Bush, Spike Lee the Estate Bad 25….Let’s Deal With It


By:- To MJ Respect is due



Everyone seems to make money off of Michael Jackson except for Michael himself and his family. The businessmen of the world along with the entertainment industry have long since used Michael for profit and as a generator for their machine. It breaks my heart as Michael has become a blood diamond… Today’s fans are addicted to the product and don’t care nor worry about the authenticity or quality of the material or how it came to be.

Funny… the elite, so called fans and the media have the nerve to call Michael’s Family greedy profiteers; while they display such behavior themselves. Um…the Jacksons, didn’t murder anyone to get all they achieved in life, they are not the ones releasing subpar projects with Michael’s name on it. Some things to think about… Michael used his voice his talent and his passion for life to give messages of hope, peace and Love to the world. It is quite apparent that the society we live in, is only interested in money and control. When you allow people the opportunity to speak and do they will always reveal themselves….


In recent weeks we have learned of those that have claimed in the past to Love Michael and share in his mission, what their real objectives are and that is Money!! Now that Michael is gone these individuals believe that they can let their true colors show without any consequences. For years the media has labeled Michael a paranoid drug addict, they called him vicious and derogatory names, sphere headed manhunts, made slanderous accusations on his kind nature and robbed him of everything that he had worked extremely hard for his entire life, including his good name.

There is light in all darkness, while we are deeply wounded, hurt and distraught by losing Michael, his death has awakened the world to the dark side of man, that Michael spoke so avidly about. The “conspiracy” that many disbelieved and mocked Michael for…is now making its appearance in the light of day. By accepting the words and projects of the estate and their co-conspirators, you are in essence calling Michael A LIAR! For he was the first one to say it’s a Conspiracy!


We know what John Branca has done and is continually doing, we are aware of AEG as well as Sony in their wrong doing. Yet more have been added to the long list of conspirators that have betrayed Michael in death and we know now that they only humored him in life. Michael Bush, longtime friend and designer is selling Michael’s life work and memories to the highest bidder…for what? For Money! We’ve learned that Michael wanted his items placed in a museum so that the world can have a piece of his Love forever…he truly does Love us more.

Those wishes have been disregarded and Bush is treating Michael like if he was nothing and do not matter; because the self-serving men involved only care about making money for themselves. There is no amount of BS about tagging items to charity, telling Japanese fans the costume are actually replicas…giving fans fabric in a sweepstakes or saying that they are sharing Michael with his fans is going to be accepted. Don’t make any mistake that at auction prices only the wealthy will be able to buy these pieces. not Michael’s everyday fans. So no more sugarcoating or sprinkling fairy dust into the eyes of the world; as that cannot cover up the real fact that these people HATE Michael.


Next person to have his name and mug shot added to the cork board is Spike Lee. I’m going to say this right here and now…this will be the last time that we mention the blasphemous Bad 25. 25 deserves no mention from us, when we say that nothing after June 25th 2009 is Michael Jackson and we DO NOT SUPPORT ANY OF IT we MEAN IT! Our goal is justice for Michael period. One of the reasons why Spike got no mention from us is not because…and let’s be clear…he got a pass from us.

We have stated how we felt about him in a previous blog briefly. Yes, the heads were being scratched as the idea of Spike getting in bed with Branca was shocking to say the least. Spike Lee a champion of causes geared toward ridding the world of social injustices is how he was formerly known. Spike has produced many movies speaking to societal divisions and attempted to raise the consciousness of world with catch phrases like WAAAAAAKKKE UP! Never did I think that I would live to see the day when Spike Lee switched teams.

After Michael turned himself in on a bogus warrant issued by the rabid mad dog Sneddon; he became the victim of police brutality. So he like the rest of us thought that Spike Lee would be the best man for the job to assist him in delivering a powerful message to the world, a message that Mike wanted us all to take heed to.


This has got to be one of my favorite songs for a plethora of reasons. Michael is a prophet, don’t trip a prophet merely means messenger. Randy Phillips did say they were bringing the mountain to Moses, more things to think about. I think I did mention before, I wanted to look into that statement a little more.

Having Spike Lee involved with this message by directing the short film seemed to make perfect sense at the time. This goes without saying due to the fact that Mike flew to Brooklyn to have a sit down with Spike and told him what he was currently doing and had already gone through. Michael was serious as heck and was playing no games during this time; he had enough of all of their BS and wasn’t taking it no more. You have seen the video; you heard the warrior calls during and at the end of the song. The drum beats and instrumentals on this are simply amazing; they speak to your cells. Oh yeah… the media wanted to take shots at these lyrics, because the truth hurts.

Spike has been on the receiving end of media criticism for years because of his views and his films and his stance on Blacks in America. While none of us here at Team Michael Jackson subscribe to race, it exists to the ignorant and shamefully still in the year 2012. You must be aware of who you’re dealing with and how their minds work, Michael understood this. When those of that mindset attempt to use bigotry and injustices against you, you must address it as it is… This is what Michael and Spike were doing with this short film, Sneddon is a racist and that manhunt was racially driven on his part and financially motivated for those higher up.



While in Brooklyn I am sure that Spike and Mike sat down and spoke about all types of experiences in truth. He most definitely expressed the conspiracy against him, again listen to the song. How could Spike projecting the man that he claimed to be all these years, align with the beast for Bad 25? Again, when you just sit back and take it all in, people reveal themselves.

Every day I wish Michael was still here for the obvious reason and so that he too can sit back and watch all the fakes out themselves, in my research I imagine myself sitting with him, his hand stroking his chin. I see you…and you…. Yeah you over there… yep you too…I knew it, I told so and so it was you…so many moles in my circle….so much for there being no such thing as a conspiracy. What would they say for themselves if they had to face him face to face? They may think because he is physically no longer with us, that they don’t have to answer to anyone.

I’m going to let them all in on something…that’s where WE come in, his family the Jacksons and his family of fan/supporters. They will answer to us all in Michael’s absence and more importantly to themselves as they will have to look in the mirror. You have to pray for the minds that can conceive of such things. We will lead and get justice by example, no cheap shots or innuendo… just food for thought and straight talk…that’s how Michael did it and that’s all I respect.


I wonder what Branca offered Spike besides money, Spike already has that…Spike is a very intelligent man surely he looked at this whole thing and was like so many of us and new instantly something was foul with Murray with the way the estate was obtained, with the contracts and 50 shows.

Spike is more than thorough. So what was the offer he couldn’t refuse from Branca and McClain? Without a doubt they played on Spike’s admiration for Mike by giving him access to Mike’s archives. What altering of Michael’s heritage did this documentary do, maybe those of you that have seen it can share that with me? It’s going to national television, this is the first time Michael has been given a television special in the states sans drama since his 30th anniversary special and this will be during a major holiday.

It’s a crazy thing… the same people that tore his character down so that his marketability was no more and he’d be forced to sell MiJac & ATV, are the same people that now ration out the truth about him, clearing away some of their thrown  mud when it suits their needs… so that they can make money off him. Spike you know how this works, what was in this for you really? I’m so disappointed. It keeps being proven that Michael couldn’t trust anyone, he was surrounded by people that suffered from multiple personality disorders and no one was who they say they were. Michael was so strong to keep being good and happy and Loving and not allowing this frequent betrayal to make him become bitter jaded jealous mean and refusing to assist the world any longer. Sadly the fan community appears to be the same way, people suffering from multiple personalities and egos…no one is whom they say they are.

They waste their time with multiple accounts, the plants are busy causing dissention and people are just plain mean and want to make others feel bad with indirect comments and side way attacks….what’s your point?   Funny…. Then we have the ones who think they are better than Branca and co because they are supposedly, well at least publicly fighting against him; they are in fact no better, as they operate from the same mindset.

No worries though, they are exposing themselves too, as real justice seekers want just for all… it’s a way of life. What you put out into the world you get back.



As part of the Bad 25 box set you get a digitally re-mastered DVD of Michael’s BAD world tour, this footage is supposed to be from his leg in London at the Wembley Stadium, from the night that Princess Diana attended. Once again fans’ feelings of loss are exploited, we the world over Loved…Prince Di and was devastated when she was killed as was Michael.

It’s in extremely poor taste to use her to sell this DVD. Michael doesn’t need a gimmick or a selling point, he is Michael Jackson. The estate and co have lost sight of all that in their greed. They rushed to drop an album so we get fake songs with Michael, the need for AEG to get their advance and production money back we get, This Is It. Bad 25 is just wrong, Michael’s original Bad album was truly phenomenal, if you must… Re-release the album with the family’s approval of unreleased songs; the songs specific to the album creation.

Michael wrote and recorded over 120 songs per album, he always talked about that. Why do you think they raided all his houses and storage units and then demanded that the family fork everything over?  You remember when Michael was first killed they were looking for missing DATs and a hard drive. Of all things to be looking for, just days after Michael Jackson dies… you are looking for his music recordings and not his killer, Ok fine.

Michael wouldn’t work and make money for them, even though they put him in false debt. Yet in death they knew that they would control his everything and use that control to make billions of dollars; that’s why he was killed. Sorry… I always find myself back there, as an investigator my main focus has always been and will remain the loss of Michael’s life, which will always matter most to me. The more this all opens up, the more you see motive and premeditation for murder.


The Wembley DVD came under much scrutiny right away; again the true fans of the world will not be deceived. The Wembley footage as we stated was said to be from the night that Princess Diana attended. After careful analysis many discrepancies were found in the footage, compiled here


Here we had side by side video comparison of what was released by the estate. And the real recording they claimed it should’ve been. The video was removed due to complaint from the estate for copyrights! we’ve posted it here, if it doesn’t play click reload –  or click download to watch on your hard-rive




so you the fans can see the truth. Footage from the night that the Princess attended and from the Wembley DVD included in the Bad 25 package, are not the same. The footage contained in Bad 25 much like the album Michael is pieced together from multiple sources. Many times for various reasons, concert footage is edited from various shows on the tour so that best performances is in one DVD…However, in this case, the estate boasted about giving fans the rare much sought after Wembley concerts and as a bonus this was the concerts that the late Princess attended.

Why is John Branca always lying…keeping up with this man and his schemes is pretty much a full time occupation. In my early blogs I talked about the schizophrenic nature of this man, the notion that he thought he himself was Michael Jackson and we later learned through the Jackson siblings letter that he in fact told Mom that he was Michael Jackson now….


So many images come to mind when learning about the actions of Mr. Branca…He searched all of Michael’s storage units for Umatic masters from his concert tours. Umatic is the system that records the visuals from the concerts displayed on the jumbotron. After every show they were sent to Michael and archived.

Branca and the estate tore everything in its wake up looking for the VHS tapes. In the explanatory letter regarding the Wembley DVD he talks about not being able to find the Umatic masters and what he did find from other legs of the tour were not in a viable condition. And the audio for them were front of the house vs. sound truck which offers a separate audio feed that can be manipulated. Branca also talked about not wanting to spend a lot of money in search of these masters and having them restored. Yet….he did so for the fans’ experience. He says it would have been much easier using the Umatic but it could not be found.

Of course, how convenient as the Umatic would have provided footage from one show; the VHS can be edited and pieced together. When the masters would arrive at Michael’s storage facility they would be recorded in a ledger and placed away.


Branca says that due to “lack” of record keeping that they didn’t know which footage was on which DVD when they went in through the storage units. Ya know… Michael’s assistant Brother Michael Amir Williams while at UCLA interned for Michael as an archiver getting his video and literary library together, this is how they met. Brother Michael Amir sure got a pass in all this, as the one who everyone answered to…even trained security detail that didn’t break in the house to save Michael while he was in trouble.

Alverez didn’t enter the home until Michael Amir gave him the word. More things to think about; my bad I’m just thinking out loud. In the next breath Branca says they just so happened to in all the chaos of “lack” of record keeping… find a complete usable version of Michael’s Bad concert in time for Bad 25. And it’s at Wembley Stadium no less…on the very night that the late greatly Loved Princess of Wales attended.

Oh how tired am I of this man’s spin…whatever Branca. How does anybody believe this man? You can provide to him and his supporters video footage, dissect the Michael album and so much more in addition to using Michael’s own words and he and they insist still that it’s something different.


So that is that, we will not deal with Spike or 25 again. Bush is selling Michael’s Life, please don’t become distracted; Michael’s legacy is being erased so we are going to focus on him and this auction. Spike did some BS interview, exploited the feelings of those who Love Mike and turned himself into a tabloid hack.

While that is disheartening and signs of a sellout, he destroyed his own credibility, real peeps see and won’t mess with him again. It’s like all the other trashy tabloid writers that call themselves authors that wrote books about Michael, we aware of them in the peripheral… but we have tunnel vision, which is focused on Michael’s legacy and the estate. Spike screwed himself getting down with Branca we already stated that.

We consistently say we do not support anything after June 25th 2009 and we mean it. I seriously have not dealt with 25 at all, I couldn’t tell you what it’s about or who’s involved with the exception of what I’ve learn from so many of you guys’ informative tweets. Spike lost me some time ago, when he started BS’ing about those parties for Michael’s birthday. I really gave him so much Love and respect for that.

Then they stopped once he got the attention of the estate. The last straw was when he sent those people to George Zimmerman family’s house by releasing their address; I was like whoa Spike has lost his damn mind. If Spike wanted to do a documentary, he could have done a documentary on “They Don’t Really Care About Us” and his involvement, what Michael went through and how that song came to be. Michael Bush can write and sell his book, share his memories as they are his and that is his right.

Yet he needs to understand and respect that Michael’s life is his and his belongings should be given to his children. Bush does not have the right to sell Michael’s life. John Branca and John McClain… *loses breath in exhaustion* what can we say about them, but…..keep your eyes on them, they are slick and fast…. and don’t trust anything they say or do.


Our investigation and pursuit for justice for Michael continues. Nothing but Love guides and work through us. Who are you really? Decide!!!





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