968 has been a fan of Michael Jackson and the Jackson family. Children turning 2 years old in the millennium discover this beautiful Light and fall in Love with him and his music; his energy speak to our very cells. The picture begins to widen, we now can comprehend what Michael meant in terms of dollars and cents to an industry that he saved from financial ruin more times than the world will ever know. If on record Sony/ATV is worth a billion or more and MiJac is worth 450 million or more. We must always remember Michael has sold upwards of 800 million records and that’s based on what is reported. We know that this number is much much more.. People in the furthest reaches of the earth, with primitive technology and no real association with the rest of the world; know and listen to Michael Jackson music. His own catalog is surely worth more this stated amount. Sony/ATV and MiJac are worth way more than what’s reported.


Sony/ATV bought the Lieber and Stoller music catalog which to its credit owns songs likes of Elvis’ smash hits, Hound Dog and Jailhouse Rock.  Elvis was a phenomena and America adored the music and movie star. Like the Beatles, Elvis had legions of fans fainting and screaming in the streets. Elvis memorabilia and Grace Land exhibits, not to mention the hologram generated Elvis Presley in concert stage show that began in 1998; it’s a highly popular tour and rakes in millions of dollars each year. There is even a world tour set for the UK in 2012. Elvis was never worldwide he performed outside the US a hand full of times and they were 5 concerts that took place in Canada.
The media in their write ups the upcoming tour, call it The King Is Back 2012. Is this to set the stage for a similar tour with Michael or an attempt to erase who the real King is? (That’s a question and a blog for another time you can count on that.) How many times do you think Hound Dog and Jail House Rock have been played and for how many decades and for how many more to come? Elvis died in 1977, it’s been more than 30 years and people still can’t get enough of him. You do know how invaluable an Elvis sighting is?


Paramount Pictures opened its doors in 1912, now owned by Viacom, with its music and music publishing owned by Sony/ATV. Paramount is the third oldest movie studio still in existence; it used to be known as Famous Players. 80 years of being the company’s music publishing arm, Famous Music, was bought by Michael and Sony in 2007. Paramount Pictures is responsible for block buster hits like Star Trek (Have you seen what Star Trek has done financially for Gene Roddenberry? Imagine what its sound has done for Michael and Sony) Forrest Gump, The Titanic and the Mission Impossible Franchise all by Paramount Pictures and its sound owned licensed and operated by Sony/ATV. Paramount‘s extensive history in the movie business has hundreds of classic iconic movies that we must also include into the equation. A quick, internet search of Paramount Pictures will refresh your memory on the numerous hits that span back over 8 decades.
Can you say caching? $$$$$ Sony/ATV also owns music produced scored and used under and by DreamWorks as Viacom also now owns DreamWorks. Such as with Paramount Pictures; Famous Music whom was the sole music publishing company for the motion picture house; with DreamWorks under its umbrella, Famous Music ran their music publishing as well. DreamWorks, once owned by Steven Spielberg, Spielberg and Michael along with Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen were the founding fathers of DreamWorks in the conceptualization days. This is the SKG that you see under the DreamWorks logo. Michael was later pushed out the venture, Michael’s boy in the moon insignia seen throughout his NeverLand Ranch was used by DreamWorks; a minor change here and there this emblem can be and was stolen without much detection save the parties who were there in the beginning. Seeing as how things turned out for SKG, business is also yet another area that Michael dominates and is not to be fucked with. I wonder how much money is owed to Michael from the stolen trademark.


In 1980 John Branca became Michael Jackson’s lawyer and business advisor.  John Branca, was also representing Michael’s record label and soon future business partner Sony. During recording contract negotiations, as with many major contracts of all sorts, there were moral clauses set in place. Multimillion dollar contracts of even the New York Yankees athletes have moral clauses in place. Anything that would be viewed as morally defunct in the eyes of God and state would have Michael forfeit his contract and all the perks it contained.
Why wouldn’t Michael agree to such a thing? He has nothing to hide, is an outstanding role model and his aim was always to show share and teach the world Love. So he happily signed, as it fell in line with his mission of peace. For many years Michael was a Jehovah’s Witness and the Elders of that institution, one man and one woman dubbed the men in black followed Michael all over the world on video shoots and during concerts. The shadowing was supposedly to ensure that Michael’s integrity stayed intact and that he was not acting in ways that would embarrass the Jehovah Witness organization, himself and the Lord.
Someone was always on Michael, always watching him. It appears many were vested in the interest of Michael’s supposed morality, if such morality is under contract and if he slipped many would gain to profit. It makes even more sense that the powers that be had a motive to frame him for child molestation, orchestrate faulty lawsuits and eventually take his life. Unbeknownst to Michael there was a sinister plan in place, the demise of Michael Jackson was a plan many years in the making; it was a multi-layered plan that possibly began since the overwhelming response to his solo career. Even at the heights of his stardom when he appeared to be Loved and adored by the very people that would later bring him down, there was most definitely a waiting in the bushes so to speak.  Something of this depth and magnitude would take a lot of time, people, pay offs, actors and con artists. Siege was placed on the Michael Jackson Nation and the being of Michael.


When John Branca became Michael’s attorney and business advisor, he and Michael became fast friends and went on to pull off major business coups. He was said to understand Michael’s vision. People that would meet Michael Loved to be in his company and bask in his light. People felt powerful and alive in his company, there are many reports of this. With his accomplishments, Michael remained humble and tangible.
There is no doubt, that John enjoyed Michael, the issue became his gluttonous need for power that overrode the matters of the heart.   Michael was even the best man at one of John’s weddings and had Bubbles attend as a plus one. Michael believed in and trusted his then friend Branca. He had become invaluable to Michael and was viewed as a trusted advisor; he had made many of his business dreams come true.  Branca later went on to exploit and abuse that relationship. The thing is.. game becomes very sophisticated at the level Michael operated on; those in power will intertwine your heart’s desire with their own self indulgent agendas. It’s always a how can this work for me train of thought.
If you want a catalog you shall have it, solely because at a later date, I feel it to be easier to take it from you. Michael’s enormous cash generating abilities was top priority for the corporate big wigs; these funds would go on to be the seed money for various projects. Keep in mind that Michael made billions and billions of dollars for Sony; millions upon millions for his mangers lawyers accountants charities as well as the multitude of religious figures heads that would come and out trying to win his endorsement. Michael and his power and his money were sought after by many. Michael has the support of that planet, with roughly 6 billion inhabitants on earth; you can only imagine what his endorsement would mean to various entities.
Upon Michael’s death, the World Wide Web crashed, all networks talked about Michael 24hrs a day for weeks to come and when our regularly scheduled programming returned; CNN continued round the clock coverage of Michael. A Michael turned Politico is a Michael that is far too dangerous for those that want to continue their control and manipulation of the world. As Michael‘s sole endorsement is for Peace and Love. Men and Women that have the heart and adoration of hundreds of millions of people are dangerous to the power structure. Such men and women meet suspicious deaths; just look throughout history and the devastation and heartbreak is there.


John Branca was instrumental in securing the funds for Michael’s famed Thriller video. In the 80’s videos weren’t as prolific and theatrical as Thriller. Michael pioneered music videos and would help shape and form the standard. In the 80’s, music videos cost roughly $50,000 dollars. Michael and his affinity for horror movies had an idea about what he wanted to do with Thriller, creating an actual thriller night. He solicited John Landis director of the movie An American Werewolf in London. In the Thriller video Michael too would turn into a werewolf, so he of course sought out the best that could help him with that job.
Michael however was a little hesitant about Thriller’s direction as he didn’t want to offend the Watch Tower’s Jehovah witness which at the time he was still a member. John Branca assured him it would be no issue and would later advise as would his handlers (handlers, there goes that word again, in our faces we are told what it is) to write a disclaimer before the video aired. It’s obvious that after the video’s release, The Watch Tower Elders had issue with Thriller and wanted to be clear on whether or not Michael was supporting the occult; but of course he wasn’t. Michael forged ahead with the production of the Thriller video after Branca secured the 1.2 million dollars to make the video. He did so by giving the cable network ShowTime the rights to, the making of Thriller the video, which at the time was something that had never been done before. Michael’s vision came to life, becoming the most watched and expensive video to date at that time.
Michael Loved pioneering things, he was an innovator and if you had the ability to help him bring his dream to life you were aces in his book. He understood early on that life is a team effort. It just so happens that everyone unfortunately isn’t of that same humanitarian mindset, the ones that claim to be in support of more times than not had their own selfish plans in mind. Going back to the moral clauses, which are in Michael’s contracts, as well as the shadowing by the Elders of the Watch Tower.  It would seem that Branca and Michael’s then handlers had plans to separate Michael from the Jehovah Witness. Isolation is the first stage of abuse and exploitation..his family and real friends would come next.
Once all alone Branca and his cronies can all move in for the literal kill.On December 2nd 1983 the Thriller video was released. In 1984, John Branca told Michael about the ATV catalog being for sale and advised him to buy. The Thriller album had made Michael a billionaire virtually overnight and Michael surely had the capitol to purchase it all on his own. McCartney didn’t have the money to get his songs back even after Beatle mania. Paul McCartney was to team up with John Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono for the sale. Negotiations between the two fell through and Michael went ahead with the purchase with Yoko’s blessing. Also in 1984 on January 27th Michael was injured severely by what was said to be an accident in a Pepsi Generation commercial filmed at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. The Free Masonic, Al Malaikah Temple built in 1906 was burned down in 1920 and resurrected as the Shrine Auditorium. The Shrine is still owned by the Al Malaikah Temple company. Interesting to also note, the Shrine in the Shrine Auditorium is also the Shrine of the Shriners organization which is a faction of the Free Masons. As we have all researched and heard the world’s powerful men and women of government and corporation are in fact members of the Free Masons. I don’t know about you, but the pattern here seems quite apparent as I don’t believe in coincides. I personally believe the Pepsi incident was the first attempt on Michael’s life. He had amassed extreme wealth, had just obtained the catalog that had within it the music of the highly successful Beatles and though I haven’t confirmed this as of yet. John Branca entertainment lawyer extraordinaire had to of had power of attorney of some sort. Surely if he didn’t, he could pay and join forces with those who had. If Michael had not survived back in 1984, would what has happened since his death in 2009 with Branca and McClain controlling everything; been the case back then?
In 1995, John brokered the deal where Michael would own half of Sony Music publishing and Sony would own half of Michael’s ATV Music publishing catalog. Again gross conflict of interest on behalf of Mr.  John Branca. But wait..this Sony ATV merger happened in 1995. Let’s hop back 2 years to 1993. In 1993 Michael was on his worldwide Dangerous tour. This was the same year that Evan Chandler accused Michael of molesting his then 13 year old son Jordan Chandler.   Jordan’s mother June Chandler at first denied that such a thing had happened and then later changed her story to cooberate with her ex husband.
The case never went to trial as Michael wished; he wanted to delay the civil trial against him to start with his criminal trial as he was assured he would be found innocent. With nothing to hide he made a push for the criminal case to go forward but the courts denied this motion. The civil trial was ongoing and Michael had to take a break from his Dangerous Tour to tend to this matter. As a Sony record artist and all they had invested into the success of his tour supposedly. Sony insisted that Michael settle so that he can get on with his tour and the loss of astronomical amounts of money wouldn’t occur. Michael was advised by John Branca to settle as well as Johnny Cochran. Michael and lead council Bert Fields along with private investigator Anthony Pellicano whom interviewed Jordan and revealed that Jordan himself said it never happened wanted to fight the charges as they knew this was an extortion plot.
Pellicano later revealed that every year there was some type of extortion plot or death threat against Michael. Evan the father wanted Michael to fund his screenwriting ambitions, add a wing to his home and attempted to extort millions of dollars from him. The scheme to falsely accuse Michael of child molestation was a scheme to ruin his money making ability as well as his character in the eyes of the world, the originator of the scheme came from a high up powerful source. That came out when a taped conversation between Evan Chandler and June’s new husband (the child’s stepfather) was taped. Michael standing ever strong said no and thus the false allegations were under way. Again there is a morals clause among other things in Michael’s Sony recording contract.
When this allegation didn’t derail Michael’s popularity or stop attendance at his record breaking tours, Sony along with Branca and the hidden others realized they underestimated Michael. So he was told to settle so that he can go back to making their money and they would come back another day. If in fact Sony was truthful, about their own morals and felt so strongly to instrument such a clause; it’s quite a huge contradiction to want to do business with Michael two years later to merge the two’s publishing catalogs if the allegations had any real merit to them. The taint alone would have shied Sony away from wanting to business with Michael, yet they did.


This is because they too knew the allegations were a set up and one that they helped orchestrate. Years before Sony had attempted to buy ATV and Michael said the catalog is not for sale. Sony apparently felt a certain type of way about being denied something they wanted so badly. During the Chandler allegations, then Santa Barbara district attorney had it bad for Michael hated his guts and this hired dog as he is coined Thomas Mad Dog Sneddon ordered the strip search of Michael Jackson. In true, slave Massa fashion. Michael was put on a platform in his home asked to take off his clothes while men in note pads walked around him and surveyed and took notes and photographs of his body. He had to lift his penis, and spread his buttocks and take poses for various shots.


How humiliating this must have been for this shy sensitive soul. With his vitaligo a source of insecurity and privacy. to have to reveal his nude body and its blotches had to have been hell on earth. Putting physicality to the side, to be demanded to stand nude in the face of those who are against you, without being able to say or defend yourself, is yet another mental mind fuck to break one’s spirit. My heart breaks for him and the cruelty he had to endure. Just as when we were stolen and brought over to America and the Caribbean during the Atlantic passage.


Many of my fellow brothers and sisters stood on auction blocks while Massa surveyed us and fondled our most intimate parts to see how they worked and if they would work for them. Our teeth were checked and bodily strength was examined as if a thoroughbred race horse was being up for sale. The bidding wars would begin, and such with Michael the war against him was on. So much more was to come; the stripping of Michael was a long drawn out death; one that would eventually take his empire and his life. Oh why, oh why couldn’t John make it happen Branca or the infamous if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit Johnny Cochran make this stop.


If everyone else in the world with power can waive their wallets and make shit go away, especially injustices of this caliber as the rich as a rule get treated far better and with more respect than we do. Surely Michael could have. This was never intended to go away; this all was part of the Big Plan. You must ask yourselves, why the law would delay a criminal trial to let a civil monetary trial go through first. It was always about the money and all the hands that got greased. You’d think as much as Sneddon hated Michael he would Love nothing more than to see him in jail. Interesting to note, that in the state of California, insurance companies have the right to settle matters even if the insured wishes not to.


The insurance company takes priority to derail any such actions that could result in gross losses of monies. Michael was on world tour, a canceled tour would mean hundreds of millions of dollars in losses for Sony and the insurer of the tour.   In this case, Michael’s insurance company settled this matter again with the advice of Branca. Insurance companies are big entities one of the power brokers of the world, as a powerful entity they too would be able to grease the palms of state officials and the like.


We must open our eyes and face what we do not want to. The settlement happened and Michael canceled the rest of his world tour. With many sleepless nights, injury and stress and men in suits telling him what to do, Michael became listless, would not eat or drink and dependent on prescription drugs; so he checked himself into rehab. I’m so sorry we didn’t know..


Now back to the Pepsi attempt, Michael was clean in body, a vegan, not even an aspirin did he ingest. This powerful man wasn’t able to be killed at that time, but his schemata changed drastically after that day. Burns and 3rd degrees ones to the skull is excruciatingly painful. Burn victims many times have to go into medically induced comas to escape the pain. Michael vigilant and strong never lost consciousness and for the longest while did not want any drugs even if it meant dealing with the pain. Eventually on the advice of doctors and those in his camp, he did. They all kept stating the show must go on and that he would need to be 100% not to disappoint his fans. His family, his family of fans, the children of the world. is Michael’s Achilles heel; he’d do and endure anything for us. For Michael, it’s all about the Love of the world, Michael needed more of that Love for himself, and it is due him.


The various drugs that he had to take to subdue this pain were drugs with addictive properties. I mean think about it. Michael had endured a very difficult procedure to re-graft the skin of his scalp. Rods were placed under his skin on top his head whereas balloons were inserted underneath the raised skin. Why you say? Well the thought was to raise the skin as far above the head as possible so that new skin could grow underneath and the raised skin would be removed along with its severe scaring and calluses that would cause great pain.


Michael was burned on top his pineal gland this is the master organ that is pretty much the headquarters of the human body.  The pineal gland controls all the other glands in our system, it regulates hormones and sleep patterns, it controls all. You know when we are babies and when dealing with babies we must protect the soft spot on top baby’s head. This soft spot is also the seat of the crown chakra and where the alignment with the divine begins and the energy of life enters.


Michael was burned in his soft spot people, to his skull were his bones were exposed. Understand what this man went through. You know Motown 25 where he wowed the world revealing the moon walk for the first time? Well remember, Michael had just been burned. Do you realize what it took to be able to perform and go on to perform around the world at that caliber? With stress and lawsuits and pain and heart break and slander and accusations.. is it a wonder that this medical induced state gave him some type of solace. No judgment here! The thing is that, this state left him even more vulnerable to the praying fangs of these vampires. There is supposed to be a law in place that protects us from such business happenings like signing power of attorney or a will or giving access to one’s money under such mental states. This is seen as duress. Why didn’t these laws come into play for Michael?


The reason why they didn’t was because the law was working against Michael. The corporations, government and the law are one in the same. Please don’t take my word for it or view this as some conspiracy that should be discredited, I encourage all my readers to seek discover and find the truth. Knowledge and Love are the only TRUE powers. Ok so now Michael and Sony have joined their publishing and became the number two power in the world.


This put Michael in a very unique position. He now as record label artist owns half of said label. He sat on the board of directors and had full veto privileges, he attended all board meetings. Did you know Michael was also instrumental in the sale of CBS records to Sony concluding the deal on the last leg of his Bad world tour in Japan? Michael was a business wiz; he just didn’t fully understand the nature of the beast or maybe like many us he thought he could change them by example, it’s probably the latter. Michael operates under a different awareness and fair business practices.


It would be some time before he grows to know the dirtiness and cut throat of big business. With Michael’s veto he could turn down permission to use any song in the extensive catalog of more than a half a million songs at the time. That catalog would soon contain all of music. We must go back to the facts that music is our life and it is a part of everything that we do. Sony wanting to exploit that knowing to the fullest would surely be annoyed by Michael if he didn’t agree to allow the use of certain songs on certain multimillion dollar projects.


Michael could veto and Sony could veto, if both sides didn’t agree then there would be no deal; both sides had to agree unanimously for a deal or project to go through. Music is Michael’s life and his immense respect for the craft afforded him the wisdom to not allow its usury. Sony could care less and Michael’s heart was in the way and not something they wanted to deal with in the business world. They needed this catalog all to themselves. They needed Michael out of the way, but they also needed Michael to bring in artists and they needed Michael to generate gross amounts of money for the company so that they can further their endeavors of worldwide media control.


Sony is pioneers in electronics such as audio devices cameras and computers. They make the chips within the computers as well as manufacture and distribute the computer itself. They make the small parts that also make up the cameras that they also manufacture and distribute. These are personal cameras and video cameras as well as commercial grade cameras used in television and to produce film. They make the television that you watch from the movie they made with the studio camera they produced.


Sony will then deliver the sound to you from the songs they own, on the radio or playing a CD, their very own compact disk or in the beginning when personal portable music was created; it was the WalkMan. Sony has put its stamp on all portions of the market. These products are vital to the multi-media industry that delivers the world its information; an on purpose designed agenda driven information. I like to call this disinformation.


There isn’t one household that Sony isn’t a part of in some type of way. With them having a strong hold on this market and the distribution of equipment that produces sound and images. Now having the all the music and taking a major role in imagery with the likes of Sony Pictures you have to see what’s before your eyes; a worldwide coup, for global dominance, at Michael’s expense with their man Branca as the puppeteer. Michael would have seen the foreign corporation coming and did when he initially turned the deal down. as he is a savvy business man. Yet his friend and confidant John Branca; he wouldn’t see coming or know what hit him until much too late.Lets fast forward to 2001, Michael began to see the reality of the dirtiness that has been dubbed the industry. Walter Yetnikoff was no longer top dog at Sony it was now Tommy Mattola someone Michael also rallied for when he was up for the top spot. Mattola the charmer and former husband of close friend Mariah Carey claimed to mirror Michael’s vision. Branca had just renegotiated a recording deal for Michael worth a record breaking 700 million dollars, some say it was for much more. I see this as a deal that was never to be, they wanted to shelf Michael so that he couldn’t go anywhere else and make another label money or become an artist of his own label MJJ Music also known as MJJ Productions. With Michael tied up at Sony it appears that they were buying time before implementing the next plan to push him out. 700 million or more would be small change in comparison to what they stood to gain by taking hold of the entire Sony/ATV catalog. In the eyes of the public they couldn’t look like they were against him, he is Michael Jackson a record deal for anything less would look like an obvious insult.


With certain maneuvers and scenarios in place like the upcoming arrest and child molestation charge and trial happening in 2005, these events would be used as reasons to release Michael from his contract and put him in a financial position where he would have to give up his half of the catalog. Michael was dropping his latest album Invincible. If you forced me (like how could you choose) to choose a favorite Michael Jackson album, it would be this one. Michael was very fond of Invincible himself. In this album Michael came to voice.


Michael wasn’t having anything anymore and he would sing about it and push for world Love and Peace while at the same time not being so soft about it. People foolishly take soft and kindness for a weakness;I myself experience this very thing. He sang about his strength and how they could never take him down ever, he would always keep coming back. This was another side of Michael I surely was glad he revealed. This album was number one all over the world as per usual a Michael Jackson album.


Yet in America were the likes of statistics are fudged and controlled it seemed to do nothing of what Michael’s numbers normally do. Fans and supporters could hardly find the actual album in stores. Michael was rightfully upset not only did his supposed friend Mattola turn enemy right before his eyes. The label of which he owns half of would not put their massive production and promotion budget behind him. Michael had to spend his own money to bring certain aspects of his vision to life. It was total sabotage and he knew it. So Michael took to the streets and spoke out for the first time publicly about Sony, about Mattola and about the conspiracy that was against him.


Michael was also wearing a bullet proof jacket daily, when out and about, as this is how serious things were behind the scenes. Michael joined forces with Al Sharpton and gave a beautiful speech at Sharpton’s    National Action Network in Harlem. Michael’s videos had been increasingly telling up to this point with the Black and White video’s extended versions talking to racism and the ways of the elitist; the hidden powers. Michael had been traveling around the world uniting the people and speaking out about the destruction of Earth.


Michael had upped his game and used his lyrics and videos to do it. You know, real talk, many execs behind the scenes were pissed off. They could no longer use the biggest commercial artist in the world for their agenda. Michael wasn’t doing anymore endorsements; he wasn’t making anymore appearances on the scale that they wanted, he wasn’t going to tour, he was vetoing the use and exploitation of other artists and their music.


Michael was ready to leave Sony and still own half of them and according to his knowledge around this time, his personal masters from his own extensive music catalog was to revert back to him. Michael had these men of glass towers by the balls and they knew it. They sorely underestimated him as he said during a rally in London against Sony they thought being the type of artist that I am, that my mind is just on singing and dancing and normally it is.


But they didn’t expect this artist to out think them. He was walking away free and clear, only owing a box set, some number ones and a hand full of new songs. Well this was easy for Mike as he wrote 120 or more songs per album, he got songs lying around he could toss them and be done. With the Japanese and their unhealthy obsession with honor (no offense) this enraged them.Branca, feeling his ass to be next on the chopping block, I suppose..this is when he started embezzling Michael’s money to offshore accounts with none other than Tommy Mattola.


Tommy would be on board as Michael got his ass tossed from his esteemed seat at Sony.   February 3rd 2003 Michael terminated John Branca in writing (see attached letter in the court document link) asking that he turn over all personal and business matters to his new representation. Branca failed to deliver the will. This is the very will now in question that’s dated 7/7/2002 and signed in Los Angeles. On 7/7/2002 Michael was in New York on video boycotting with Al Sharpton at the Sony offices on 5th avenue.


Family Trust documents that were supposedly dated and signed March 2002 were also withheld by Branca.  John Branca never resigned, although publicly he pretended to by furnishing over all business and personal document as requested by Michael’s termination letter save the will and the trust which is the money. He still acted on his behalf behind the scenes in regards to the will and trust. Also in 2003 Michael had an investigation done into the business practices of Branca and Mattola in regards to his money.


Michael discovered that Branca and Matolla were embezzling from him and funneling monies to offshore accounts in the Caribbean. Interfor in New York, investigated February March and handed over a portion of the final report April 15th 2003. Caribbean off shore accounts are the secret banking of the IRS known as the Puerto Rican trust; some research around the net and this can be proved. The Interfor report confirmed that there were illegal practices between Branca and Mattola whereas they did in fact funnel money to offshore accounts and this was the direct result of why Michael fired Branca.


Before being fired Branca was a trustee of Sony/ATV. John McClain remember him, the Jackson kids’ high school friend? He was the trustee of the Michael’s MiJac. Michael fired him as well along with Barry Siegel.  Mike asked for books and ledgers and Branca nor McClain turned any over. For many years Branca and his firm while representing Michael made many agreements and business transactions on behalf of Michael with the public regarding his songs, music licensing and the Sony/ATV catalog.


Mike believed the embezzled money was from these licensing agreements. Branca never provided accounting or dollar amounts of said deals and receipts. This is such a shady shake down; millions of dollars in revenue can easily disappear by these snakes. Michael pretty much generated the capitol for an entire industry that turned on him. Michael Jackson should very well be a Trillionaire or very close to it and one of the richest men to ever walk the face of the earth. In the industry there’s so much money coming in from an infinite amount of avenues, there is equally an infinite amount of avenues where this money can become unaccounted for.


While representing Michael during the years 1993-1998, Branca took a 5% stake in all of Mike’s performances and businesses and then further without permission or ethics he took a 5% ownership of the Sony/ATV catalog. This is gross conflict of interest for the aforementioned reasons. All this, while supposedly representing Michael’s interests involving said transactions.


Branca violated lawyer client pact by taking a stake in client’s business… this is against the law and grounds for disbarment. The system is in bed together and they all looked the other way and had their pockets lined to do so. With so much money unaccounted for and not registered in the so call means of accounting. Branca has depleted Michael of hundreds of millions over the years. He has not been audited. He has not become transparent with his own finances. If on record Michael was reported to be a billionaire, imagine how much more he is worth if we find and include the missing money. My plans and I ask that all who care to help, is to find out about music points, licensing agreements and royalties.. their dollar amounts based on digital hits and air play and various deals  on his catalog holdings.


This way we can do the math ourselves based on the deals that we know of and if we can find discrepancies there, they can lead us to the real heart of the matter. This will empower us all as well as the Jackson family in tracking down what is actually going on with Michaels finances and how much was stolen so that it can be returned to its rightful owner. When I think about what’s actually taking place in this world, the supposed modern free world, this is surreal and astounding.


Branca’s   5% of the Michael Jackson empire means that he is loaded with blood money. Michael had to pay Branca 15 million to get back the 5% of the Sony/ATV catalog; can you say extortion. It seems Branca walked away with no hard feeling as he knew that later in 2009 all of Michael shares of Sony/ATV would be his and McClains’s along with the rest of Michael’s estate. I haven’t seen anything in regards to Branca releasing his 5% of Michael’s businesses and performances. During the years before Michael’s death, Michael thought he had peace restored with these men out of his life; he stood up for himself and got rid of all the dirty moles so he thought.


Branca was still getting paid off of Michael’s blood sweat and tears with his 5% stake in all of Michael’s business and performances. The hand is quicker than the eye, how much you bet the 5% on paper stake (which is bad enough) was in reality much more. Branca is also getting paid as executor not to mention he is in charge of all monies coming into and out of the estate currently.


The books, the numbers can all look and appear just as he likes. My goodness how ugly this all is. Yes Sony/ATV has been the focal point and generates all this money yet so does all Michael’s other businesses. Branca bought and sold back business to his client, the very person he was retained to assist and help protect against such acts by others. This is beyond unethical BEYOND. Branca remained Michael’s rep no matter what he said. On the low he still did business in his name and likeliness and generated monies that Michael was unaware of.


We mustn’t be foolish, please know that he could not do this alone. The very lawyers that Branca was to furnish all business over to, of course knew, what time it was. I mean how could they not. The new business firm filled with lawyers and accountants knew that there was no Will in the documents they received from Barry Siegel, John McClain and John Branca.


They had to have been paid off to look the other way. If your profession is to dot all the Is and cross the Ts. This is the handling Michael Jackson’s empire it’s obvious even to us lay people that he would of course have estate documents included in his affects. Why didn’t Michael’s new representation after firing Branca Siegel and McClain ask for the estate trust and will documents, again this is where the money is. While Michael trusted and believed in his new representation they were in bed with Branca and Branca behind the scenes is the producer of this damn movie. Law clerks, judges, attorneys, notaries legal aides lawyers.


The IRS, governments, banks and all was sitting here getting paid off Michael. Just think about it, there is no way that the estate of Michael Jackson was ripped off without the knowledge of people in various departments of America’s infrastructure, just no way. Publicly we know that Michael was profiled by the FBI for many years, are we to believe that they weren’t also sifting through every aspect of Michael’s financial life.


I ask that you try not to get caught up in or attempt to catch me up in black and white proof as you and I know there is none. The powers saw to that.   The whole notion that it’s only happening if you can prove it on paper is ridiculous. The very person(s) that suggest that and instated that as the rule are the very people that are carrying out these acts.


Let’s move on and use our knowledge within our guts and common sense based on what we do know about the law and how they make us all uphold to it. Apply that and you have a better understanding, it’s not as hard as you think it is. They just want you and me to believe so, so that neither you nor I dare to look and catch them. There is no black and white proof on philosophy psychiatry and or any other mental matters yet they exist and are accepted as part of our lives.


How can we now pick and choose when this is relevant? 😉 Being that the public has interest they can’t hide everything; we are smart, we are clever and we see. The mock trials and display that is brought before us each and every day in our world affords us time to sit back and pick up the patterns and see the lies mixed in with the truths. The arrogance of the people that believe they run the show, their massive egos, have them slipping up all over the place and if we are observant we can peep the game.


Branca was an ATV/Sony trustee for many years. He represented both Mike and Sony/ATV on their independently owned songs. You cannot be a part of what you represent nor advocate for both sides of an opposing situation for obvious reasons. Making himself the executor of the Michael Jackson Estate which is separate from Michael Jackson the person is a conflict of interest.


McClain was the trustee of MJ’s music publishing company Mijac; becoming an executor of the Michael Jackson Estate is a conflict of interest. Representing both sides, while having a stake in both is a gross conflict of interest. It’s schizophrenic….. When dealing s of this nature go down there is a document called the conflicts of interest waiver. If the client so agrees, then said attorney can operate on both sides or more on a matter.


These conflicts of interests would not come into play in the eyes of the law. However, for each scenario a conflict waiver must be obtained and signed by the client. Branca had such a waiver ONLY in the case regarding Sony/ATV‘s purchase of the Liebler-Stoller music catalog on 8/10/2002 shortly after the supposed signing of the 7/7/2002 will. The case remained in federal court until 4/1/2002 shortly before the supposed signing of the 7/7/2022 will.


What a sneaky bastard he surely was setting his scene; this was a planned takeover of Michael Jackson’s empire and his life premeditated years in the making. Branca used his own lawyer in the conflicts of interest waiver matter. But why would, John G Branca need the expertise of a lawyer if he was dealing on the up and up. He himself has his beginnings as an estate lawyer; and is very knowledgeable in music publishing, has handled the publishing rights matters for many big name stars in the entertainment industry.


He has a great understanding of how this all works.ignorant he is not. Didn’t he already have the approval of Michael and all parties involved to act on all sides? One has to ask themselves if Branca’s multiple personality business practices was approved by Michael and Sony/ATV and Liebler-Stoller, what was the need for a private attorney as he himself is in fact an attorney. And what did all parties outside of Michael know and gain that Michael did not? The many faces of the corporate beast ran by one entity showing a million sides were never at conflict, they all played their scripted roles in a known win fall for themselves and theft of Michael Jackson. Branca used his personal attorney against Michael while convincing Michael that the conflicts waiver should be signed.


That’s psychotic and mentally abusive. Please keep in mind during these business transactions Michael was alienated from all those whom had his best interest at heart. Such as his father, mother, siblings and extended family. During this time Michael was made to believe that his very own representation had his best interests at heart. No one doing business with Michael Jackson in these business dealings had his best interests at heart.


This was an on purpose coup, and severe abuse. This is domestic violence of an obscene kind. Abusers circle and isolate their pray disconnecting them from their life lines so that the abuser(s) can do whatever he/she/they so pleases without any interruption. If we add in the on purpose assault and attack during the Pepsi Generation commercial whereas Michael was severely burned;  as I mentioned earlier, all around the time he was bidding for and gained ATV before Sony’s public involvement. As a result he was on highly potent medications whereas any signature obtained may in fact been under duress or physically forced. There is a saying that my Dad used to say, People will kill their first born and mothers for that type of money. That type of money was definitely on the line here.


With Branca being the representation for Michael Jackson the being and the Michael Jackson estate the corporate entity, Branca was able to freely and with “legal” authority operate for his own sole interest from all sides. Property and assets were put into the Michael Jackson Family trust as well as the Michael Jackson estate by advice of John Branca who knew that he was already setting up the takeover of the entire pie. This is dirty business practices in the uppermost tiers of the law when in actuality on that level there are no laws.


The mafia wishes it was so skilled. If we factor in, the later extortion plot against Michael, which wore a fake charge of child molestation in 1993; whereas if convicted, Michael would lose all his endorsement and concert deals as well as his recording contract. Become civilly liable for millions of dollars in debts lawsuits and breach of contract due to forced cancelations.. all this as result of a clause set in his Sony recording contract. Which was put together no doubt by our very own John Branca; talk about a set up. Not trying to rehash, however, certain questions and names keep coming up. John Branca being one of them, where there is smoke there is fire and Branca is fire.


Sony as well as all parties involved.again the law and accounting firms…The IRS and federal government, the probate courts as well as the superior and criminal courts were all in bed together and conspired to derail and defraud Michael Jackson. You may think that my statement is over-the-top. I have been told I can be so a time or two in my personal life. I’d rather think outside the box than to be contained within one. It was said to be over-the-top for me to say 911 was an inside job, yet as the world later found it was. Speaking of 911, this was yet another attempt against the life of Michael Jackson. He was scheduled to have a meeting way up in one of the towers, this was the morning after the taping his personal 30th anniversary special. He over slept for the meeting and thankfully was not in the buildings when they were brought down on purpose.


Unfortunately thousands of innocent people wouldn’t   be lucky enough to over sleep or get the phone calls that so many CEOs and executives and power brokers got, not to show up to the towers that day. They lost their lives in this tragedy that was carried out by our very own government. Michael has a song called, they don’t really care about us, are you questioning its validity? I ask that you give me just a little bit more of your time and follow my train of thought and apply what you know about the law and how it affects your very own lives daily.


We all are said to have our due process as stated in the American constitution, we all have the right to lay claim or petition the court. To have discovery and preliminary hearings to see if there’s a need to further pursue justice. But wait.who actually decides if there is such a need to pursue justice? The judge does and for the right fee he/she can rule in whatever favor. Don’t act is this is the first time you heard about a paid off judge. See..


Things make a whole lot more sense, we have been had family not just in regards to Michael but society at large and this was his message and this is what he spoke up for and about and this in the end is what got him and so many others murdered. What outlandish nonsense we accept and consume in our society. We all, every man woman and child have the right to seek justice. How come this isn’t the case for the Jackson family? Joe Jackson with his lawyer Brian Oxman followed the laws of the constitution laid such a claim before the court. On November 9th 2009 Joe Jackson and Brian Oxman petitioned the court to object the appointment of John Branca and John MClain as the executors of his son Michael’s estate, this claim was dismissed by the California Superior court.


This is his son people and he was told that he could not question discover or explore the validity of the will that none of the family knew about, he was told that he can’t question the authenticity of the men that were known to be fired by Michael years ago and now resurfaced as the controllers of the estate.


As Michael’s father and one of the greatest music managers that ever lived; are they trying to say he doesn’t know his business and he would not know how to keep the legacy of the child that help to create. The media likes to call him greedy and unworthy of respect as a result of what they think they know about him…rather the lies they want the world to believe about him.


Put yourself in his shoes and tell me if you wouldn’t feel violated and helpless after your child is snatched from you .murdered in cold blood and his child’s empire that was built for his family, is confiscated right before his very eyes and he nor the family can do a damn thing about it. This is how the REAL JUSTICE system operates. Those who have the power makes the rules and they use it how they choose. Joe Jackson made such a petition for the very reasons that I have talked about in this blog. The Superior Court of California felt that there is no case and an exploratory case where you research and fact find, is not appropriate.


On what grounds, I ask? Michael cared for his father and mother financially out of Love for the parents who gave him life and now that he’s gone the Superior Court of California has decided to allow such care to be taken away with no reason. Oh but wait.. John Branca and John McClain say that Joe wasn’t provided for in the will.


Again they expect us to believe a man that was fired many years ago for shady and wrong business practices, was rehired out the blue 9 days or so before Michael was killed and took 7 days after Michael’s death to produce a will giving him and his partner in crime total control by way of a will that was supposedly signed in LA seven years prior while the entire world witnessed Michael Jackson on live Television boycotting Sony in NYC on that very day. Are they kidding me? Michael cared for his father and mother and family while living yet we are to believe that he wanted the people that stole from him to have it all in death. Yea okay..


You have to understand that no justice was ever to be given to Michael. If you want to throw up Michael being acquitted in 2005; then we must look at the fact that Michael keeps getting the advice of those he trusted to screw himself. He was told by Sony to settle in 1993, he was told by John Branca to settle in 1993 he was told by his management to settle so that he could move on with his life. With the morality clause in play and later due to all the lawsuits that were also placed against him by design as a result his liquid assets were frozen, Michael became cash broke. He had to mortgage his stake in the Sony/ATV catalog for a loan as well as his own music through Mijac.


You do know that Sony guaranteed such a loan. In this agreement if Michael defaulted on the loan they would be sure to get his share of the catalog ensuring that it didn’t go up for sale. Michael couldn’t even find a wealthy friend to go halfsies with and buy it back. As part of the Sony guarantee on the loan, Sony is the only ones who can come in and buy Michael’s share. Such game I tell you! This system instrumented the demise of his character, do you see why they done this? Why you have to ask yourself why was it this obsessive need to destroy Michael’s image, the media has been relentless, no one get tormented the way he does in the media. We now know why with character broken all types of yahoos with lawsuits claiming all types of things can wage war against him.


He can be dragged in and out of court at will and forfeit his life. So that when they came back in 2005 and the proceeding will they can move in for the kill. Justice was carried out only on behalf of the independent jury of lay people only; as in their hearts they felt and knew the truth. However, it was never in the best interest of the prosecutors or state and law to convict Michael Jackson.


This was a public humiliation to further injure his money making abilities, so that when he is told to move his businesses around and put it in various tax shelters and entities that make up the Michael Jackson estate as per his protection. It’s now all in one place all for them to take. Michael would be destroyed spiritually and mentally, financially and publicly; when the final hammer was dropped. He would in the eyes of the law have no validity, in the eyes of the public his cries for help would be seen as the ramblings of drugged out paranoid man; pushing him into further isolation and seclusion.


I read all 71 pages of Joe Jackson’s petition,   submitted to the Superior court of California. While reading the picture became so clear the dots began to connect and I was able to see a timeline of uncanny events that strung together like a fine pearl necklace. Going over that document as well as the Will you can see how Michael and his family have been held up in broad daylight at gunpoint while the entire world watches blindly.


Informing and becoming informed is an act of Love. Know that I Love you and thanks for reading…



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