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Fraud claim – Michael Jackson V Darren Julien Auctions



Declaration  in Support of Michael Jackson v Darren Julien


By:- To MJ Respect is due

We here at TeamMichaelJackson would like to share with you some pertinent information regarding the estate of Michael Jackson.  At this time we felt it necessary to share our voices in hopes that it will inspire you Michael’s Fans to use yours. Together we will get justice 4 Michael which is our sole objective.


John Branca and John McClain executors of Michael’s estate have not kept true to any of their claims. As estate executors, their job is to uphold all of Michael’s wishes by adhering to his final requests and act in the best interest of his beneficiaries. The executors are not Michael Jackson they are employees of Michael and his benefactors which are Katherine Prince Paris and Blanket Jackson. However, the executors have failed to act in accordance with estate law; they have denied Mrs. Jackson grandmother and guardian of Michael’s children a decisive seat on the board that governs her and her grandchildren inheritance. She is not allowed to make any business decisions about any of the projects that use her son’s name…likeness and music. The executors do not report to Mrs. Jackson about the business transactions or deals that the estate makes or give her full financial disclosure regarding billions of dollars made by her son’s magnificent vast body of work. The trusts of neither Michael’s mother nor his children have been funded… it still sits empty nearly three and half years later, although Michael made 1 billion dollars during the first year after his death. According to reports, Michael was upwards of 400 million dollars in debt, based on monies made in year one…Michael’s estate should have been out of the red 2 years ago, giving way to the transference of hundreds of millions of dollars into the Michael Jackson Family Trust.



In an ongoing effort to disregard Michael’s wishes, within days of Michael being murdered on June 25th 2009; Branca and McClain went into a distribution deal with Sony and a co- production deal with AEG to produce the film This Is It. Michael courageously boycotted Sony in London and New York in 2002 which is the same year… the fake will was forged by John Branca and John McClain, giving these fired never rehired men… total control. The signature on Michael’s will is dated July 7th 2002, the Will is said to have been signed in front of unidentified witnesses in the state of California, when in fact there is live news footage of Michael in New York boycotting Sony Music with Reverend Al Sharpton on that very day. Michael shared with the world how he made Sony several billion dollars during his career and that they were angry at him, because he was leaving Sony a free agent, owning half of ALL their Music publishing. Michael the only artist in history to totally own himself, felt triumphant for he had beat the machine…not only for himself but for all artists. Michael was totally against the exploitation of artists and felt it very necessary to protect the arts in all of its forms as they are the very essence of his being. The men that have hijacked Michael’s estate are disloyal to their core; as they further desecrated Michael’s memory by inking a 250 million dollar 10 record deal putting Michael back into the talons of Sony Music until the year 2017.



Without a second to spare the estate along with Sony began the subconscious erasing of Michael’s musical messages from the hearts and minds of the world with the posthumous album Michael. This album was created from pieces of already laid vocals from demos and unfinished unreleased recordings. Never during Michael Jackson’s storied career have there ever been questions regarding the authenticity of his vocals. The album Michael has scurrilously put an asterisk on Michael’s legacy. Michael the album is not a Michael Jackson release. Michael Loved his fans way too much, to deceive them this way. Hundreds of millions of fans around the world knew innately…the true voice of an angel and did not fall for the deception by Sony and estate executors. Because of this…album sales for Michael the album, were not the typical, astronomical, high grossing sales….that the King will forever be known for.

Michael’s legacy continues to be in jeopardy because estate executors have been diligently removing Michael’s footprints from history. Michael’s Neverland Ranch, the world he created based on the concepts of peace joy and unconditional Love was being stripped and sold for parts in April of 2009 just two months before Michael was killed. Michael’s manager Dr. Tohme-Tohme decided Michael was no longer a factor in his own life. Without authority Tohme gave all the contents of the 3,000 acre ranch to Julien’s auction house in Los Angeles. All of Michael’s possessions consisting of custom statues, Louis XVI furniture, bumper cars…gulf carts….all the contents from his gaming arcade, two Rolls Royce limos…a Tour bus, park benches, original home designs, privately commissioned portraits and everything down to drinking glasses, dishes and eating utensils were to be sold off and scattered across the earth…to be kept hidden forever, in the private collections of the world’s elite. Michael had to sue Julien’s for fraud and demanded that they cease and desist. Michael won the suit and the items of his home came off the auction block. Michael did not want his memories and personal belongings in the hands of strangers and corporations; he fought vehemently to get them back. Michael was always conscientious and valued family. After the birth of his kids, everything he had in him, everything that he’d accomplished…obtained and continued to do going forth, was all for the Love of his three babies…to honor them, make them proud and provide for them once he was gone. Julien’s had already made the auction public and SOLD some of the items… John Branca allowed this sale to go through after Michael was Murdered, not challenging Julien’s or that buyer!!


The family home that Joe and Katherine Jackson raised their children in, once they became music’s first family, is located at 4641 Hayvenhurst Avenue in Encino California. This was the home of their dreams and it materialized due to all the Jackson family’s hard work and sacrifice. The home has a vast… rich history. Every one of the Jackson’s and their children have lived at this home, this was their safe haven from the scrutiny of the world. Michael made additions to Hayvenhurst, by adding an extra floor to the main residence and erecting new buildings on the property. He also sprinkled inspirational signposts throughout the grounds, so that when you arrived…you knew that anything was possible. There is a recording studio on the estate, where baby sister Janet all on her own…laid down her first song. A private moment of a young teen, finding her voice, Janet made the recording not for the world…but to the express the feelings she had inside. This impromptu recording was the moment when her Dad realized his little girl could sing. Michael still lived at Hayvenhurst even after the enormous fame of Thriller.


Michael would perfect his signature dance moves and conceptualize new ones in his private dance studio over the garage. This home is a historical landmark as it holds a small museum dedicated to the Jackson 5 and Michael’s solo career. Hayvenhurst is the White House of the entertainment industry and should be kept in the Jackson family, for generations to come. After Michael was taken from us, Mrs. Jackson and her grandchildren were evicted by estate executors John Branca and John McClain and moved to a home that the estate owns and staffs in Calabasas, California. The cover story is that the Hayvenhurst home is being renovated. We know better. Michael’s Mother would not willingly remodel no erase what her son created right after he died. The contents of the home were secured and the property put on lock down. Most of the home is now unlivable and no renovations are being carried out, so there is no hope of the Jackson Family returning home. Paris has been known to say “I miss the Hayvenhurst home”

On December 17th 2011, the contents of Michael’s 100 N. CarolWood Drive home, his last residence… was also auctioned off at Julien’s in an everything must go style sale. An armoire with a note Michael left to himself and a kitchen sign with a sweet message from Prince Paris and Blanket that read “I heart Daddy” was also SOLD! How heartless insensitive and cruel can one be to confiscate and sell private note from small children to their Father. You think perhaps…. Michael’s children or parents wanted this priceless memento. Grandparents, Love the things, their precious grands make. Neither Mrs. nor Mr. Jackson was allowed to keep this innocent creation of Love. The headboard from the bed that Michael died in was also up for auction. Many people were salivating… jumping at the bit, as this item was in high demand. There were people willing to pay top dollar to snatch up the headboard, like some prized relic. These conquerors ghoulish behavior makes us cringe….for why would you want the bed that Michael was murdered in, while his kids slept in the next bedrooms. Thankfully, in a last moment change of conscious, the headboard was removed from the auction list.


Michael was a Lover of art and had priceless pieces in Neverland Hayvenhurst and CarolWood. He surrounded himself with beauty, for beauty is as beauty does. Michael himself was a brilliant artist. His artwork was held in secret airport hangar where he would go and be at one with his thoughts that gave way to the most beautiful images. This collection is worth upwards of a billion dollars. This artwork further displays Michael’s multi-faceted genius. Unfortunately, this art did not go to his children or parents, in fact, the artwork went to artist Brett Livingston-Strong via a handwritten note from former manager Dr. Tohme-Tohme supposedly from Michael giving away his Whether Michael truly wanted Livingston-Strong to have his artwork is highly doubtful as the handwritten note on a small piece of paper…had no signature on it. Even though Michael had untold amounts of wealth and lived an opulent life his hard work provided him, he never lost touch with his roots and was in tune with the plights of man. Michael is the most charitable human being in history and gave away nearly a billion dollars of his own money. Media reports say that it’s been confirmed by those close to Michael that Michael died destitute, in debt as the result of frivolous spending and on drugs. If you believe this, you have bought into the on purpose character assassination of Michael Joe Jackson and are unaware of the businessman that has long since taken his finances hostage through power of attorney. Michael did not handle the day to day operations of his business; he was isolated by a series of thieving untrustworthy business mangers lawyers and accountants. Those that cared for Michael were quickly removed. Please learn the truth about Michael so that you too can assist in seeking justice for him.


None of Michael’s possessions were given to his family after he died. None of the proceeds from Julien’s multiple auctions were given to Michael’s beneficiaries, remember their trusts sit empty. The Jackson family was not allowed to keep anything of Michael’s and whatever they had…. they were demanded by a legal decree to relinquish to the estate executors. Michael’s children, Prince Paris and Blanket have none of their daddy’s affects. As the most decorated Man of our era…receiving over several hundred awards…these children have not even one of those awards on their nightstands or dresser tops. Whether you Love Michael and his family or not, does this at all seem just to you? Surely you know what the value of a keepsake is or snuggling up in a shirt that still has the person’s sent on it and proudly being able to display a token of their great achievements…means to those of us left behind. Why have the Jacksons been denied this right?



The Jacksons have endured continuous disrespect and injustice while the estate further goes against Michael’s wishes by brokering a deal with the company that set him on fire; a company responsible for Michael being burned to his skull 3 degrees…in a pyrotechnic attack. John Branca knows firsthand how Michael felt about Pepsi. It was he who put the Pepsi generation deal together, in Michael’s contract at his request… there was a non-negotiable condition that Michael would not touch a Pepsi can nor would he appear in a commercial frame with the Pepsi can for more than three seconds. After Michael was killed, the estate made a deal to have Michael’s image imprisoned on billions of Pepsi cans around the world.


The latest act, in the Napoleon style pillaging of Michael’s legacy is a current agreement between John Branca, John McClain and Michael’s designer of the nearly 25 years, Michael Bush. The estate and Michael’s former business partners and acquaintances are only interested in the multibillion dollar generating ability of Michael Jackson. They have taken his Life, his image, his music and his estate to do so…..


Michael has worked for more than 4 decades bringing the world unsurpassed entertainment with song dance short films and his heart. Michael’s iconic style throughout the years was a vision of his, that the design team of Michael Bush and Dennis Tompkins helped bring to fruition. On every album cover and in every short film, this team put together the looks that would dazzle the eyes of the world. From toddlers to adults, both men and women, peoples from all walks of life and economic backgrounds…wanted to emulate Michael’s style. Whenever you see the white fedora from Smooth Criminal or the black one worn while performing Billie Jean…catch a glimpse of a glove with sequins on it, see a red and black jacket with some zippers on it. You get excited…you know that the man, the legend, is about to bring the magic. Who other than Michael Jackson can rock military apparel with embellishment and an arm band and have the whole world wanting to enlist in his Soldiers of Love army. Michael Jackson and loafers are synonymous. I don’t know anyone that can wear or see a pair of loafers and not think of Michael. His famous calf and ankle length black trousers and glitter socks will forever be recognized as the garb of a star. No one on the earth has a flair for style like Michael. Michael wanted to have all his iconic looks preserved forever in his very own museum. So he entrusted all these one of a kind originals to the care of Michael Bush and his late partner Dennis Tompkins. Michael Bush has written a book with the permission of the estate that includes a foreword from John Branca; called The King of Style: Michael Jackson. This book will include never before seen images of Michael during fittings, shows and sketch designs documenting the beginning stages of putting the looks together. This book is the lead off to an auction at Julien’s to be held on December 2nd 2012 that will sell ALL of Michael’s legendary stage costumes. These costumes are all of Michael’s privately owned pieces and since the estate has confiscated everything of Michael’s, this wardrobe consisting of over tens of thousands of pieces is owned by the estate.



This auction is approved by and is a joint venture between Bush and the estate; they will also split the proceeds from the sale. Michael’s entire career will be sold and disappear into nothingness. Michael’s children, nor his family, have been offered not one piece from the items to be auctioned off at Julien’s; Blanket has not one glove…while Paris and Prince had to wear replicas of Michael’s Beat It and Thriller jackets during a tribute show to their father. Michael’s children wear his colors; have worn arm bands and lesser versions of their Father’s style. While Julien’s allowed Lady GaGa to don Michael’s sequined white suit jacket worn when he performed Smooth Criminal on his world tours. It’s obvious that these kids walk breathe and represent their father. Why on earth are his things being sold without any regard to how his children feel? Paris has shared publicly and this is the only reason why I am even repeating this…that she has pictures all over her wall of her father, during all the eras of his life, showcasing all his most amazing looks. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if she and her brothers could have all their father’s belonging, like every other kid that lose their parent? Why do the children of Michael Jackson have to rely on magazine pictures, videos and the like…as the rest of the world in an attempt to hold onto their father? Prince Paris and Blanket are not his adoring fans, THEY ARE HIS CHILDREN and should be treated as such.



The estate has an aggressive campaign to rid the world of everything Michael left behind for the planet he cared so deeply for. It’s time that we put an end to the raping of the Jackson Family and Michael’s Legacy. If Michael’s essence and what he stood for truly resonates with you as deeply as it does with us; we ask that you please boycott this auction of Michael’s Iconic costumes. Michael’s stage performances were a portal into a dimension that operates on the principals of pure Love. You know how you feel when you watch him…his magic captures you, sweeping you up transporting you to a world of bliss. We can’t allow the estate and Michael Bush to continual kill us by selling Michael’s life for profit. Michael has inspired generations of people, he is a part of our childhood, and our parents knew Michael when they were young adults. My 64 year old father remembers when Michael and his brothers hit the stage in 1969. We here at Team Michael Jackson can’t imagine the world never seeing his Michael style again, for they keep those wonderful memories fresh in our hearts and minds. We have already lost the man who wore them; to lose anymore of him is something that we and the millions of fans around the world cannot bear. We are outraged that the future may never know who Michael really is. His heart and soul are attached to these pieces; his messages of Love and Peace are interwoven into their fabrics.


Stop the Julien’s auction to take place on December 2nd 2012. Together we can put an end to the dismantling of the Kings legacy. We must preserve his memory for his children and his family. We must keep Michael alive for future generations so that they too know what the meaning of Love is. There is something we can do about this…. we have a voice and purchasing power. Do not support any estate sanctioned venture. Anything after June 25th 2009 is not Michael Jackson. Do not support Michael Bush’s book if he goes through with this auction. Do not support Julien’s auctions if they do not remove Michael’s possessions off the auction block.



You can contact Michael Bush and let him know we will not tolerate him disrespecting Michael’s wishes.

Literary agent

Dana Newman Literary

Publicity Contact

Caroline Galloway




You can contact Julien’s and share with them Michael’s wishes and ask them to respect them.

Press Contact/All Media Inquirers

M2M PR & Partnership

Caroline Galloway



You can contact executors of the estate John Branca and John McClain and demand as a fan that they stop this auction.



The executors of the estate say that they are all about the fans’ experience….well let them know that you don’t want this one. We want to keep Michael alive; we want Michael’s children to inherit their father’s works.


We thank you Michael’s fans for Loving and supporting him always. We thank you for supporting Team Michael Jackson with your site visits, tweets-retweets, sharing and FB hits. We ask that you please continually spread justice information and educate yourselves and others about justice for Michael. We stand firm behind and are proud of Randy Janet and Rebbie Jackson’s letter demanding the resignation of estate executors and we asked that all fans of Michael support his family. We together will get justice for Michael in our lifetime.


We Love You Michael and Will Never Forget You

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