Collusion: Wishna, Fuller, Ortega, Phillips, Tohme, Barrack, Anschutz, Dileo, Branca Part 1: MJ lured to his death


mj was lured back

By:- To MJ Respect is due



When Michael left the United States he was FREE from the pressures that plagued him, free from the lies slander and fraudulent lawsuits….free from the businessman…the elite… that had been enslaving, positioning and robbing him for more than 20 years.  They’d have to catch him and that would seem unlikely for the next 18 months. What’s an industry to do? Their star and top earner was gone, retired…done with their abuse and an economy would suffer and was in fact suffering. Perhaps Michael would stabilize another region’s economic structure and revise its politics. No worries. I won’t really get into that now. The man with the Midas touch, the beautiful Goose who laid golden eggs had flown the coop never to return, taking hundreds of millions even billions in revenue with him. It seemed Mike’s hiatus from America was indefinite, that was until he and his children along with nanny Grace hopped on the private jet of Jack Wishna and headed for Las Vegas on December 23rd 2006… “I’m coming home, I’m coming home tell the world I’m coming…” is the song that I hear in my head while envisioning Mike on the jet headed for the States.


“Michael Jackson was wearing his standard travel disguise of sunglasses and a veil when he stepped off his jet in a private hangar at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas on the evening of December 23, 2006. The entertainer, his children, and Grace Rwaramba climbed into a limousine that skirted the towering lights of the Strip, carrying them instead to the upscale suburbs northwest of the city, stopping finally at 2785 South Monte Cristo Way, a gated Spanish mansion on ten acres of grounds in the “custom home community” of Summerlin. Michael had signed a six-month lease on the property—sight unseen—that required an advance payment of $1 million, more than five times what it was worth on the open rental market”


He would at least be here for 6 months it seemed while he worked on some business plans. He felt good, so he looked good, he was ready.


Wishna, best known for bringing Donald Trump to Las Vegas (he was now a partner in the Trump International Hotel and Tower), had arranged for the private jet that brought Jackson and his entourage to Las Vegas from Ireland and already was letting reporters know that he and Michael had been talking for weeks about staging the star’s “comeback” in Las Vegas, possibly with a live show like the hugely successful one Celine Dion had been headlining for months at Caesars Palace.”


Michael would have shut down the strip, totally revolutionizing it. Fans and families from all over the world would come to Vegas; they do now but with Michal there it would be in much larger numbers. The money that would be made for the state of Nevada would be obscene; the money that Michael would make yearly would be astronomical…the spin offs for merchandising franchises hotels restaurants all dubbed after the true King would be invaluable.


“The two of them envisioned what would be a sort of Michael Jackson Hotel they could create either by transforming an existing property or developing a new one, Wishna said. Jackson had suggested that they use one of the statues left over from the HIStory promotion at the hotel, according to the businessman: “ Michael says, ‘I want the hotel to encase it in the wall and the nights I’m in performance the statue comes out to the center of the Strip so the world knows that I’m here.’ It would come out on a conveyer belt.” Jackson even wanted to design his own King of Pop slot machines. But that was just one of several projects under consideration, added Wishna, who answered a call from Us Weekly by assuring the magazine’s reporter that Jackson “is poised to return to the top of the entertainment world soon.”


Anywhere that Michael sets up residency is going to thrive economically. Real estate would have its next boom in Vegas, jobs would be created so housing would be needed, hotels created to handle the demands of the town’s visitors. Everyone would benefit. Sin City might not be viewed as so sinful anymore; Michael brings with him a certain essence. Certain types of commerce may not be suitable for Vegas any longer, what would this mean for its proprietors? There is a lot politics that would be involved with a Michael Jackson staging, his dominance would surely ruffle a few feathers, those not a part of the deals would be opposed to them. Those that didn’t evolve with the plan as sore losers would feel Mike was cutting into their profits, which would lead to further motive for conspiracy pardon uh…collusion. (Society and law’s friendly word for conspiracy)  Much to be worked out, but, Michael wouldn’t have to be on tour anymore which he didn’t like. He would have a stable home life and more than enough time and money free of debt and independence to pursue his passion, which is film. Film became the deal breaker of any business agreement he’d accept. Michael dominated every aspect of the entertainment industry and they knew if he was stepped into film, their version of Hollywood would be over so he was purposely kept out. He was already giving it to them with his short films; they knew what was to come. Mike had enough of people’s shit; it would be his way or no way, for there was a new Michael Jackson in town.


“A large Christmas tree with dozens of brightly packaged presents beneath it waited in the living room of the Jacksons’ new home, placed there by gaming dealmaker Jack Wishna and his wife, Donna.


Two days after his arrival Michael would receive the crushing news that part of his Soul, the man that his Mom would wake him from his sleep to watch whenever he was on television, his FIRST inspiration the Godfather of Soul James Brown died on Christmas Day 2006 at 1:45pm. What must this have felt like? My family was devastated by this news, Michael knowing the man and close to him his entire Life, crediting him for the reason why he is, is now gone on a day that we are to give thanks for the birth of the new King.


“Brown’s remains were in the cargo hold of a private jet, on their way back to his hometown of Augusta, Georgia. Michael Jackson was flying toward Georgia also, and made it to Augusta’s C. A Reid Sr. Memorial Funeral Home just after midnight on December 29, less than an hour after the arrival of James Brown’s body. The gold-plated casket was in the chapel when Mr. Jackson walked into his establishment at about 12:30 a.m., Charles Reid recalled, and he immediately asked that the funeral director raise the lid. Michael looked at James Brown’s embalmed body lying in a bed of cream-color satin, dressed in a black jacket worn over a ruffled red shirt, then leaned over to kiss the corpse on the forehead.”


Reid was preparing a moment later to reclose the lid of the casket. Michael Jackson, though, showed no sign of leaving. “Normally, a person comes in, views, and that’s pretty much it,” Reid explained, but Michael Jackson would remain beside James Brown’s body for four and a half hours. Mr. Jackson spent the first hour just standing and looking, Reid remembered.


I’ve done this, I do this…for many reasons I wished I would have had this chance with Michael. It’s probably for the best, that his crypt is private, for how I could I say goodbye after finally meeting the first Love of my life for the first time in a tomb… I related and placed myself in his possible thought process. Killing Michael is in part killing my inception, part of the reason that I am and why I am…seeing him made me feel magical, see the world as ethereal….you knew anything was possible. Michael and his family are a part of the foundation for multiple generations, severely beyond their current time. Codecs of information exploded within upon seeing and hearing him, upon seeing and hearing them. When the source of Light dies so does part of its beam; those that have basked grown and became nourished and educated in such an amazing ray of Light must be brave, remember what it was taught, how it was Loved and sustain that Legacy/Light by becoming part of that source. We Love you and are trying Jacksons….pardon the sidebar, the thought needed to express itself.


When Michael decided to stay in America it was not in California but in Las Vegas. Michael always Loved Vegas and has a lot of history with the town. This is where he and his family lived at the MGM during the 70s to do their Jackson Family Revue. Michael’s father Joe lives there as does his sister Rebbie, Latoya lives there, Jackie too has a home in Vegas and Janet has a home for her and Mom there too.  Vegas had always been a second home to the Jacksons, maybe even considered a first home to some of them. Vegas is far enough away from California to breathe and have privacy and close enough to take care of business. Michael and his children were settling in and this gave him a moment to determine what he was going to do next, now that he was home. The “powers” knew what they wanted; as soon as his jet was up in the air, his movements were tracked and his arrival anticipated, the King was returning. If he left again they wouldn’t get another chance, they had to ground him, surround him and find a way to make Michael stay. Randy Phillips president of AEG Live said: Internally the O2 shows were referred to as “The Mountain Comes To Mohammed”.  His exact quote, “We finally made the mountain come to Mohammed”. I thought about Phillips’ statement many times over the past 3 ½ yrs.…what exactly does this code phrase mean.  Sometimes things click right away and at other times you have to just let it sit in your head and let it do what it do, giving it to the subconscious until further notice. It is now further notice.


Let’s back up for a sec, before Mike’s return…he was in Bahrain for a minute, hosted by Sheik Abdullah Al Khalifa. By all means in the beginning the Sheik seemed like someone that had Love for Michael and his family and someone who would provide a safe haven for him after his 2005 ordeal. The Prince would send monies for legal bills and come as a man whom saw the injustice that Michael was going thru and wanted to assist. Michael was broken, hardly here in spirit and needed to heal. Leaving the country to the sanctuary of a friend was exactly what he needed. He needed to be where someone believed him and in him, how could he refuse such generosity.  It just so happens, that like everyone else in Michael’s life save a few, the Sheik had ulterior motives. Michael was taken advantage of in his time of need and vulnerability and seduced into collateralizing his life (we will get into that later) for political asylum. He’d go into business with the Prince. They would talk music and business possibilities; Two Seas was haphazardly formed in name only for how could he really deny his most “generous” host. For Michael he was shooting the breeze, the Prince… was talking contractual business. Michael was in no shape to record a song, start a business or even think about such things. Keep in mind Michael was only gone 18 months (not a very long time) he’d just made his exit from a nightmarish hell. Couldn’t he just have a minute to breathe and gather his bearings? He had just got out of a life and death situation and he’s got people putting demands on him for what he can provide, just like the nation he just escaped. Proof of this, he recorded one song for charity, which more than likely is how he got roped into the recording in the first place, yet never fully finished it according to legal documents where Abdullah sued him for such. He recorded for the Love and empathy of the people, yet he too needed Love and empathy, he wasn’t quite there yet and I can’t find fault with him not being all in. Thankfully, while broken he was also getting stronger, with that third vision as my sister T calls it, he assessed the situation and got up out of Bahrain for greener pastures. While in Ireland Michael began to heal, was at one with himself and nature that he Loved. The color green is very vital to our healing; good for the senses, foods rich in it does wonders for the body…The color,  a product of fully absorbing and digesting (photosynthesis) the Sun.  (I Love Popeye too Michael, the first movie my Dad took me to J) Michael is so in tune and aware, the Emerald Isle would provide much of that. No one bothered him there; he was allowed to live a normal life for a while, no flashing bulbs or salacious headlines, no one in his bushes or more importantly asking him for anything. It had to have felt good; real good…Michael found his song, he began to sing, his magic his spirit renewed. By way of daydream, I’m drawn into the descriptive scene cited below, a huge smile comes across my face, our Angel was happy again.


“Michael’s love of Irish music was at least equal to his fascination with the country’s history, said Dunning, who was constantly being encouraged by his famous guest to invite as many traditional performers as possible to play at Grouse Lodge. Michael was enthusiastic about performing with every one of the musicians who visited, and invited Dunning and the members of his staff to join in the jam sessions that became an almost nightly occurrence. He was utterly flabbergasted,

Dunning would say later, to discover “just how incredible Michael was at playing any instrument.” He had not a clue beforehand that his celebrity lodger was an outstanding drummer, Dunning confessed, but was even more astonished by Jackson’s demonstration of his abilities as a guitarist who could play both lead and bass. It was when Michael sat down at the piano, though, Dunning recalled, that he the rest of the staff at Grouse Lodge were truly blown away.”


“The sing-alongs that formed around Michael’s sessions at the piano were the highlight of his stay for most of the people who worked at Grouse Lodge, even though the rest of the room regularly went silent so that everyone could listen to his solos. You can’t overstate his singing voice,” Dunning would say later. “Pitch-perfect.”


Michael was definitely in a good place living in the countryside. In his own time, on his own terms Michael found his way again.


“He didn’t even want to go into the studio until he had set up a school for his children and organized their schedules, Paddy Dunning remembered. During the weeks that followed, the Dunnings and their staff would say later, they witnessed none of the antics they had been reading about in newspapers for years. “We just saw a pure and utter gentleman who was an extremely great parent to his kids,” Paddy Dunning said. Even though he had no real idea of how miserable Michael had been during the past several years, Dunning couldn’t help but be touched by the joy his new guest seemed to be experiencing in Ireland. “He ate well here, and he looked healthy,” said Dunning, who saw no indication that Jackson was strung out on drugs as had been reported only recently in the English papers.”


We all need our sabbaticals and time to be with the ones we Love. He had his babies with him he needed nothing else. Michael was eating, something he had stopped doing at Neverland during ’05. He didn’t trust anyone around and felt that he would be poisoned and had Mr. Dick Gregory not arrived when he did and got him to a hospital for vital nutrients Michael would have died. In Ireland, away from the “powers”, Michael was able to leave the stresses of the past few years behind


“Just Take My Name and Let me be”


It was evident in his swagger, the pep in his step and smile in his heart. He needn’t have to look over his shoulder, he wasn’t being hunted, was able to enjoy his meals without fear…More importantly he didn’t have to worry about being betrayed…he was safe…his gracious hosts wouldn’t sell him out to the press and the town’s folk would respect his peace and protect him just the same. I’m so happy, he had this experience.


“Watching the pop star and his children frolic along the pathways of the castle’s fifteen-acre woodland maze was marvelously touching, Nordstrom recalled. Under that canopy of leaves, Michael revealed a personality that was far different from the one that most of the world knew, Nordstrom observed: “The shyness left him and I saw a much more boisterous and loud spirit who loved playing with his children.”


“Dunning had ordered his staff not to tell anyone that Michael Jackson was staying at Grouse Lodge, but was especially touched by the willingness of his neighbors and the shopkeepers in nearby

Rosemount to join in the conspiracy of silence that surrounded the most famous visitor the area had ever seen.”


Sure, while he was away he had issues he had to deal with, but with mental peace he could deal, he could handle them. His nerves had a chance to rest…When you keep poking at person, lying on them, stealing from them, dragging them in and out of court…on bullshit. The average person wants to pop somebody in the mouth after a much shorter time and for much smaller things. Michael dealt with this for YEARS…. A person can take but so much, the worst crime is to place the mind under severe duress.  Our minds are the instruments that our thoughts use to create and live life….peaceful thoughts peaceful life. They know this I assure you. Michael is strong as they kept trying to mess with his mind, they wanted him broken. The extent that they went to and still go to, to get at Mike is a testament to just how strong he really is. They couldn’t take him down so easily. He just needed a minute to regroup to power-up, the longer he was gone, they knew the stronger he’d become.


“With such confusions don’t it make you wanna scream, You bash abusin’ victimize within the scheme
You try to cope with every lie they scrutinize, Somebody please have mercy ‘Cause I just can’t take it Stop pressurin’ me”


Michael’s a brilliant strategist he leaves America for the Middle East and bypasses England for Ireland. His moves showed those on the inside that he meant business, they understood the chess move. The world was watching and if for chance too many caught on… the controlled media stepped in to belittle such an important event by saying that Michael was out of his mind, had no home a nomad of sorts just moving in desperation and it was in fact quite the opposite.  He was being hunted and needed to be out of the watchful eye of the allies.  The powers were wanted what they thought was theirs, back home. Physically they couldn’t force him back so they’d try through a series of scare tactics and mind screws. The elite really wanted to send a message to “Mohammed” um…Michael through the burning bush. Of course there was no major damage to Neverland after the fire broke out, the place is much too valuable to destroy, they just wanted to get in his head and catch his attention. Michael received news of the fire on his birthday of all days.


“Like everything in his life, of course, this peace was fragile. On the morning of August 29, word came that a towering brush fire had broken out at Neverland, near the amusement park. A firefighting helicopter extinguished the blaze; beyond burned ground, damage was minimal, but the Santa Barbara Fire Department was unable to say how the inferno had been set off. Michael naturally suspected arson.”


Sony executives came to meet Michael in Dubai to talk about refinancing the Bank of America loan purchased and now financed thru Fortress. Fortress was threatening to default on the loan Sony had guaranteed, which the investment group held against Michael’s shares of Sony/ATV and MiJac. Branca of course was always somewhere circling; Michael couldn’t get that loan restructured without Branca’s approval or his removal. Branca owned a stake in all of Michael both personal and professional, although he had been fired 3 years earlier. Any deals made, Branca gets part of the decision process and could hold things up with a veto. He’s such a conniving ass…Michael’s not a stock Branca. This is why Michael had to buy that piece of himself back from Branca. Branca could have held up the deal on Michael’s life, if the refinancing didn’t happen and Fortress foreclosed on everything and Michael would be left with nothing. While Sony didn’t care about anything but MiJac and Sony/ATV, they could not and would not allow this happen. If Michael went into bankruptcy, Sony would risk having a partner they didn’t want, when Michael’s shares were liquidated and sold. They’d lose MiJac, before they had the chance to steal it from Michael, which they so badly wanted. They’d be in business with someone or a consortium, they felt they couldn’t control in certain ways as new Sony/ATV shareholders. Ultimately they wanted all the publishing for themselves. After the settlement deal with Branca, Sony created a clause to insure that nothing like that would ever happen.


“A week before Christmas, in 2005, a group of Sony executives flew to Dubai to meet Michael Jackson face-to-face. Along with several of Sheikh Abdullah’s financial advisors, the execs assembled in Jackson’s $9,000-per-night suite at the emirate’s sail-shaped Burj Al Arab hotel. Sony CFO Robert S. Wiesenthal endured only a few minutes of chitchat before explaining to Jackson that he was on the brink of a bankruptcy that threatened the corporation’s bottom line.”


“Late in 2003, Bank of America sold his loan to Fortress Investment Group, an “alternative asset” management company accused of being one of the most predatory on the planet, specializing in the exploitation of financial distress. As Fortress began to ratchet the interest rate on Jackson’s debt up past 20 percent per annum, both Neverland Ranch and, more important, Jackson’s half of the

Sony/ATV catalog were put into play.”


“At their meeting in Dubai, Wiesenthal informed Jackson that Sony had set up a preliminary deal with Citibank that would refinance Michael’s $300-million-plus ATV debt on much better terms than Fortress was likely to offer and that Sony was willing to agree to a new dividend policy from the publishing company that would cover much of the interest on the ATV loan. In exchange, Sony would require greater freedom to make investment decisions without Jackson’s approval, a right of first refusal on any sale of Michael’s stake in the ATV catalog, and an option to buy half of his half of the catalog for approximately $250 million. Also, he would have to drop the demand to reclaim his master recordings. Negotiations would drag on for more than two years –“


But see that’s just it, the whole point was to be able to be in a position to create such a clause…once again Sony along with Branca and Fortress Investments created a make believe situation of urgency to force hands and moves. Be certain that Branca, Sony, Fortress and the good Prince of Bahrain (who at the time was a trustee of MiJac and had power of attorney for Michael’s business…which made his approval of the refinancing needed as well) had side-deals going.


 “For years, virtually every contract involving Jackson had been freighted with assorted side deals in which various “ representatives” pocketed enormous fees for persuading him to sign this or that agreement. Hundreds of thousands of dollars changed hands, almost always under the table, while huge fees were taken off the top by a carousel of attorneys and managers.”


The above was most definitely one of the factors in why Sheik Al Khalifa in the end decided against Michael. There was also an unidentified American music biz man who was messing with the billionaire’s ego and creating doubt about Michael’s relationship with the Sheik. Abdullah was a blockade in the road back to Michael; he’s extremely wealthy powerful and was the latest trustee of MiJac and power of attorney for the richest fortune on the planet by a sole being. Yes they needed the Prince out of the way; making the Middle East no longer a refuge for Michael. This would force Michael back home, so they thought,  where their corruption and control rules…The Prince had his motives too, yet I believe his intents were of a somewhat different nature, not condoning let’s be clear, as exploitation is exploitation… The East however wanted to be claimed by Michael, remember they kept saying that Michael had converted to Islam and they said it with such pride. It was an honor to have him there they’d say, he was dubbed Mikaa’el and for a time Michael did call the Prince his brother. Politics is an ill game. Michael could have shed a new light on the East, performers of the west would come and stop there during world tours and no longer would there be a need for them to sneak in for private engagements for the wealthy, such as they are now. The creation of venues would bring western stars and give access to the everyday Middle Eastern. A different type of commerce would emerge as would East West relations. Pop culture’s famed Sex and The City the movie attempted such a bridge between societies having the movie based in and around Abu Dhabi. The region is insanely rich in oil and natural geo thermo resources…Michael in the energy business, part owner of the very barrels we go to war for… my what a thought. If this type of evolution and open access to the continent took place, you couldn’t really call the East, the terrorist boogiemen of the world anymore, now could you? Al Khalifa, though, instead decided to go to the Seat and cry to Queen Mother’s high court, this shortly after the Branca/ Sony deal was done. Any guesses on who the unidentified American in the “music business” was? *pokes lips out and side eyes the screen*


“During his absence from Bahrain, someone Abdullah would identify only as “an American in the music business” gradually convinced the sheikh that Michael had been merely using him to mark time, that he would never come back to Bahrain from Japan, and that the Al Khalifa family was not going to get anything at all in return for the $7 million it had invested in Jackson.”


Michael’s a bona fide genius in every sense of the word and has an astute business mind, he was very aware of his finances and how to make them grow. Michael would have never become so successful if his business savvy was the result of others, like so many like to inaccurately say. The fraudulent lawsuits, extremely high interest rate loans, theft by managers and lawyers along with the bad business advise also by the mangers and lawyers… followed by nonstop corporate controlled tabloid junk.  Made this multi-leveled multi-corporation conspiracy to gain control over him possible.  Consumed by the elite created scenarios, gave the appearance that allowing these lawyers managers and accountants various degrees of power of attorney…was necessary.


“Michael was watching his fortune grow, keeping a constant eye on cash flow, and paying close attention to accounting statements. “ The bookkeeper we hired during Invincible was the same bookkeeper Michael had back in the Thriller days,” said Marc Schaffel, “ and she told me that back then Michael would check the complete balance down to the dollar in his bank account, every

day. That she would write the checks and deliver them to Michael and he would sign each one personally. She said there were times he would see a bill and he wouldn’t sign the check, that he would call the vendor and ask them, ‘Why is your bill $50,000? You’re charging me too much.’ And then he would go back and tell her to make the check for $40,000. She said he knew every dollar that was going in and out.


“Like Patrick Nordstrom before him, Dunning was at once surprised and impressed by how constantly inquisitive Jackson seemed to be. Michael read the Irish Times cover-to-cover every day and could discuss the booming economy of the “Celtic Tiger” as well as any business executive Dunning knew. “


Michael knew the businessmen were just talk, they wanted him back, refinancing and bankruptcy were just veiled threats, his mind was free these things couldn’t be held over him anymore. By all means, Michael could have easily started all over again all on his own, re-inventing himself as many times as he liked, he’s proven this for more than 40 years; he is Michael Jackson. As stated many times before, there will never be a time when there is no interest in him or his music. Had Michael defaulted on everything, surely he would have rebuilt again. The world would welcome him; Michael produces his own music and there are so many that want to be in connection with his greatness.  Investors are in abundance and line up to be associated with Michael, he would have financing for his film career, which is what he wanted. Yes it would have been devastating and unfair to lose everything he created through the years, but he is an innovator an originator….and Michael would have come through with something the world had never seen, building his financial empire once again. I mean one album made him a billionaire…. Maybe just maybe he was thinking about letting it all go and starting again. This thought would send panic thru the elitist world; they would no longer have any leverage over Michael. They could never really own his art, no matter what some law and paper said, no amount of publishing rights would give them true ownership in the grand scheme if things, those are all illusions. It’s called intellectual property…Michael will own that forever, his divine thoughts manifested these treasures, he is the vessel it all came through and those that truly Love him resonates to his frequency. Not Sony or John Branca…When you listen to a Michael Jackson album, are you at any time caring about who owns the publishing or what the label politics are? Or are you caught up in his magic, his vision, his feeling?


“Like I always say good art never dies. I Love Unbreakable”Michael Jackson


As I said earlier, they wanted something far greater. They could have easily foreclosed on it all long ago. They can’t use against him what he didn’t care about… “Oh so you won’t perform, you retired…*they head nod* “You won’t do any business; we can’t use your name.” Hmm. “You don’t care about these lawsuits, you’ll take bankruptcy…” uh huh… “And then you will just start over…you’re saying without us and we’ll have no profit in it.” They know he can do it, he’s got hundreds of millions of supporters behind him, ya dig. “Ok see that’s really not going to work for us. How about if you don’t get up on that stage, we take your kids, you’ll be homeless your kids will have no home, we will make you Cuba no one will assist you or they too will feel the raft, we’ll kill your family. You know we’ll do it, we assassinate for sport.” He does know this. He wore a bullet proof vest since his protests began against Sony. Follow the pattern; their themes are always the same… Gordon had threatened Latoya in the past that he would kill Michael; hurt her family if she didn’t comply. He’d even bring her to the Mob’s den in little Italy of New York and later pushed a man out a moving car; she was a passenger of, during a road trip to prove just that. The surface reason for all this, are just that, the surface reasons. A labyrinth for the public to get lost in; the real war is behind the scenes. Money is paper, the fed reserve can make it worthless today, and publishing certificates and Wills can be forged and/or destroyed. It’s too easy to do this, those who make the “laws” and “regulations” make them just for you and me, they themselves don’t believe in it and due in fact operate above it. Where real power hails from is known and it’s best that we all know it too. Michael tried to teach us this.


He was very afraid for his life; he was threatened that his children would be taken away from him, he was threatened that his assets would be taken from him; he was threatened that they would take his home…if he didn’t do what was asked of him by that the powers that be, let’s just say that. – Randy Jackson


Once he was back in America Michael started to feel the pressure again, the men in suits had access to him. They were putting demands on him, they were trying to force him into deals he didn’t want; in his head, taunting him, abusing with lies and schemes. This of course was the plan to strip him of his soul one last time before the end of the ritual was complete, its completion would be his murder. There was a difference between the rejuvenated Michael that lived in Ireland, the strong Michael that returned to the States and the Michael moved to LA to CarolWood and found out he was being forced to do 50 shows and that his Life and the Life of is kids were on the line for it. How can anyone say that AEG is not responsible for Michael’s death?  How can anyone say that this was not a plot written by Corporate Giants, Arrogant Lawyers and men of the Private Wealth sector? These are the hand full of people that run the world. This is not hearsay, this is fact.



While he was in Ireland, not only did he find his song again…but Michael began work on a commercial album. Keep in mind Michael had been a free agent for years, a successful album, translates into huge revenue for himself, it would have been published and released thru MJJ Productions. The system knew this would put Michael back in the game; he’d be able to not only take care of all that phony baloney loan business if he felt like, but they’d take no part in its success and profit sharing. Getting Michael back to the States was a must and the only way they could use their leverage jurisdiction banks and corporations against him and then kill him. Michael being out of the US meant that the powers no longer had weight and the head games wouldn’t be as effective. Music artists were coming to the countryside of Ireland in droves just to get a chance to work with Mike.  Mike doesn’t need a record label, he is the record label, he is what a record label actual is, its definition…


“, whom Jackson had chosen as his principal collaborator on the new album, agreed. “As far as [Jackson’s] vocal abilities are concerned, he’s still killing everybody,” the Black Eyed Peas front man told Rolling Stone shortly after returning from a week with Michael at Grouse Lodge in the autumn of 2006.”


“Within a month of Jackson’s arrival in County Westmeath, a slew of high-profile collaborators were streaming toward Rosemount aboard helicopters and limousines and many more were making their appearances at Grouse Lodge via satellite hookups. “ New Jack Swing King” Teddy Riley, who had worked with Michael on Dangerous, coproduced at least a couple of new Jackson songs in the Grouse Lodge studios. Shortly after Riley’s departure, his onetime protégé Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, now one of the most sought-after producers in the world jetted into Dublin and made his way to Westmeath to talk about what he and Michael might do together. Michael was meeting with as many as a dozen other producers, feeling them out, searching for some sign of inspiration that would convince him he could deliver another Thriller. Akon, RedOne, Syience, and Giorgio Tuinfort all received either requests for transoceanic phone conferences or invitations to visit Michael in Ireland. Top hip-hop talent manager Charles “Big Chuck” Stanton not only flew to Ireland with his nephew, producer Theron “Neff U” Feemster, for a series of meetings with Michael, but also had the temerity to tell the Los Angeles Times about it afterward, assuring the newspaper that Michael was more focused than he’d been in years. “He’s ready to take over the world,” Stanton told the Times. “He’s got some hot records . . . We’re giving Michael a lot of edgy street records. He’s putting melodies to some hard party records.”


“Jackson only really got down to business, though, when arrived at Grouse Lodge. The two of them had been speaking three times a week before he flew to Ireland, recalled: “He’d be like, ‘I need you to dig deep inside! Do something that’s unprecedented!’ He’d hum a little melody over the phone or something. Eight song sketches were conjured out of phone conversations.” Three of those sketches became finished songs during the week spent at Grouse Lodge, though only one was tracked—a number Michael had titled “I’m Dreamin’.” They would spend a solid month together in January, Michael promised, and work out the rest of the material. “



Michael was making a nice life for himself and his children in Ireland. In Ireland he was safe and was able to heal from all that he had been through. He didn’t have to live in fear of being killed or worry about Branca or Sony for now… it seemed they were satisfied, Branca had 15 million for his share of Michael’s business, Sony felt they were in control with their one extra share and the option to buy Michael’s shares if he in fact went into bankruptcy. Michael didn’t have to deal with the libelous media 24 hour a day. He was happy, his children were happy and Michael Loved the area and the freedom so much he was looking for an estate.


“As his sense of being in a protected space grew, Michael explored farther and wider. Dunning hired a local taxi driver to drive Michael and Grace and the kids around Westmeath in a borrowed van with blacked-out windows. They made regular trips to the cinemas in the surrounding towns of Mullingar, Tullamore, and Athlone. In Rosemount, Michael could even walk into the pub unannounced, take

a seat without being fussed over, and get some feeling for what normal life must be like among the locals. Upon returning to Grouse Lodge, Michael commented again and again on how incredible it was to be staying in a place where people seemed delighted to see him, but at the same time perfectly willing to let him be. He’d never experienced anything like it.”


He could work on his music, produce a new album and people would come anywhere in the world to work with him and for him and they did. He was able to live a stress free life as the locals treated him normal, he could go into town and be acknowledged but not overwhelmed. They even kept the press off his trail when the European media started to sniff around. These accounts sound like a man that had found his new home. But what exactly did that mean for the hounds back in his native land that desperately wanted him back.



Just two months after Michael did the interview with Billy Bush in the countryside Michael was on his way back to the states aboard Wishna’s jet. They saw this interview and new what they’d been hearing weren’t just rumors, Billy Bush’s phishing expedition proved to the system Michael was on and on without them. Michael though has music in his veins and a business prowess like no other, so he would come back to see what the industry had to offer and show them that he was indeed unbreakable. I can’t confirm but I still think initially he was coming home for a moment. His new lease was only six months and when he met with the businessmen and was told he would have financing for his film and could do music on his own terms and then decided to stay a while longer.


“On June 24, 2009, Michael arrived at the Staples Center at about 6:30 p.m. for a meeting with Randy Phillips, Tim Leiweke, and Grammy Awards show producer Ken Ehrlich. Frank Dileo sat in, listening with Phillips and Leiweke as Jackson and Ehrlich discussed their ideas for a Halloween television special that would incorporate clips from Michael’s live performance of “Thriller” at the O2 Arena

into the network premiere of his film Ghosts. Phillips’s promise of support for Michael’s attempt to create a career in movies, the AEG executives knew, had been a major motivator in winning his agreement to the O2 concerts; the airing of Ghosts would satisfy that promise in a big way.”



This was the hook, this was how they got him to stay, besides James Brown had just died and he was grieving. Michael’s mind doesn’t operate in the ways of the snakes that were waiting for him, he had no idea, that he was being smoked out and led to his death.


Some of the following quotes are from Robin Leach’s article, “In a World Exclusive Interview, Michael Jackson Talks About His New Life in Vegas and His Comeback”:  This article was done in February 2007


“Michael Jackson’s long-awaited return to ‘King of Pop’ status has begun and it’s being masterminded by the mysterious, secretive British entertainment tycoon who is behind the phenomenal success of Simon Cowell’s ratings juggernaut ‘American Idol’ and David Beckham’s $250-mega-million deal that is bringing the soccer king to the United States.”

“I can exclusively reveal that megastar producer-manager, Simon Fuller, has held top-secret strategy planning meetings in Vegas with Michael and Emmy award-winning director-choreographer, Kenny Ortega, who has created two of Michael’s previous smash, sell-out world tours”

Simon fuller not only is the man behind the Idol franchise but he also owns 19 Entertainment. 19 Entertainment and AEG teamed up in May 2007 to launch the summer concert series, American Idols Live tour. This announcement was just a few months after Michael’s return from Ireland and meeting with Fuller. To add to the list of Fuller’s multi-platform enterprise, he is the manager of David Beckham, the marquee player for the LA Galaxy which is part owned by AEG owner Phillip Anschutz.

“This was a new reality that David had to accept. At LA Galaxy he was no longer a star in a firmament of talent as he had been in Manchester United and Real Madrid. In Hollywood he was unique. More than a soccer player, he and his wife were a brand, a formidable marketing combo that was going to be exploited to the hilt by their billionaire backers Phil Anschutz and Simon Fuller.” – From Becks and Posh

When Fuller’s plans for Michael didn’t get off the ground; Randy Phillips AEG Live president came to Vegas to make his pitch to Michael about a standing engagement.  Standing shows in Vegas and promises to assist in his film career (which was the deal break for Mike) appeared to have only been the soft sell, started by Wishna to get Michael back to the states, where Michael was turned passed off to the network.

“Michael returned to the States six weeks ago on Christmas Eve, as Luxe Life reported here back on December 24. He moved into a home on the west side of Vegas near Sahara and within easy reach of the Strip. In addition to a long dinner with Steve Wynn, this resulted in speculation about a possible Jackson show there, Michael’s also met several times with Vegas deal-maker Jack Wishna, who said: “Michael is poised to return to the top of the entertainment world soon. He is one of the greatest all-time entertainers in the world.”

Now that he decided to stay in America, the co-conspirators had direct access to him.

“Michael, who was looking well, relaxed and very happy told me, “I’m doing fine and am well and really enjoying myself in Vegas. It’s a great place to call home.”

Kenny Ortega had been part of the plan for an exploitive Michael Jackson show early on or should we say movie, which is in fact what “This Is It” turned out to be. Kenny Ortega would go on to be the producer of “This Is It” and receive movie credits for such after Michael was killed. Kenny’s long standing history with Michael and their supposed comfort level with one another was the perfect in.

“Michael’s friendship and professional relationship with director and choreographer Kenny Ortega dates back many years, and once again they are teaming up. “Be it a concert tour or a show staged from Vegas they’ll tackle it together,” said a friend. “They have complete trust in one another so it will be their project going forward.”

It’s no coincidence that Ortega was part of the Fuller deal and then later the AEG deal regarding the same type of “show” scenario.

“I can exclusively reveal that megastar producer-manager, Simon Fuller, has held top-secret strategy planning meetings in Vegas with Michael and Emmy award-winning director-choreographer, Kenny Ortega, who has created two of Michael’s previous smash, sell-out world tours”

The egos of the men in suits are quite inflated; they believed they were responsible for the greatest entertainer of all time and that it was their call whether he could create or deliver such entertainment.  The notion that Michael needed their approval is a weak attempt by the system to appear more powerful than they are.

On Michael’s pending Vegas show and return to pop royalty, Kenny added, “We’re talking business and looking at lots of different possibilities. This is a blue-sky time with a lot of different scenarios up in the air. We’re working through all of them to find the best – the one that makes the most sense that’s good for everybody.”

The only one, that any “scenario” had to be best for, was Michael. Michael had his own vision, his own plan and he was direct about it, including deal breakers such as, financing to assist with his film career. Michael was in a strong position to let all that they held over him go and start all over, taking away their ammunition. The demand for him was high as always, he had hundreds of new material recorded as usual; the stars of the day were banging down his door for callabos, which is typical. The only difference… Michael was rested, had been away from their abuse and mind games, making him clear headed, strong and ready to play ball…No they can’t control this Michael, this presents a problem, they have to create situation now to break him, causing him sadness and stress to keep him off his game. When you control a person’s mind be it thru media misinformation, faulty debt and lawsuits, poisoning, a fire which leads one to pain management thru meds, stealing and withholding finances, the food they eat, the home they live in, where they can and cannot work….you control their being. You can relate, can’t you?

“So for me, it was an honor to be invited into the inner sanctum. I found Michael relaxed and confident — happy that the troubled past was getting put all behind him and happy that he’s begun rebuilding his career again. “It’s a whole new Michael here in Vegas,” I was told. “He feels comfortable here. He loves being able to go out and basically not get hassled. He likes the restaurants here for the food but his favorites are the shows. I think he’ll get to see every one of them over the next few months. It’s the first time in a long time Michael is feeling less pressured and much at ease. He is ready to go to work again and is in a great space and a wonderful sense of mind.”

In previous blogs we talked about if this deal with Cirque was in fact what Michael wanted, then while Michael  was alive he could have created a show with him; it’s not Cirque was created after Michael died. He knows Cirque’s creator, has been to their head-quarters in Canada and if this was what Michael wanted it would have easily happened. We also discussed that if Cirque had approached Michael he obviously turned them down. Well this goes without saying that while the “powers” were deciding what they wanted and later demanded that Michael do was create a Cirque du Soleil stage show would eventually have a Vegas residency. This way they will have control of Michael’s image name and music in the Vegas markets. Making his mark on Vegas on his own, would not work for them. Fuller sold 19 Entertainment to Robert Sillerman but stayed on to run it, together they linked up with Cirque du Soleil to create an Elvis show. Do you really think that this was not one of the many “scenarios” that was presented to Michael in those secret meetings?  After Michael was murdered, John Branca and the estate went into a deal with Cirque du Soleil for the show Michael Jackson: The Immortal.

“There’s an incredibly unique tie-in with another Vegas connection for Michael. Fuller divides his time between London, Los Angeles, and the French Riviera, and is also said to have numerous growing investments in Lake Las Vegas real estate ventures with Cowell. But it’s the megadeal he struck with American billionaire, Robert F X Sillerman, that’s worth noting in all of this. Fuller’s 19 Entertainment was purchased a year ago by Sillerman for a whopping $190 million and Fuller wound up a director of Sillerman’s CKx and still running the 19 group. CKx is partnered with Cirque Du Soleil in an upcoming Elvis Presley-themed show, planned for MGM’s City Center. Sillerman, who owns licensing and merchandising rights to numerous celebrities and their estates, exploits the Presley estate with authority by both Priscilla Presley and Lisa Marie Presley –“

Apparently the men that Michael met with upon his return didn’t provide the things that he needed to make the deal, didn’t have the projects that he wanted to work on and so nothing panned out. This would include Randy Phillips’s initial attempt on behalf of AEG to bring the “mountain to Mohammed”, which too was declined. Michael continued to do his own thing, making music on his own time for himself and the world when he was ready to release an album. He had music that he recorded in Ireland that only he had the hard drives and demos for and now he would have a hundred plus more songs that he recorded in Vegas.  These tracks were Michael’s ticket anywhere, he hadn’t released an album since “Invincible” news of a possible release stirred the fires, Michael was label-less and free. Soon he’d have his masters back from Sony and couple hundred new songs in hand. Surely these songs would be hits and go platinum several times over and eventually reach diamond status. Michael had been cheated on this level too by the industry, yet another mental game to make him think that he fell off the top and more importantly to falsify debt to Sony for production costs and rob him of hundreds of millions in royalties. Mike understood this as he’d told Ed Bradley of “60 Minutes” some years back, that his album was number one all over the world, except for America and that it was a conspiracy that it wasn’t. Billboard rankings and blackouts are for sale and BDS (Broadcast Data Systems – This is how you track how many spins you are getting on the radio) vulnerable to the payola system still today. While SoundScan (This is how you can track your actual sales online, in retail, and at venues) are allies of certain industry big wigs. Do you really think that Michael needed AEG Branca Sony or McClain? Of course not, Michael is the only artist to be in total control of himself while owning half the system. The Michael way of business is too catching, they “powers” wouldn’t have other artist adopting this philosophy it was important for the on so many level to destroy Michael’s reputation for who’d pay attention to the musings of a supposed “mad man”. Think about that the next time you or someone says that even yours truly Team Michael Jackson are a bunch delusional conspiracy theorist.




 Disclaimer: Team Michael Jackson will be rolling out a series of blogs regarding extensive research that we have done over the past few weeks. We do not endorse books albums or any other type of products, so the source of this information has been purposely omitted. We do not take credit for the quoted information. We are providing this information as we feel its key to better understanding the hijacking of Michael’s estate and the numerous amount of fraud and deception carried out by estate executors. You will find our comments, thoughts and feedback under each quoted section.




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